Acting Lessons

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Allan moved in with his aunt because he had just started a new acting job and when he first arrived there he met Tina Carter, his aunt’s neighbor.

Allan unlocked his aunt’s house from the keys he had received from her a week ago. He took his bag up to his new room which overlooked the neighbor’s living room. Strangely the TV in that house was on so Allan went to look who lived there.

His aunt didn’t pick up the call he made before he left but as he was walking there a beautiful woman stopped him. “Oh hi there, aren’t you Allan?” she held his shoulder and asked him.

Allan told her about himself and so did she. The woman was Tina Carter – a beautiful blonde who had just divorced her wife for two years and moved recently in her new home.

Allan’s ‘single’ aunt had once been Tina’s client years ago so they knew each other well and she wanted Allan to show his work to Tina who was an ex-acting guru turned marriage counselor.

Tina brought Allan into her home and after a kiss on the cheeks she sent him away with a pair of DVDs to watch. Later that night after his aunt had gone to bed; he went and watched some pornos.

While doing that he looked at those DVDs which Tina had given him and inserted them in his laptop. To his surprise everything there was footage of Tina’s nude photo-shoots and she looked a bit younger in them.

The next morning Allan asked about Tina’s past from her aunt and she could only tell him what she knew from the day she met Tina five or six years ago when she went to Tina to help her with a case.

Allan however, went to return those DVDs but didn’t tell his aunt that he jerked off while watching Tina’s nude photo-shoots and some pornos last night. Tina opened the door and invited him in.

Allan declined and told her about what almanbahis adres he saw in the DVDs. She clawed the DVDs from his and told him that she gave him ‘the wrong gift’. But to Tina’s surprise, Allan still agreed to come to her place to show his work and learn from her.

‘The Arch Mage’ was a play in which Allan was playing a sex slave for a powerful mage who was played by Pauline. Allan hated Pauline a lot so there used to be some tension around the stage.

The root of the problem was Allan and Pauline’s chemistry so he went to see Tina early one day for some help to learn to get along with a fellow costar.

When he went there, Allan saw a man who opened the door and assumed he was someone related to Tina. “Today’s not a good time, dear. I’ll call your aunt to ask for you okay?” the man told Allan and revealed he was her ‘special boyfriend’.

An obviously distraught Allan returned home and didn’t tell her aunt about it. He couldn’t believe he had developed feelings for Tina.

The next day he went to Tina’s anyway and demanded that she helps him. Tina agreed and sent Florian, a professional chiropractor she had hired away. “He was lying about the fucking boyfriend thing, I mean he’s a bit eccentric to say the least” said Tina assuring Allan that he has he attention.

Allan told her about the difficult scene and intensely heated sexual scene with Pauline in which she ‘kills’ Allan with during ‘sex’ with a magic attack.

Tina asked him to talk to Pauline but Allan told her that Pauline had ‘diva problem’. So now Tina wanted Allan to practice the scene with her. “Wait, hold up you want to do that scene with me right now?” asked Allan who clearly taken aback and nervous.

“Fuck yeah. Why not? You’ve seen me in all my glory haven’t almanbahis adresi you?” a dramatic Tina replied.

They shared a laugh before Allan told her that her improvisation was pretty bad but will practice the scene with her without any hesitation or sexual feelings, of course both Tina and Allan failed at that.

Tina played the arch mage not so well but Allan started to get comfortable in his own but the hard part was just coming. In another part of the scene the arch mage takes off her armor to unleash her full powers.

That’s what Tina did while Allan wasn’t looking. She took off her clothes and only her innerwear remained on her body. Allan looked back at her and his jaw dropped.

As Tina threw her clothes away, the time almost slowed for Allan who witnessed Tina standing nearly nude in front of him even though she had indeed seen unclothed before.

From her perfect hair, hourglass figure, beautiful glossy lips, long legs and her soft feet, Allan truly saw Tina in all her glory right there.

“Hey snap out of it we got work to do” she reminded Allan but didn’t notice him admiring her.

Allan was infatuated and began botching his lines in the part before the arch mage and her slave making out and she kills him. He started panting and wouldn’t go two feet close to Tina.

She eventually saw what was happening and didn’t want Allan to wait longer. “Okay for this last part I think we should go up to my room and I’ll turn the cooling on” said Tina and Allan could only nod his head.

They went to her room and Tina asked him to his clothes to get more ‘into the heat of the moment in the scene’. Allan didn’t know she was on the same page as him but Tina was ready to let him suffer.

She told him to sit on the bed and he almanbahis adres did. Tina praised him for playing the slave part well thus far. “Um shouldn’t I go like I think we’ve done enough practice” Allan mumbled.

“Nonsense, we’re just getting started” replied Tina. She asked him to close his eyes as she was about to launch her ‘magic attack’. That’s all he could do but when he opened his eyes the real magic happened.

Tina now fully naked jumped on him and ripped his shirt and threw his boxers away. Their lips and Tina began thrusting her tongue in Allan’s mouth. He tried to hold back but it was too late.

Tina was on top of him practically assaulting his ribs. “I’ve been waiting for this since I saw you in the street” said Tina referring to the first time she met him.

She pinned him down and wrapped her legs around him. She noticed he hadn’t came yet so she reversed her position. Now she put her pussy on his face and made him lick it.

Tina basically had Allan under her control. She grabbed his penis with her cold soft hands whilst her ass was being licked by Allan and gave it a rub that sent Allan into overdrive.

Allan got control over his limbs a bit and grabbed Tina’s breasts. He moved from under her and grabbed her from behind. She nearly slipped and fell because they were both sweating now and getting tired.

Allan held Tina up and mounted her. His stamina was now leaving him. Tina noticed it so she grabbed his near lifeless body and put him on the bed.

She wiped the cum off their bodies and slid her feet into his mouth. Allan gave soft kisses and a good lick. Then Tina made him lick her legs, hands, arms and her tits.

He was now on top of her and licking Tina’s breasts. Finally when he was out of stamina, Allan landed beside Tina and they both smiled at each other.

“How about that for an acting lesson?” asked Tina as Allan got up and limbered towards the shower.

Tina joined him but they didn’t fornicate and Allan left soon more confident and calm about dealing with women and the unknown.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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