A Valentine’s Day to Remember

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Tony walked back into his classroom at the end of the day ready to go home for a nice quiet evening at home. He sat down at his desk and saw a large red envelope with his name on the front.

He though it must be from one of the children he has in his classroom. Lifting up the envelope the soft floral jasmine fragrance fills the air. He suddenly feels a funny deja vu feeling overcome him as he peeled back the edge of the envelope.

Slowly he opened the envelop realizing it was not one of the typical cards from one of his kids in class. No, this definitely wasn’t a Harry Potter or Power Puff girls type Valentine’s Day card.

He looked at the golden edged card with a large golden heart and arrow running through it and opened it up. He noticed the soft floral script of black ink across the otherwise blank card. With mounting excitement he began to read the card…


Will you dare to be my Valentine? If so, meet me at La Maquette at 10:00 p. m. for dinner. Just give this card to the hostess when you arrive.

Your Secret Valentine

There was no other writing and nothing to indicate who had sent the card. Holding the card to his nose he inhaled the soft jasmine scent. He closed his eyes trying to remember that fragrance and why it was so familiar.

Picking up his things he put the card in his briefcase as he headed out to the snow covered parking lot. Someone was probably playing a joke on him. After all, he was single and hadn’t been dating anyone in about six months.

Once home, he spent a leisurely half hour in his hot tub relaxing to tunes from his stereo. The card was still on his mind and he kept feeling like maybe it wasn’t a joke. Maybe he should go to the restaurant and see who it was.

He had recently returned from New Orleans where he was celebrating Mardi Gras with a couple close college friends. Thinking of this mystery valentine brought to mind the incredible sensual woman who had seduced him at the bar. He has spent a few sleepless nights imagining what it would have been like to spend another night with her.

Finishing his soak he went to the kitchen opening a bottle of merlot and went to the living room and saw the card sitting on his coffee table. Picking it up and smelling it again he couldn’t help but feel that there was something familiar about that fragrance.

Feeling a little reckless he downed the second glass of wine and headed to his bathroom for a quick shower. Afterwards, his mind made up to see who this was he dressed in his favorite green Hugo Boss suit, shirt and tie.

Tucking the card into his inner jacket pocket he walked out to his car. As he drove to the restaurant, he wondered if this was an old girlfriend or maybe just a friend playing a practical joke.

He walked into La Maquette and slowly approached the hostess in the long black evening gown. He awkwardly tried to tell her he was meeting someone and he held up the card when she asked which party he was meeting.

“Oh Monsieur, please come this way. The lady will be joining you in a few moments. ” She slowly showed him up the stairs to a private dining salon with a table set for 2 behind a pair of french doors.

“The lady asked that I give you this when you arrived and to give you a glass of merlot”, she said as she handed a small wrapped package to him.

“Thanks”, he replied as he slowly played with the ribbon on the package. He was now very curious as he opened the package gently peeling away the layers of tissue he found a black silk blindfold casino siteleri inside the box with a little notecard.

Opening the note card he read the following:

“Please put on your mask and get ready for the dining experience of your life. “

Feeling slightly awkward he took the blindfold and played with it in his hands. The hostess returned a moment later with a glass of merlot. Seeing the mask she grinned down at him.

“Monsieur may I help you put this on?”

Nodding but feeling embarrassed,you relax as she slowly slides the mask in place ensuring you cannot see around the edges. She reaches for your hand placing it on the glass of merlot.

“The lady will be here in a few moments. Please enjoy your dinner Monsieur. “

“Thanks… I will. “

After a few moments of silence you hear the French doors opening and you notice a soft floral fragrance with a soft jasmine scent. You feel a soft breath by the side of your ear as a kiss is brushed against your cheek you hear the stranger.

“Hello mon cher… I have been thinking of you since Mardi Gras. And I couldn’t imagine spending Valentine’s Day with anyone else. “

Feeling your heart starting to beat rapidly in your chest you realize it is your mystery lady from New Orleans. Having a hard time catching your breath you shift in your seat anxiously.

