A Randy Retirement Pt. 14: Hannah , Her Daughters

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Intro: The exploits of a man whose given name fit him perfectly, Randy, and he certainly was that. He was a high-school history teacher and coach until he hit the lottery and retired early at 52. While he was not averse to returning flirtatious quips from the girls in his classes, he did avoid giving in to the urge, telling the more enticing of them to, “come see me after you graduate.” Some did, but these stories deal with his life after hitting it big and building two houses; one along a river bluff 45 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and another on a secluded portion of the Northern Outer Banks, both equipped with playrooms. And he still had over a hundred million to spare. All characters are 18+ years of age. All stories can stand alone, but reading the series gives added insights and descriptions as it unfolds.

Synopsis: MILF pimps daughters for another shot

May, 2017 – OBX House

Part I – Friday night thru Saturday morning – Hannah

Having decided to spend most of May at the Outer Banks, Randy had already had one hook-up out on the islands and now found himself battling crowded traffic in Kill Devil Hills on the Friday before Memorial Day. He loved the solitude that the winter months provided out there and tried to avoid the crowds from Easter until Labor Day by staying close by his house on the northern end. But he did venture out for supplies and most evening meals as inconspicuously as possible in an old pick-up. The only hiccup in his method of operation was that his favorite upscale restaurant was in the heart of the bustle about half an hour away and he always dressed up when he went there.

He had been eating supper there on Thursdays through Saturdays since right after that hook-up because there was a sweet little waitress of Hispanic descent named Maria. She was going into her senior year of college and was trying to make money for expenses as she had earned a scholarship for her tuition. They had engaged in conversations as she waited his table each night, but there had been no flirting. Randy had begun to show up at the opening hour and request the same table in her section, tipping her generously.

It was just before the five o’clock opening and he was dressed in a cream guayabera shirt, khakis, and oiled boat shoes as he parked the Lincoln in the parking lot and headed to the door of the gray-painted wooden structure that looked more like someone’s home than a restaurant. He got into line just inside the doors behind three females, seemingly a mother and two daughters and admired their deeply tanned and toned physiques as they waited for the hostess. The mother was the shortest of the three and as she turned to talk with her daughters and he saw her in profile, Randy experienced a flashback from the past.

Her name was Hannah and she had been a student at the first high school he had taught at twenty-some years ago. After she had graduated, they had run into each other at a college football game where she was furthering her education. They ended up leaving before the first quarter ended and Randy had contributed to that education by fucking her for most of her first year in college until she had met a frat boy and stopped calling him. He thought she ended up marrying the fraternity guy, but wasn’t sure.

It was while Randy was recalling how much she liked it in the ass that he was brought back to the present when two arms embraced his waist and he looked down on the maybe five-foot mom with the blonde highlights in her brown hair and smiled.

“Hello Hannah, been a long time.”

She greeted him in return and squeezed him tight, her daughters looking on in either wonder or embarrassment; Randy couldn’t tell which. They both were naturally blonde, one about 5′ 4″ and the other between mom and sister. The tall one was very thin but not anorexic and the other was, Randy searched for the word in his mind and settled on magnificent.

The reunion was interrupted by Diane, the long-time hostess, who asked Hannah how many were in her party, but then the hostess noticed Randy, said hello to him by name, and asked, “Are these ladies with you?”

Hannah looked at him, “Are you eating alone or are we with you?”

“Alone was the plan, but plans can change,” Randy replied.

Hannah looked back to the hostess, “Party of four,” and Randy saw the slight arch in her daughters’ eyebrows despite their smiles.

“My usual table please Diane,” Randy addressed the hostess.

“Very well, follow me,” and they did; Randy bringing up the rear and admiring the trio in their sundresses. She seated them and announced, “Maria will be your waitress.”

It was a square table and Randy sat with his back to the wall, Hannah on his right and the tallest daughter on his left. The bombshell sat facing him with her back to the room. Every time she breathed her entire chest moved and he wondered if the party balloons were real.

“I can’t believe we’ve run into each other after all these years,” Hannah was exuberant as she clasped his hand almanbahis on the table.

Randy pointedly looked at each of her daughters and replied, “Twenty-five years and it looks like they have blessed you,” and the mom introduced him to the young ladies.

