A Sister’s Relationship Going Deep

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My sister Melanie…Well what can I say about her? She’s my younger sibling (18 years old) in which I love with all of my heart. She’s about 5’5″ and about 105 pounds. She has black hair that goes down past her shoulders and has such beautiful eyes. She has very sweet lips, very squishy, soft, small breasts, a little pink vagina, and such a pretty bum. That’s all I can really say about Melanie, she’s a very sweet girl and she’s very nice. We both love to watch movies and hang out with each other, we share a room and she loves to eat candy, chocolate, and sweet things like oranges.

Well anyways, I was at my friend’s lake with her. I had to share a room with her, well because it’s a small cabin but I found her lying in my bed right next to me sometimes. Well it was nice to have her there but I was a little suspicious of what she was up to. I noticed too that we’ve been building a strong sister-to-sister relationship. We help each other out with a lot of things and we’ve gradually been getting close to each other. So later on in that week back then, we went into the lake together and we were the only ones in there. The lake was basically a dock with a table and a bench with water. She had her bikini on and she started to untie her top part and then her breasts were visible to me.

I was a little nervous about what she was doing, and I said to her “Melanie, what are you doing?” She said, “Kate, come on, no one is going to see! It’s just us two together and no one will see us, we’ll be like part of nature.”

She said something like that. So I pulled off my flip-flops and put them on the table. Then I slowly pulled down my shorts because I was a little nervous about doing this. Melanie was the one with the bikini, I was the one in regular clothes, and I swim in them all the time. I slid them off and put them on the bench. Melanie pulled off her flip-flops and pulled off the bottom half of her bikini exposing her little bum and her vagina.

She then let herself in the water and said “Kate! Come on! Don’t worry!”

I pulled off my sweaty tank top and put it next to my shorts. I had undone my bra but I kept my hands on my breasts before I had last thoughts before taking it off. I slowly took it off and put them on my shorts. I started to pull down my panties then I thought, what if someone comes down to the lake to see us? I wanted to get undressed but I was so worried, I bit the bullet and pulled them down to my ankles and then put them on my bra and shorts.

I was completely exposed, my breasts, my bum, my vagina…everything! I was all under water though so it wasn’t too bad. I’m a person that’s very nervous about doing these sorts of things because I don’t want anyone to know I’m doing them. There was a water toy in the water, a tube, Melanie told me to get up on it so I did and fell off about three times and we were both laughing. I got on then Melanie put herself on top of me. I was hanging onto the handles of the tube and she just relaxed on top of me. Both of our legs were in the water and she just sat there on top of me, she was really warm and she loved it. She tried opening her legs but almost fell off and said she was trying to stretch out. I can tell she wanted to do something more but I was far too nervous if she would say anything. Like she’s my little sister and she’s sitting on top of me naked, it’s little hard thought to get over to be honest but I mean, this was very enjoyable, it was comforting. We sat there for about an hour talking and laughing about a few things. I’ll never forget that day, it was so nice, we didn’t do anything sexual but it was still a lot of fun. We got out and put our clothes on and went back into the cabin.

Later on that week, Melanie and I went into the forest together, she was holding my hand and kissed me at every possible chance. Later on I ended up saying to her.

“Melanie, I have to go take a dump, okay? I’ll be over here.

“Can I watch you? Please?”

“Umm, I suppose you can watch, but why?”

“No reason really, I just find standing here a little boring…”

“Okay, well I’ll be over here when you’re ready…”

After I pulled down my shorts and panties, she watched in amazement. It was weird taking a dump in the forest for one, and to have my little sister watch is a little awkward.

She told me afterwards “That was amazing Kate! I don’t know why but that was so cool to watch!”

“Why did you really want to see me take a dump?”

“I don’t know really, it’s just one of those things I love watching.”

“Oh okay, well it was just us two so there’s no harm, sweetie.”

We walked on and I was sweating because it was a hot day outside and she was there next to me with her hand on mine, we were laughing at all of these stories that happened to both of us. It was so much fun though. Melanie eventually got me into the obsession of watching people take dumps, it’s like one of those things in which people like but is very gross. It’s a personal thing but it is something I definitely enjoy now.

“Do you want to go into the lake afterwards again, Kate?”

