Aaron is Broken Ch. 02

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~All Characters Are Over 18~

*Warning; this story contains Fantasy, Non-con, and Cumflation*

Aaron regained consciousness slowly. He was very groggy, but at least he could put together coherent thoughts. He looked around him to see he was laying on the floor of a barren cave. A stone chair sat in the corner with an animal hide draped over it.

As more of his senses returned to him, Aaron realized he was completely naked and covered in a sticky white substance. He ran his finger down his arm before freezing stock still as blurred memories of the night before rushed through his mind. His mind reeled as bits and pieces of the brutal fucking he had received came back to him. He again traced a line through the thick, unnatural cum that coated his body. It was sticky but still unhardened and unlike anything he had felt before.

Aaron lay for a moment, contemplating his situation. He attempted to sit up, but only made it halfway before his body weight dragged him back down. He looked down at his body in puzzlement and was shocked at what he saw. His stomach was inflated to an immense size by the monster’s cum inside him. Aaron grabbed his belly in horror and tried to press it out of him, but it only sloshed around. He reached down to his butt and felt a small stone disk covering his hole. Confused, he gripped the edges and tried to pull it off, only to be greeted with extreme pressure inside his opening. Feeling around the back of the disk, he felt a rod emerging from his hole.

In horror, Aaron realized a massive butt plug must be housed inside him. In the hours since his pummeling, his asshole had shrunken back to its normal size, sealing the stone plug and subsequently the cum inside him. He pried at the stopper for a few moments before flopping back in defeat. He looked around the cave and spotted a ledge running across the wall just above him. With a surge of strength, he heaved himself up and gripped the edge. Holding himself in a wobbly stance, Aaron began to shuffle around the room toward the opening covered in heavy animal skins. When he reached the portal, he shakily pushed aside the skins to reveal a part of the forest he did not recognize bathed in the midday sun.

Moving istanbul travesti awkwardly from branch to branch, Aaron made his way through the forest and away from the cave. After several minutes of travel, he still didn’t recognize his surroundings, but he started to see a clearing ahead. After a few more minutes, he arrived at the edge of the clearing and plonked himself to the ground in exhaustion. As he sat, he noticed a small shack sitting on the other side of the field.


Aaron jerked in surprise at the sudden voice and turned to look behind him. Peaking through the leaves was an extraordinary head. It appeared to be part horse, part human, with velvety ears and expressive eyes.

“W-what, who?” Aaron stuttered as his brain caught up to what he was seeing.

“D-did you say boy?”

The creature nodded, “You, boy.”

“I guess, yeah, I’m a boy. W-what are you?”

The head tilted to the side, but it did not respond. Slowly, the creature pushed its way past the bushes to reveal its full body.

It was mostly humanoid with the body of a skinny teen boy, except it was completely covered in short horse hair. Its chest was bare, and it was wearing a short, sewn-leaf kilt.

“Me boy.” The horse boy had a soft, strange voice, slightly lilting and hesitant.

“Can I help you?” Aaron asked.

“Me, help.” The horse boy swiftly squatted and stuck one arm behind Aaron’s back and the other under his legs.

“H-hey! Wait a sec!” Aaron’s cheeks flushed red as he remembered how he looked. He tried to push away, but the creature was shockingly strong.

“Me, help.” The horse boy somehow hoisted Aaron and his sagging belly into the air and began to trudge towards the cottage.

Aaron stayed silent in utter embarrassment until they arrived at the other side of the field. The beast nudged open the bark door with his shoulder and placed Aaron on a soft, grassy carpet. He crouched beside Aaron and rolled him onto his back. The horse boy pocked at his guest’s stomach and peered at him questioningly.

“D-don’t do that. Stop it!”

The horse boy continued groping Aaron, his hands descending until they landed on his capped asshole.

“Me, istanbul travestileri help!”

“Hey! Hey! Don’t touch th-NNNNGGG” Aaron was cut short as the beast grasped the butt plug and began to pull hard. Aaron moaned and slapped at the creature, but it paid no heed. Aaron’s opening flexed and strained under the intense pressure before ever so slightly expanding. His moans grew louder and his eyes rolled back as the stone plug finally began to exit his insides. It took several seconds, but his anus finally cinched shut behind its intruder. Cum instantly began to flow out, assisted by the horse boy leaning heavily on Aaron’s torso.

“P-please! Hhhnnnggg!”

Cum gushed out of him onto the ground until his stomach had returned to a semi-normal shape. He lay panting in a puddle of cum as the horse boy leaned over him.

“Me, help more?”

“Huh?” You mumble.

The horse boy straightened up and began to carefully pull off his kilt. Aaron’s heart sank as he beheld what hung between the thick, horsey thighs. It was a real horse cock, complete with a flared tip. As Aaron stared, it grew larger and larger. Past large for a human, past even the size of the Minotaur. It grew upward until it finally topped off at the level of the creature’s neck.

“N-no! No!” Aaron pleaded and tried to crawl toward the door. The horse boy dragged him back calmly and quickly flipped him onto his front. He hefted his incredible horse cock and aligned it with Aaron’s puckered hole. Tears were already streaming down Aaron’s face as he dreaded what was about to happen. The beast’s hips strained and Aaron could feel the flared tip pressing against him. Aaron’s asshole stretched and stretched, but refused to allow the horse-cock to enter. After several seconds of force, the horse boy took a step back to survey the challenge in front of him. Before Aaron could even think of trying to escape, he placed a foot on his back to hold him down. The creature ran his fingers around Aaron’s opening, through the cum that coated his body, before firmly inserting two strong fingers. A squeak squeezed through Aaron’s lips, and he shivered. Slowly, the horse boy spread his finger wider travesti istanbul until Aaron was spasming in protest. In one quick motion, the beast grabbed his cock with one hand, withdrew his fingers, and slammed his cock directly into Aaron’s orifice.

There was a satisfying POP as the flared head followed by several inches plunged into Aaron, who let out a piercing scream before fully blacking out. The horse-endowed boy plowed deeper into his conquest, unconcerned by his unresponsiveness. Further and further he trusted, his wide tip forcing aside everything in its way. Aaron was dragged back to reality by the beast’s large balls slapping against his thighs. His senses were overwhelmed with immense pain radiating from his asshole and the feeling of a giant intruder rearranging his insides from his opening to his chest. The horse boy withdrew his shaft all the way to the head before slamming all the way back in. He began pummeling his way in and out, rapidly and brutally.

Aaron desperately tried to hold on to his humanity, but he could feel his brain shutting down. He continued to wail with every insertion, but those soon became just a reflex. His eyes became unfocused, his jaw slackened, and his limbs went limp.

The creature continued to use him in that position for nearly half an hour before he scooped his arm around his slut and hoisted him into the air. He plonked the boy onto a primitive but sturdy bed, his ass just off the edge, and continued to fuck him senseless. After another hour, the horse buried his cock into his boy and leaned over him. His cock expanded and spasmed until a huge stream of cum erupted into its host. Aaron’s eyes bulged for a moment before his mouth was blown open by the tsunami exploding through his throat. The beast slowly eased out as his ramrod coated Aaron’s insides and inflated his tummy. He looked even more pregnant than the Minotaur had made him by the time his interior was finally empty.

The horse boy released one last gallon of cum on Aaron’s body, its smoother, more liquidy texture mixing with the Minotaur’s thicker and stickier cum. He stared down at his cock sleeve with an innocent grin before heading back out into the forest.

What remained of Aaron’s self slowly faded into unconsciousness as he lays in a puddle of two fantastical creatures’ luscious cum.


Thank you for reading, look out for the next part!

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