“This is my oldest, Mina,” she said, nodding to the tall one, “She just graduated from my old college. And this is Ellie,” she added taking the hand of the babe in front of him. “She’s my second-born and will be a junior at Chapel Hill.”

Randy said hello to each, calling them by name as Hannah told them that he was once her teacher in high school and had become a ‘good friend’ while she was in college. Randy could tell by the facial expressions the girls knew what ‘good friend’ meant; but he could not ascertain their endorsement, disapproval, or indifference. He did notice that both daughters had inherited their mother’s sapphire blue eyes.

Maria arrived and welcomed them, took their drink orders, and then departed to fill them. Before she came back Randy learned that Hannah also had a son just entering high school in addition to the daughters. Mina was 22 and Ellie was 20 and from the questions they tossed to mom it became clear they were wary of Randy, but also intrigued by this man from their mother’s past. He also was amused that Maria had not carded them and Ellie was a year shy of drinking age.

He asked Hannah if they were on the island alone. “Yes, we took a girls’ week out here to celebrate the end of their semester. How about you?”

Randy hesitated, “I have a second home up past Corolla, so I’m out here about a third of the year at various times. Are your husband and son joining you for the weekend?”

Maria returned and stalled Hannah’s reply with wine all around for the females and a sweet tea for Randy, commenting that it was the first time she had seen him with company.

“Yes, this is an old friend from long ago and her lovely daughters. We just happened to run into each other coming in from the parking lot.”

“Aww, that’s nice! Have we decided on dinner or would you need more time?” the tanned blonde replied with a smile, the slightest Hispanic accent in her voice.

They all ordered and as Maria departed Hannah took a large sip of her wine and turned to him, “Divorced a year ago. My son stays with me, but he’s with his father this week,” and she tried to hide the wink she sent him.

He watched as the questions returned from the two daughters, occasionally directed to him. He perceived that the girls had a special relationship with their mother. He found the oldest, Mina, to be extroverted and she seemed worldly; while the younger, Ellie, came off as reserved and much more shy. They both were sorority types, and he could tell they were used to a life of money. They mentioned doing community service during their conversations, and Randy learned that Mina had graduated with a business degree and Ellie was studying communications.

He thought to himself that he would enjoy showing the daughters their inner minx as he sized all three up while they conversed. Hannah’s body he was very intimate with and she had obviously worked hard at keeping it in shape. Mina was about 32B-22-30, with blonde hair just past her shoulders and a mischievous smile. Her face was thin like her body. Ellie had a thick blonde mane that came midway her back and was every bit of 34DD-24-34. Randy had the feeling that she had no idea what she was capable of sexually and while she may not be a virgin, anyone she had fucked did not know what they were doing. Her face was fuller than her mother or sister as her figure was fuller also. As he studied them more he realized that they all three shared the same smile, the same eyes, and the same small dimple in the middle of their squared chins.

They were all lovely ladies and his mind drifted back to the good times with Hannah as the women continued to talk. In the middle of the thought, his intuition crystallized and told him that there would eventually be something more than casual between he and the younger daughter. Randy wasn’t sure what it would be, but he knew deep inside it would be something.

Their food came and the conversation lightened as they ate, the girls finishing first. Randy noticed they were growing antsy and so did their mom. “If you two want to go ahead to the car, Randy and I will finish up and be out in a few minutes.”

They said their goodbyes politely and had barely gotten outside when they turned to each other and agreed, “You know mama fucked him,” and smiled all the way to the car, continuing their sisterly banter.

When they had walked away, Randy turned to Hannah, “Those are two lovely young ladies, you did well.”

“Yes they are, thanks for noticing. They’re like me. Mina is a little on the wild side and Ellie is just finding herself, kinda like I was when we ran into each other at the ball game. Speaking of which, do you remember ‘la petite mort’?”

Randy instantly smiled at the nibble, “The little death? Yeah, I almanbahis giriş remember you bringing it up. Let’s see, something along the lines of climaxing doesn’t just trigger a physical release but also a spiritual release that puts one in a state of altered consciousness briefly. That what you are referring to?”