“Okay, but I don’t think canlı bahis şirketleri I’ll take my bra or panties off this time though…”

“That’s fine.”

Then she smiled at me and I gave her a little smile back.

We went inside of the lake, I got cleaned off, it was a good relief and my brothers were in the lake also. Melanie didn’t take off her top or panties but she was really playful in the water, she hugged me a lot and we had water games together.

The next day, Melanie had said she wanted to go for another walk and I agreed. We walked about a kilometer into the forest and sat down on a giant rock for a little while. It was sunny with a few clouds in the sky but it was humid.

“Kate, can I kiss you?”

I sat there on the rock for a moment, thinking if I heard properly. She had such deep eyes that looked so watery; I kissed her on the lips. I must have had strong emotions then, I would never have thought that I would be kissing my sister on the lips. She started kissing me back on the lips and then her hand was starting to go up my sweaty tank top. I didn’t think of anything at the time, her lips were so soft and wet and her tongue had the taste of orange juice, it was sweet. Next she put her hand in my bra and started feeling my left nipple, my nipples are quite sensitive in situations like this so I made a noise in my throat, sort of like a moan.

She stopped kissing me and then put my back on the rock while lifting up my drenched tank top. She started kissing my stomach and licking my belly button while moving up to where my ribs are. Licking my upper body is what she was doing; all I had done really is push her head down onto my body while moaning. She pulled my bra below my breasts and started kissing my nipples; I loved that feeling so much. It’s like a feeling where you are being loved, but in the end, I was making love with my baby sister…

I sat up and put my face into hers. I started feeling her soft little breasts through her tank top, and they were warm and moist. I put my hands down her tank top and felt them even more. I pulled her breasts out of her shirt and kept touching them. She had another deep look in her eyes and I couldn’t help but kiss her sweet lips again.

“Can you lick them?” Melanie had asked.

I didn’t answer, I was concerned on feeling how creamy her small boobs felt. I licked the side of her left nipple and I start kissing both nipples very harshly, like sucking on them. Melanie started to moan and groan with pleasure. She put her hands down her shorts and started playing with herself.

“Can we go further, Kate? Please?”

I took her top off without response to her question; I disassembled her messed up bra and started licking her stomach. She put her hand on my chest and then she started pulling down her shorts. I helped her pull off her shorts; I pulled them off and put them neatly under her bum. I went to kissing her lower and lower and I moved her panties off to the side and started licking her sweet little pussy. I was doing that for a while and she was moaning like crazy and when she had her orgasm, she screamed so loud. Her eyes were so watery and her pussy was extremely wet. She told me to lie down on the rock, she pulled off my tank top and bra and she was sweating a lot, she kissed me inside of my mouth for about a minute and then pulled off my shorts and panties. She licked the bottom of my wet pussy and moved to the top, it felt extremely good and then she started savagely kissing my pussy lips and it was very intense. I heard the birds chirping in the background and it was so beautiful looking at the trees and leaves. My bum and back were extremely hot because we were on a rock but I looked past that for this amazing pleasure. About 10 minutes after masturbating and being savagely licked, I had my orgasm in her mouth. My juices were all over my crotch area. We put our clothes back on and walked back.

“Katelynn…thank you so much for this…”

“No, Melanie, thank you for this!”

And then I realized what I did was extremely dirty. I fucked my little sister and my little sister fucked me! It was extremely pleasurable. I got back into the cabin and sat on my bed, I was extremely sweaty and wet, and I went into the lake by myself to think about what I have done. I thought, what’s the harm in fucking your own sister? There is none, she’s a human being in which I love with all of my heart.

A couple months later back at home I was getting more and more feelings for Melanie. Melanie and I have been getting very close, we’ve been kissing each other passionately and getting really close together. We both still live with our parents but we have our little room. At night, I don’t sleep with any clothes on and neither does Melanie. One day we had a lot of fun, we went to movies, went bowling, and even played in the backyard. On this night she climbs into my bed and comes under the covers with her warm body. She started pecking at me rapidly. I started pecking her back on the lips and her breath was so warm and her breathing was so heavy, as was mine. She put her hands on my back canlı kaçak iddaa and pulled us body to body. She started smooching at my chest and breasts and I started to moan because I was so turned on and I totally loved the feeling. She kept kissing me then I decided to move my hand down to her crotch area, I started moving my hand in a forwards-backwards motion across her sweet little pussy. Her vagina was so wet, and then she started to moan with pleasure. I started to kiss her chest and suck on her little nipples. She looked like she was feeling a lot of pleasures, her eyes were closed and she was sweating while putting her saliva all over me from her attempts of kissing me.

