A Very Special Treatment

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I was due to go the dentist the next day when I received a call from the surgery to say that my dentist was off ill and likely to be away for a few weeks. They had managed to get a locum to cover his work but wanted to check that I was OK with seeing him. I said that I had no objection and didn’t give it much more thought before leaving the office during the next morning to keep my appointment.

I was a little early so was sitting in the waiting room reading a magazine when I heard my name being called. I looked round a saw a gorgeous young guy in a smart shirt and trousers (nothing like the usual dentist’s uniform) beckoning me to come up to the surgery. I followed him up the stairs and couldn’t help noticing the outline of his briefs showing through the trousers. By the time I was in the room and removing my suit jacket I was feeling rather horny at the thought of having this guy up close and personal and checking out my teeth. He was in his late twenties or early thirties, about 5’6″ tall, slim build with short fair hair.

I sat in the chair and he adjusted it so that he could stand beside me and comfortably look into my mouth. As his body came close I realised that I was getting hard in my briefs and tried very casually to put my hands on top. He chatted away, apologising for not having a nurse available and therefore having to do everything himself. I assured him that was no problem! The longer I could spend with the guy the better as far as I was concerned.

It was a rather one way conversation as he was busy checking my teeth but I managed to ask where he came from and how long he would be working there. He said he bahis firmaları was originally from Poland but had been in the UK for about four years and he was working as a locum in the area for a few months. Not only did he look stunning he also had a great accent and by the time he had finished examining me I was fully hard and tenting my suit trousers. I wasn’t sure if he had noticed when he suddenly asked if I normally enjoyed a dental examination this much. I was so embarrassed and mumbled some feeble excuse but he said it was fine and he felt flattered. He then said it was actually giving him an erection seeing me like that.

I couldn’t believe I was hearing this but I looked at his tight grey trousers and sure enough the outline of his cock was starting to push the fabric out. I’m not sure what came over me then but I reached out and very gently stroked his bulge. He pulled back and I thought that I have made a huge mistake but in fact he went over and locked the door. When he came back he undid his trousers and let them drop to the floor revealing a bulging pair of white briefs pushing against his shirt tails. He came and stood close to my face and I quickly tucked his shirt tails inside his briefs and put my lips down on to his bulge. He moaned with delight as my tongue ran up and down the length of his shaft and then my lips took it all inside my mouth.

By now I could feel precum oozing out of my cock and on to my briefs so I undid my trousers and started rubbing myself as I sucked him. My shirt was already tucked in my black yfronts so I was able to get straight to it! Then he put his hand down on mine and moved it kaçak iddaa over so that he could stroke me. As he got more excited his cock was pushing hard and I finally pulled it out of the leg of his white briefs and started to give it the full treatment. My hand cupped and squeezed his balls as I sucked and licked his cut cock, tasting him and savouring every moment. He then pulled my cock out of the fly of my briefs and bent over and started on me with his tongue and lips.

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me in a dentist’s surgery but I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity so I pulled away from his cock and asked if was wanted to fuck me. He said he’d love to but he didn’t have a condom. I told him that I had one in my jacket pocket — I never go unprepared! — so he went over and got it and let me slide it over his beautiful 6 inch cock. I turned round and leant over the dentist chair and, to my surprise, he didn’t pull my briefs down but pushed them to one side as he started to finger my hole. He said he loved fucking guys in their underwear and would I mind. I assured him that it was a huge turn on for me too and, after he had applied some lube to my hole with his finger, he began to push his cock inside me.

It had been a few weeks since I had had sex and it felt really tight at first but he certainly knew what he was doing and in no time he was pushing in and out and reaching that spot that made me shout out with pleasure. He whispered to me to be quieter and I tried to control myself. I started wanking my own cock and after a while could feel him getting ready to cum inside me. He let out a muffled cry of ‘Oh yes, kaçak bahis I’m fucking coming’ as I felt him shoot his load. When he finally pulled out I was still wanking and getting ready to cum. He suddenly turned me round towards him and put his face down just as my spurts of creamy cum shot from my throbbing cock. He took it all on his face and in his mouth, all the time smiling and asking for more. Then he took my cock in his mouth and licked it clean before finally kissing me hard on the mouth so that I tasted some of my own spunk.

At last he stood up, looked at his watch and said he was relieved that his next patient had cancelled. Nevertheless he expected another one shortly so he would need to finish. I started to clean up and get dressed and he asked if I always tucked my shirt in my briefs. I said that I did and he said he thought it looked very sexy . So he made sure his shirt was fully tucked in, not just the front that I had done, and pulled up his trousers. I told him that it really turned me on seeing another guy with his shirt tucked in and made sure my waistband was showing as I pulled my suit trousers up. He said how much he liked that too and would I make sure I dressed like that next time we met.

This was music to my ears and I asked if I needed any further treatment. He said that, sadly, he couldn’t justify making another appointment, but if I had a spare evening he would love to have a drink with me and maybe more. Of course I agreed and that was the start of several very happy sessions where there wasn’t a lot of drinking but plenty of full on sex.. He was now a full convert to tucking his shirt in his and would usually give me a glimpse of his waistband whenever we met. When he finally moved on to another city we exchanged some of our briefs and I had many a happy session wanking in his and remembering the great times we had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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