“That’s it. Being with you back then sent me to look up that kinda stuff and that’s what I found, la petite mort,” and she deftly shifted the conversation, “So, what are you doing the rest of the night?”

“I have no plans,” he replied.

“How about you and I go to your place and see if it still applies?” and she cozied up to him smiling seductively.

Randy smiled back at her and nodded his head to Maria for the check and then asked Hannah, “How do you know your daughters are like you?”

She shook her head, “A mother knows; besides, we have no secrets between us. I raised them that everything would always be on the table and that there was no shame in sex if you did it right.”

It was then Randy decided to again make a play with house money, it was no real loss if it didn’t pay off. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll make you a deal. You can come home with me tonight on one condition.”

Hannah’s eyes widened and she wet her lips and answered without hesitation, “Alright, what’s the condition?”

“For this one weekend only I’ll play with you, but only if I get the daughters as well. You tonight, Mina tomorrow afternoon, Ellie tomorrow night and if they go all the way then you can come back Sunday morning for seconds.”

Hannah’s mouth was agape in momentary shock and he reached over to close it with his forefinger under her chin just before Maria arrived with the check. She was silent and obviously thinking furiously as he paid the bill in cash with a 40% tip.

When Maria had left for the final time, Randy sat and looked at Hannah until she gave her decision.

“I can’t speak for them, they would have to agree, but I will talk with them about it as soon as we get back to the house. Why do you want them?”

Randy gave her the answer stoically as he counted off the reasons on his fingers, “First, because like you, they are hot as hell. Second, because I want to release their inner freak, like I did with you and by the way, you just confirmed by your request that it still lives and breathes inside you after all these years. Third, because you took up with that fraternity guy and stopped calling me all those years ago and fourth, just because I want to fuck them. That last one is the most important reason.”

He paused for only a second and when she started to speak, he held up a finger that indicated he wasn’t finished. “I must let you know however, in full disclosure, I am much edgier and rougher than I was 25 years ago. I have found that I enjoy taking women to their sexual edge and then pushing them past it. Now, if they agree, make sure they are smooth as a baby’s butt, no landing strips. You as well for that matter. Also, have your ass ready for me, the girls as well. And they must agree, you must tell them what they are in for.”

Hannah sniffed and then looked straight at him, her head tilted and propped in her hand, “The bare part won’t be a problem. We all got waxes before we came out here,” and she paused before becoming brutally honest, “That frat boy became their dad. I’d grown accustomed to vanilla sex from him and that’s a big part of why we are divorced. When I saw you on the way in, I immediately tingled inside because I remembered how wild and free you were in the sack. Mina won’t be a problem, I’m certain she will jump at the chance. Ellie will take more convincing, she’s more,” and she paused briefly, “reserved.”

Randy wrote his address and cell number on the back of his copy of the dinner check, “That’s my place, it’s about 30 minutes from here but you probably need to allow at least 35 or 40 with the traffic. Text me when you leave, if you leave. But don’t come if both do not agree,” and he rose from the table and escorted Hannah outside. Her car was on the opposite side of the lot. He enveloped her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

The girls viewed the kiss from 100 feet away and watched their mom as she said goodbye to the man they both were curious about and then she walked toward them, obviously restless. When she arrived, she gave them both a pained smile, “Let’s go, we need to talk.”

Randy drove home and thought back to Hannah naked and riding him in her dorm room, her 34Ds with the thick nipples bouncing. She had been an enthusiastic fuck who he had introduced to anal sex and she had become enamored with it. They had graduated to light bondage and some kinkier aspects in their last month together before she had succumbed to the Greek guy and before Randy had really started to push her buttons. Nowadays he did not wait in his manipulations, he started them from the beginning. She was in her mid-40s, but she had taken care of herself as was obvious by her abs and ass. He would enjoy showing her some of almanbahis yeni giriş his new methods of enjoyment, but it was the daughters he was hoping to relish and ravish.


Hannah was silent all the way back to the rented house. The girls gave each other nervous looks of concern because, other than the aftermath of the divorce, their mom was usually bright and sunny and now she seemed sullen.

As she parked the car, she told them, “I need to see you both in the living room, we have to talk about Randy,” and she got out of the car and headed in.