“Who are you?… How did you find me?”

“I know you better than you think mon cher. But enough questions for now. Time to begin our dinner now. ” You hear the soft tinkle of her voice drifting across your earlobe.

You hear her ring a bell and the French doors open and someone places something in front of you then silently leave the room.

You feel a fingertip rub gently across your full bottom lip and you realize it is her fingertip. You slowly open your mouth and feel something slide into your mouth which is slick. You swirl your tongue around it realizing it is a fresh oyster.

Sitting at the table you realize you are dependent on your lady to feed you. Smiling you enjoy the taste of the oysters as she feeds them to you one at a time. Between each bite you gently lick and suckle her fingertip tasting the juices.

Occasionally you feel her lift your wineglass to your lips slightly tilting as you take a sip. You feel a dribble of wine and she leans forward licking slowly up your face removing the liquid.

“Uhmmmm I think it is a little warm in here don’t you cher?”

“Yes… maybe a little. ” You feel her slowly begin to unbutton your suitcoat. Her fingertips slide across your chest as she begins to unbutton each button. Your hands are placed on the table and each cufflink is removed and the shirt slides over your shoulders.

Feeling a little embarrased with the waiters and waitresses, who will be returning while you are sitting without your shirt. You move uncomfortably in your chair until you hear the French doors opening.

The smell of the next course catches your attention. You hear the waiter leave and your lady begins to slowly lady warm soup into your mouth. She teases your lip with the cool spoon rubbing it across your lip.

You notice her moving things from in front of you as the mystery lady slowly climbs onto your lap facing you. Her body slowly slides up and down against your groin and you feel yourself becoming aroused.

You start to reach up for her but she motions you to be still as the waiter enters with the next part of the meal. She continues to slide her hands across your chest teasing your slot oyna sensitive nipples as she continues feeding you the wonderful meal.

“Uhmmmm you know… it seems after such a meal your pants maybe are a little tight and uncomfortable… I think we should take them off so you can enjoy the dessert mon cher. “

“Omg… you are kidding right. “

“Non… I don’t kid about things like that. “

“Hey look we can’t do this… I mean this is a public place and someone is going to get upset and we could get arrested. “

Laughing softly she reaches out and strokes her finger along your jaw line. “No one will interrupt us once our dessert is served… and besides I know the owners and they know I am having a very private dinner party here tonite. “

Your heartbeat is thudding so hard you are sure that everyone in the place can hear it. Both excited and anxious you decide to throw caution to the wind.

A few moments later the food is cleared away and what you can only guess as dessert is delivered to the room. The doors once again close and you hear a click from the lock on the french doors.

You notice your mystery lady has climbed to the edge of the table with her legs on either side of your thighs.

“Uhmmmm scoot a little closer Tony so you can enjoy. “

You slide your chair up close to the table and you feel her fingertip sliding across your bottom lip. You feel it is getting coated with something wet and your tongue darts out tasting the thin layer of chocolate sauce she has placed there.

Slowly licking your lips, you notice she has put her hands around your head and is guiding your face toward her. Your lips contact a soft sweet whipcream and you begin to lick and realize her sweet nipples are coated with whipcream in front of you. Your tongue darts out licking and sucking the sweet cream until her nipples are both standing totally erect.

“Uhmmmmm cher… here use your hands and finish your dessert. “

Reaching your hands out to her waist as she lay back on the table, you slowly let your tongue begin to explore around her nipples. slowly your tongue trails down her belly to her navel which is full of chocolate syrup.

Your tongue swirls around her navel and slowly down across her flat belly. Feeling her legs fall out to the sides you lick lower wanting to taste her sweet pussy.

Letting your fingertip slowly slide back and forth across her slit your mouth follows leaving a warm trail. She begins to moan softly as you start to taste her sweet pussy juices. Your tongue darting out and swirling in soft circles as you gently probe in and out.