She moved my hand away from her pussy and then she started to rub mine for a while, my pleasure built up in an instant. I breathed so heavy and I moaned in pleasure and she was smiling from what I can tell, she really liked this. I moved closer to her and I put my hands on her little bum and then she let out a little sigh of relief. She was still masturbating my vagina and I started playing around with her bumhole and I started to put my finger in there. I eventually went to a fast pace and she started to make noises, she was making noises such as “uh, uh, ohh, uh!” I was fingering her sweet ass and I can only imagine how good it felt but she was pleasuring my pussy so I was a happy girl. I reached my climax (it was very intense, I think I may have urinated a little on her hand) and then she stopped rubbing me. She then said “Thank you, Kate…” and she kissed me on the lips and we both went to sleep even though it was so hot under the covers and we were both sweating and dirty from what happened.

That was a very pleasurable night but then I thought about the next morning if what I did was extremely wrong once again. Like, I slept with my sister, we made each other have orgasms, and we made out.

I’m thinking, “I just fucked my baby sister…” And well, we kept cool for a while. We were still very, very great friends, she was still a great sweetheart to me and we still kissed. We enjoyed each other’s company still

A couple weeks later, she was lying in bed and she got up to use the washroom and take a bath. I sat inside of her bed naked; I really, really, loved what happened the other night. She came out and she knew what I was going to do. Her bathrobe was open exposing her little boobs and her little pussy while she was dripping wet from the water in the bath. I gave her the sweetest smile.

She said to me: “Can…I put it on your face?” and I said “Of course, sweetie”.

She was on her knees with her crotch right on my face and I started putting my tongue inside of her vagina and she started to moan, she kept saying to me “Don’t stop! Please! Don’t stop!” and her vagina juices were going all right onto my face, they were sweet and her vagina was so moist and warm.

I continue to do this and she grinds her crotch on my face as I move my tongue back in forth in her sweet place. The intensity she must have been feeling must have been high because she was moaning so loud and it echoed throughout the house at night. After a while, she knelt up all the way so my mouth and her private were not touching. She was breathing heavy and my thoughts were…I love Melanie so much, why not pleasure her the best way? Next I put my tongue inside of her bum and she started moaning instantly, I was moving my tongue on the outside of her bumhole and touching the middle, every time I touched the middle, her bumhole would clench in a little, eventually I put my tongue into her bumhole and make circular motions while she moans and groans in the night.

She backed away and she made me lie on my back, she started licking my vagina and she must to have had a mouthful of juices because I was extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY turned on. I put my hands on her sweaty back and push her face into my pussy. I was sort of screaming and sometimes she would move her tongue below my sweet place into my bum, which made me breathe out quickly with pleasure.

“Fuck me! Please sweetie! Fuck me! Don’t stop! Lick my ass! Please Melanie!” is what I was screaming.

She put her wet tongue inside of my bum and put it really deep inside, the inner walls of my bum felt extremely well. She didn’t lick my bum for long but then she went back to masturbating me and gave me a great climax. She must’ve had a wet mouth after I had my orgasm, I’m glad she thought it tasted sweet though. We stopped and again, we fell asleep together.

Her bum didn’t taste bitter or bad, she just washed it and she normally fingers her bum in the bathtub, I take baths and showers with her a lot. I do like pleasuring her though, it’s definitely something I really, really enjoy doing to her. I don’t think she enjoyed licking my bum because well, I had a bath in the morning and I guess it may have been a little bitter to her but she told me that she loved every second of it.

