African Princess of Barrhaven

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Demographic trends are something I pay close attention to. I have it on good authority that White Canadians are having far fewer offspring than their African, Arab, Asian, Aboriginal and Latino counterparts. The future of Ontario, Canada, is colorful rather than pasty, if you catch my drift. Must be why so many Euro-Canadian bozos in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, hatefully stare at my fine Nigerian ass as I walk around downtown like I own the damn place. There’s absolutely nothing they can do about it.

Stephen Harper, the Conservative ex-Prime Minister and champion of racist, middle-aged ‘old school’ Canadians was roundly defeated at the polls, and now the Canadian government is more racially diverse than it’s ever been, with a Liberal at the helm. I like where the country is heading. Racial diversity is here to stay. All someone like me has to do is wait for the dinosaurs to die of old age or retire and play bingo, and the country shall be mine. Of course, it won’t be that easy but it’s good to have goals, wouldn’t you say?

My name is Norma Soyinka, and I’m a young Nigerian-Canadian woman living in the subur of Barrhaven. It’s the most affluent area of the City of Ottawa, Ontario. My parents, Noel Soyinka and Justine Adewale-Soyinka moved to provincial Ontario from the City of Makurdi, Central Nigeria, in the summer of 1987. I was born three years later in Mississauga. These days, I’m studying civil engineering at Carleton University. Yes, I know that civil engineering in North America is typically a very White and largely male occupation but I am not letting any of that get in my way.

You’ve got to be ruthless in this world if you want to advance. I’m not above tripping up White males who get in my way. Hey, the way I see it, if someone is given every advantage in life just because of who he is, fighting dirty against him is the way to go. Nothing personal, but I’m ambitious and it’s not easy for me out there as a smart Black woman. Let’s face it, many people in Canada, including other visible minorities, are intimidated by a Black person who has intelligence, a Canadian university degree and a lot of ambition.

My father Noel Sayinka told me what to expect in the Canadian workforce. These people almanbahis adresi are passive-aggressive, mean as hell, and find creative ways of excluding anyone who doesn’t look like them. Dad came to Canada with his business degree from a Nigerian school, only to be told that it wasn’t valid in Canada. Dad had to go back to school, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Toronto, and an Master’s degree in Business Administration from York University. After this, he still had to go on a waiting list before he could find employment with the Canada Revenue Agency.

See? The Canadian Government goes out of its way to discriminate against people of color, especially the ones from Africa. White Supremacy isn’t just disgruntled White guys with hoods and burning crosses. It’s a system that’s pretty much everywhere. At the mall, in office buildings, at the movie theater, in restaurants, at the grocery store, pretty much everyone you see is an agent of White supremacy. Some minorities, like my Chinese-Canadian neighbors who usually vote conservative, have sold their souls to the system. Me? I’ve decided to fight it.

Actually, on the subject of Chinese Canadians, I should not generalize. I am good friends with a young Asian woman named Natalie Xiaowei, originally from Hangzhou, China. Natalie is pro-Black as it comes, one of a few visible minorities in Canada who acknowledge the fight of Black people across North America for human rights. Natalie is dating another good friend of mine, a tall, handsome Somali guy named Ahmed Abukar. I envy those two their puppy love for each other. Me? I’m the cold, ruthless and totally business-minded Nigerian gal on her way to the top. I cannot let anyone or anything get in my way.

Alright, the other day I met this guy who is quite promising. Wayne Saint-Michel, a six-foot-tall, handsome young biracial man of Haitian and French Canadian descent. Seriously, I don’t know why I like Wayne since the dude is basically my polar opposite. Born in the City of Montreal, Quebec, to a Haitian immigrant father and a White mother, Wayne is sinfully sexy. The dude is studying business administration at Carleton University and is fascinated with everything African…especially almanbahis adres yours truly. That’s why I agreed to have a deal with Wayne, if only to pick at the brain hidden behind the pretty face.