Ellie looked to her older sister, “Did he say something to hurt her?”

The more worldly Mina shook her head, “Not the way they kissed when they departed, something else is up. Let’s find out what it is,” and they also exited and rushed inside.

The girls came in and stood by as their mother poured herself a glass of wine. Hannah stood at the bar and faced them across it as she began, “Don’t interrupt me, okay? I want to get all of this out at one time. Since you both were old enough to know about such things, we’ve never had any secrets. About life, about love, or about sex. When I was a freshman in college, Randy and I had a thing for about eight months.” She paused, laughed, and took a big gulp of the white. “Hell, who am I kidding, we fucked each other silly.”

Mina and Ellie looked at each other and exchanged glances that said, ‘We guessed that one right.’

“Randy was the first one who ever fucked my ass. Truth be told, he was the best fuck of my life, and it ain’t close.”

Ellie, couldn’t hold back her interruption, “What? Better than dad?”

Hannah looked at her, “Oh my sweet Ellie. Yes, much better than your dad. Your father was a good man and an excellent father but, in the bed, he was very boring and that’s the major reason we divorced as I told you when it happened. The sad thing is, since the divorce I haven’t had any sex that was worth a damn.”

“Why don’t you go fuck him?” the eldest daughter Mina asked.

Hannah took another large sip of the wine and came around the bar, “Well, I offered. And he said I could,” and both girls entreated her to go.

“There’s a catch.”

“What’s the catch?” the youngest, Ellie, this time.

“He’ll only fuck me if he gets to fuck both of you as well,” both girls were shocked, mouths open, as their mother continued, “Me tonight; you Mina, tomorrow afternoon; and you, Ellie tomorrow night. But only if we all three agree. It’s all of us or none of us. If you both say yes, then he said I could come back Sunday morning.”

Mina was the first to speak, “Hell yeah, I’ll go! He’s cute.”

“He’s also old enough to be your grandfather,” her mother chimed in.

Ellie was silent.

“And I should warn you, his dick is really big. Like huge, big,” Hannah added. “And he says he’s grown to like the, ah,” and she took another sip and looked off into nothing, “rougher aspects of fucking.”

Ellie was still silent, and Mina excitedly turned to her, “Com’on sis, I want to, mom needs to; I know you’re picky and all, but you still like sex. Loosen up and live a little.”

Ellie turned to her sister and started to answer, but no words came, and she ceased trying and sat on one of the bar stools.

Mina came to her and rubbed her back, “Just think sis, we can share an experience with mom, feel what she’s felt and wants to feel again. Some things in life, you grab them when you can. Give it a chance, but whatever you decide, I’ll still love you,” and she left for her room.

Hannah went to her youngest daughter, a beautiful 20-year-old woman that she was so proud of and took her hand in her own, “I’ll text Randy and call it all off if you’re uncomfortable with any of it. Don’t feel forced, but what Mina said is true, it’s a one-time deal. If you decide to pass on it then she’ll get over it,” and she paused for a second before adding, “and I will too.”

Ellie was steady, but obviously anxious as she responded to her mother, “It’s just that it’s so unexpected and out of nowhere. We were gonna have dinner. We run into him. I was so pumped and happy for you. And then this? Plus, you had to say something about how big he is, and that’s got me nervous. I’m not totally opposed to the idea. I just am not sure I’m ready yet to be as totally uninhibited as you and Mina.”

“Baby, I was just like you when he and I started. He was one of my teachers and my boyfriend in high school played football for him. I thought he was hot, but too scared to do anything. Like you I wasn’t opposed to the idea, I was inhibited. Then I went off to college. It was the first home college game and my roommate had gone home for the weekend. I spied him standing along the fence in the end zone before the game started and I went down to say hello.”

“Were you drunk?”

“Well, I’d had a few, so that had something to do with it. Anyway, we start talking and the fence gets crowded and then the game starts, so he lets me stand at the fence and he’s behind me and for some reason I tried to rub my ass back on him.” They both laughed. “Yeah, I know, I’m too short. I ended up rubbing the middle of my back on him. Anyway, he doesn’t react and I’m thinking ‘He’s not interested.'”

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