Next I started to get extremely strong feelings for Melanie, like very strong feelings. I wanted her to be my girlfriend. I know she’s only my sister but she means canlı kaçak bahis so fucking much to me, I love fucking her and she loves fucking me. I went onto the computer to ask my friend to see if her feelings were like mine. They were like my feelings. We are now girlfriend-girlfriend. Melanie and I keep this a secret. We both now love watching each other take dumps and we now love pleasuring each other’s asses. I really love fingering her ass, it’s so enjoyable and it feels extremely good on my finger. I love hearing her moan and seeing her sweat. I love Melanie. She’s my girlfriend, a big secret, few people know about this. We are each other’s sex partners, best friends, and most certainly, sisters.

We were at the movies together and we sat together. I held her hand in the theatre and it wasn’t really a popular movie, we and two other people were there. She had her hand up my shirt and she was rubbing my stomach. She was playing with my right breast and had her head on my shoulder. She leaned forward on the seat in front of her and her beautiful bum was tight. I knew I was in a public place but I put my hand down the back of her pants and panties and played around then she leaned back so no one would really get suspicious. I kept my hand there for an hour while watching the movie. Her ass was very, very warm, my hand was in a position where she wasn’t sitting on it but it was enough to feel around. She was trying to do the same but with me, it needs to be fully intercourse, she tried to finger my ass in the theatre but it’s a little too weird so I pulled her hand out. We left the theatre and made out in my car, she wanted to fuck with me in the back seat but I just told her to wait until we got home.

So we got home and my parents were out for the night at a relative’s house and my brothers went out to a bar. Melanie sat on the couch and took her t-shirt off. Wow did her boobs ever look amazing in that black bra.

“Melanie, take it off slower next time!”

“Hahahaha, sorry, Kate! Here, you can take off all of my clothes now at your pace and I’ll do the same for you!”

I nodded and I pulled her jeans down and her ass was like so beautiful in her black panties, I kissed her panties right there. I pulled her jeans down very, very slowly and took her socks off after the jeans went down to her ankles. I slid down her bra and kissed her beautiful boobs. She started to moan a little and then I started pulling down her panties, I loved seeing her cute little ass get exposed inch by inch. It turned me on so much. Next, she took off my t-shirt and kissed me on the lips. She played with my breasts for a while and then finally took my bra off. She slid down my jeans and started kissing my thighs. My black panties were wet because of my pussy and she started sucking my pussy through the panties. I started giggling and then she found out that that wasn’t the greatest idea so she pulled down the panties along with my socks. I sat on the couch and pulled my ankles back to my shoulders and she started licking and finger fucking my pussy. It was so wet and I really, really wanted my ass to be in my pussy’s position but I really didn’t give a shit because it all felt so damn good. I started to sweat big time. I loved her sweet little tongue moving around in my vagina and her fingers pleasuring the walls of my vagina.

“Oh my fucking god, don’t fucking stop! Melanie! Oh my god! OH FUCK!”

I had my orgasm right in her mouth and I screamed so loud and I had to help her out with my vagina because it was so intense. She then moved her tongue a little lower than my pussy into my ass and she started fingering it too. I moaned even louder and she was there with a cute smile on her face. I’m screaming, moaning, and telling her to not stop. Oh god, it was the best experience ever, it’s a feeling I can’t explain.

“Kate, are you okay?” Melanie had asked me.

“Uh…. yes, I’m fine…” I got up and I french kissed Melanie and her tongue tasted so wet and good.

She sat down and I started to kiss her legs, I made out with her creamy thighs and she knew I was teasing her, she started to play with herself and I started licking her vagina. I put my tongue deep in there and moved it all around in every which way. She started moaning right away and then I did it slower and her juices were pouring into my mouth, she was sweating like crazy, I was too. I kept going and then she started to moan louder and louder.

“Don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop!”

And I didn’t stop, when a girl is getting her pussy licked and she says don’t stop, she probably means don’t stop what you’re doing. This is how it is for me anyways. I kept going and she let it this scratched out moan and then let out a huge moan and breathed extremely heavy. I didn’t stop there, I went down to her bum and jammed my tongue right into her dirty hole and moved it in every which way and she was playing with her vagina again. I stopped with the tongue and started fingering her bum. As I was doing this, she started making out with me, the taste wasn’t as great but I mean like come on, we’ve been licking each other’s dirty holes. It feels so fucking great. I pulled my fingers out of her bum and then I licked her fingers and she licked mine. We both had a bath together, my vagina was sore from the orgasm she gave me and I think hers was too. We got out and had supper together.

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