Your tongue finds her tender clit and you begin to suckle until it is swollen and engorges like a small grape. Nipping and teasing even though she is moaning louder and louder as her body begins to tremble with her initial orgasm.

“Oh yessss… pleaseeee baby don’t stop… “

You smile as she begins to shudder under your tongues gentle ministrations. Sucking and licking you hold her hips still as you tease her body.

“Uhmmmmmm Tony that felt incredibly good.. now I think it is my turn to taste dessert. “

Slowly sliding from the table she pushes you down to the seat but not before she has slipped off your trousers and shoes and socks. She chuckles at your boxers covered in little hearts.

Sliding to the floor between your legs you feel her hands sliding slowly up and down between your inner thighs. Her tongue suddenly begins long slow licks up along your inner thigh.

You canlı casino siteleri feel her fingers reaching out to encircle your cock. “Ohhhh yeah”, you moan as she leans down and lets her tongue flick across the tip of your cock head.

“Uhmmmmm you know what I love the most baby? I love playing with your foreskin when you get aroused. Slowly sliding it back and forth over the tip and letting my tongue flick across your sensitive cockhead. “

“Omg”, you groan as she begins to demonstrate. Her fingers slowly sliding your foreskin just a little and then her tongue reaching out licking your cockhead in soft little flicks of her tongue.

Slowly she begins to slide her mouth over your cockhead taking you deeper and deeper into her mouth. You feel your foreskin sliding back and forth as she continues stroking your cock with her hand as her lips continue their soft caress.

“Uhmmmm Tony I think you are the best tasting dessert I have ever had at this restaurant. ” She softly laughs as she sucks your precum into her mouth pumping your cock faster as more begins to slide over the edge of your now swollen cock.

“So tell me Tony, what would you like now?”

“I want to feel my cock inside you”, you groan as you slide your hands through her silky long hair.

“Uhmmmmm lets see… How does this feel?”

You feel her stand up and holding your cock in her hand she begins to slide it back and forth across her slick pussylips. Slowly rubbing small circles around her clit which is now swollen into a little marble size.

Feeling impatient… you reach out guiding her hips until she is perched above your straining cock.

“God please… I need this!”

“Uhmmmmm are you sure this is what you want?”

“Oh God yes… pleaseee”

“Well… ok ” Suddenly she slides down your cock fully impaled along your great length. Her tight sheath wrapped around you completely and squeezing tighter and tighter each second.

Feeling like you are going to burst you grab her hips and begin thrusting harder and harder up inside her. Something about her makes you feel like you are losing control each time you are a with her making love.

You feel her nibbling along your ear and then down along your neck. Softly biting your shoulder as you feel her starting to shudder. Feeling your balls tighten you drive deep into her holding her as your forskin slides back and you feel your cum rising from your balls as you shoot your seed deep inside her. Holding her hips closely you thrust and groan one last time,”Ohhhhhhhhhh godddd yesssss… ”

Her moans fill the air as well and you feel her pussy beginning to spasm around your throbbing cock. Holding her close you hear her whimpering softly and you smile realizing she has gained as much pleasure as you have from this encounter.

Reaching up to remove your mask to find your mystery lady she suddenly grasps your hand. “No Tony,… you promised no peeking. “

Slowly she slides from your lap and you hear her sliding on her clothes. She continues dressing silently then hands you your shirt and pants.

“Who are you?… Why won’t you tell me who you are?”

You start putting on your shirt buttoning each button. You hear her moving closer to the French doors and slowly opening them. You reach down and slide your trousers on and quickly button and zip them.

“Ohhhhhh… it doesn’t really matter does it? We both derive pleasure from this. Isn’t that enough”

“Not fair… Come on don’t tease me. “

“Uhmmmm not yet… maybe next holiday I will tell you who I am. “

You hear the french door suddenly close and you rip off the mask and walk across the room. You open the door looking to your right and to the left but she is gone.

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