A Wet Surprise on Sorority Row

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Narrator: Amber and Jamie were in the midst of an intense hell week pledging for Delta Gamma Sorority. Tonight was the final night, and if they made it through, they would officially become sisters of the hottest sorority on campus. Both girls were walking across the quad, making their way towards the DG house. They could see it in the distance, standing tall and proud, pristine and prominent. This was their ticket to the high life on campus.

Amber: I wonder what they will make us do tonight.

Jamie: I hope it has nothing to do with drinking or drugs. I mean fuck, how much coke and vodka can you do before killing yourself?

Amber: Let’s not find out ok?

Jamie: It’s really sick what they have been doing to us. The body shaming, the verbal assaults, ugh. Why are we still doing this?!

Amber: It builds character Jamie. They break us down, and then build us up again, giving us the highest sense of value. By the time we are done, no one will be able to fuck with us. And to think we almost accepted the bids from Phi Sig. Those girls were so prude. Remember the joke I made about anal sex?

Jamie: You mean the one about “technical virgins?” Ha! OMG that was so awkward. They did not appreciate that at all. And they still gave us bids.

Amber: We are fucking hot Jamie. Guys look at us all the time. Feel my fucking tits.

Jamie: Yea they are incredible. I could definitely squeeze them all day. They’re so firm, and have just the right amount of squish to them. They really fit perfectly in my hands too…

Amber: Ok that’s enough for now, maybe I’ll let you massage them later.

Narrator: The girls arrived at the front door of the DG Mansion. They were checking themselves out one last time, adjusting their tight and brightly colored tank tops to accentuate their cleavages. Amber knocked on the door and one of the sisters instructed her and Jamie to istanbul travesti head upstairs to the master suite without talking at all. Both girls entered the suites and saw all of the pledges sitting on two couches arranged in a semicircle. All of the sisters were standing around the perimeter of the room. It was weird. Jamie and Amber sat down on the couch to join the other pledges. Pledgemaster Janis started to speak.

Pledgemaster Janis: Ok girls, so you are probably wondering why we called you here tonight. Tonight is very special. You and your soon to be sisters will become much closer than you ever have before. As you can see on the screen in front of you we have a movie ready to be watched by everyone. It’s a porn movie. For those who have not seen one of these types of films before, they are graphic. You’ll see big hard cocks, wet pussies, blowjobs, anal sex, and even some orgies.

Narrator: The girls were silent. They knew how close they were to becoming sorority sisters.

Pledgemaster Janis: Remember, it’s only a movie. And we are going to watch it in its entirety. Oh yea, I almost forgot. I expect that everyone will masturbate while watching!

Narrator: “Oh fuck” said Jamie. There was an eruption of chatter among the group of 12 and they were soon cut off by the pledgemaster.

Pledgemaster Janis: You heard me. We are all going to playfully please our plump pussies together. This is a bonding experience. There’s a very good chance- wait, let me start again. If you are in this sorority, you will be having sex. We have a bit of a reputation here on campus.

Amber: A bit?

Janis: Ok, not a bit…let’s just say we have a lot of fans at this school, and not only boys. We take pride in our sexuality and whorish ways. Sex is fun, spiritual, creative, tantalizing! We are all sexual creatures. To become sisters we need to know that everyone is istanbul travestileri comfortable with each other.

Narrator: Janis waited a few moments to see if anyone was feeling uneasy or having second thoughts. To her surprise, the girls all remained silent and focused, sizing each other up with intentional and supportive gazes. It was as if the girls wanted to make sure that everyone was ready to let go. They were entering uncharted territory and knew anything could happen. Janis pushed the play button and “Big Dicks for Sorority Chicks” commenced.

The opening scene began with 2 brunette girls paying a surprise visit to the men’s locker room on south campus. Upon their arrival, they found 4 guys wearing baseball uniforms.

Bill: Oh shit. You know this is the men’s locker room right?

Tyrese: Yea you girls are not supposed to be in here.

Taylor: Oh we know. We just thought we would see if anyone was in here that’s all.

Bill: Well, I gotta say you girls are looking fashionable as fuck. Those booty shorts…

Tyrese: Yea, and those tank tops look so good on you. I love those pink and purple colors.

Kim: You know, me and Taylor give the best blowjobs on campus.

Narrator: The girls walked over and started making out with 2 of the baseball players. As the couples were locking lips the other 2 guys went behind the girls and took off their booty shorts, proceeding to rub their pussies and start fingering and licking them, asshole included!

Narrator: At this point, the girls watching the movie started to slowly touch themselves. The pledgemaster instructed the girls to take off their pants, and they obliged. The moans from the movie started to blend with the heavy breathing of the girls in the master suite of the sorority house. A few of the pledges took off their shirts, revealing an array of different colored bras. There was travesti istanbul quite the variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from B – DD and pears to cantaloupes. The movie scene continues with both girls being fucked from behind while sucking dick. They seemed really into it. All of a sudden, Jamie vigorously rubbed her clit and within seconds was drenching the couch. Some of her squirts reached the TV screen and streaks were cascading down.

Pledgemaster Janis: Holy shit, this is crazy. We have a squirter!

Amber: I did not know you could fucking squirt like that! Omg Jamie, you’re so fucking hot, I’m really getting turned on by you.

Back inside the TV screen, 2 of the boys were licking pussy and the other two came in the girls mouths. Perfectly timed of course. Amber was getting extremely horny after witnessing the squirting that came from Jamie’s swelling pussy lips and asked Jamie if she would finger her ass. Jamie agreed and Amber’s ass was being filled with 2 fingers. The smells of fresh ass and pussy juice filled the room, much to the delight of the pledgemaster. “Yes!” She exclaimed. “It smells so fucking good in here.” When a few of the pledges realized Amber was enjoying an ass fingering the focus shifted away from the movie. The girls wanted to experiment with each other. Some of them began eating each other’s pussies while others discovered a green dildo on a side table. The girls were moaning and crying out for joy. “Oh my god stick it in my pussy!” “Lick my ass” “Squeeze my juicy tits!” It was quite the scene. It got to the point where the pledgemaster couldn’t believe it when some of the girls started licking the sex juices from the couch and other surfaces! “Wow, we have some major sex pots in this class. Holy shit!” exclaimed Pledgemaster Janis.

About 2 hours later everyone was exhausted. The movie had ended and a total of about 200 orgasms were had.

Pledgemaster Janis: Pledges, you sure as hell surprised me and all the active sisters.

Narrator: Cheers filled the room as the pledges celebrated their insane display of insatiable sexual appetite. This would be the start of an unforgettable year.

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