Wayne surprised me, to tell you the truth. The tall, light-skinned brother with the thick Afro and light brown eyes wasn’t the brain-dead pretty dude I thought he was. As we sat opposite each other inside Renedad, a classy Caribbean restaurant in the east end of Ottawa. Clad in a bright red silk shirt, Black silk pants and Black Timberland boots, Wayne looked sharp and smelled really good. I looked pretty fly in a low-cut red dress. I like to dress both classy and sexy, to enchant and disarm my opponents.

There is a certain power that comes from being an African woman who loves herself and doesn’t adhere to western beauty standards. I’m five-foot-ten, curvy and rather voluptuous, with long Black hair which I keep neatly braided and dark brown skin. I am the same color as my idol, Tennis Champion and style icon Serena Williams. I love being a Black woman. I don’t want to be a White woman. I am proud of my dark skin, my kinky hair, my full lips, my wide hips, my curvy body and my big butt. It kills me when I see other Black women try to be something they’re not. The natural hair movement is growing among Black women in North America, and this makes me smile.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to make of Wayne Saint-Michel. I know how Black men think and how White males think. Men of various cultures and ethnicities aren’t as different from one another as they’d like you to believe. Wayne was unusual, and not just because he has a Black father and a White mother. This guy carries himself like a prince, but he’s not arrogant or boastful. Wayne is smart, but not full of himself. The biracial stud from the City of Montreal walks a fine line, that’s all I can say. I found Wayne charming, that’s why I agreed to a second outing.

Wayne and I went to see the new movie The Martian at the Silver City movie theater. My pal Natalie Xiaowei and her boyfriend Ahmed saw it recently and highly recommend it. The movie was alright, but what I really enjoyed was the impromptu and rather extensive make out session that almanbahis adresi followed. Wayne and I sat in his car, and kissed and fondled one another. One thing led to another, and next thing I know, Wayne and I were fucking in the parking lot of the Silver City movie theater. Yeah, just like that.

Wayne took my face in his strong, manly hands and kissed me. I kissed Wayne back passionately, and next thing I know, his hands were caressing my breasts through my top. Wayne slid his hand under my skirt and his fingers began exploring the womanly folds of my cunt. I gasped in shock, and smiled as Wayne fingered my already wet pussy. Later, I reached for his zipper, and freed his dick. Out it came, long and thick. I stroked Wayne’s dick, and soon had him harder than a rock.

Smiling at Wayne, I leaned over and took his dick into my mouth. I am quite good at this, and soon had Wayne moaning and groaning as I pleasured him. Gently Wayne stroked my hair and cooed softly as I sucked him off. Wayne wanted to lick my pussy but we didn’t have time for that. This was a quickie, remember? I climbed on top of Wayne and straddled him. Grinning, Wayne smacked my ass as I sat on his lap. I felt his hard dick underneath me and grabbed it, then pressed its head against my cunt lips. Wayne put his hands on my hips as I lowered myself onto him, effectively impaling my pussy on his dick. Bucking his hips, Wayne thrust into me. At last, we were one.

Wrapping my arms around Wayne’s neck, I looked into his eyes. Wordlessly I told him to fuck me. Grinning, Wayne smacked my ass and thrust into me, burying his dick deep inside of me. Wayne sucked on my tits as we fucked. I rode Wayne’s thick dick like my life depended on it, loving the feel of it in my pussy. Seriously, I hadn’t had sex in ages and was delighted to make up for lost time. Wayne and I fucked for a good while, until a knock on his car window interrupted us. An old white couple, looking pissed, stood by, watching us fuck.

Wayne and I flipped them the bird, laughed it off and then readjusted our clothes. Moments later, we sped away from the Silver City movie theater parking lot and headed back to my place in Barrhaven to continue fucking. Yeah, I’ve definitely hit the jack pot when I met Wayne. The biracial brother from Montreal is good-looking, smart, has lots of ambition and knows how to fuck me silly. I, Norma Soyinka, the fearless Nigerian princess of Barrhaven, have got passion in my life once more!

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