A Love Scene Ch. 03

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Got a complaint about not going all the way with the cunnilingus last time; this error has been corrected. Feedback appreciated 🙂


She should have seen it coming, really; not that she minded it at all. He had been working out, and was sore. She offered a massage, and he accepted, and now, here they were. It really wasn’t much of a jump from Sara massaging her lover’s chest to having her hand tightly gripping his rock-hard cock, slowly stroking him up and down, causing his to moan in pleasure as small beads of pre-cum rolled slowly down his shaft to cover her fingers.

At any rate, her job was accomplished; he was plenty relaxed. She smiled happily as he moaned, pleased that she please him so. She lowered her head slowly; his eyes were closed, and she doubted he was expecting this. His gasp and low moan proved her right as she closed her lips around his tip, tongue slowly, softly lapping at the liquid spilling from him, then swirling slowly around him. She moaned softly, send vibrations through him, her hand speeding up a little.

Her free hand lightly gripped his thigh, massaging gently as she began to suck, taking a little more of him in. She rubbed her tongue firmly against the small divide on the underside of his head. She moaned softly before pulling away, licking his gently before sitting up, repositioning herself between his legs. She tightened her grip, stroking a little faster, causing his stomach to tighten a little. She brought her free hand to his balls, lightly squeezing and massaging the soft flesh. He moaned a little louder, bringing a grin to her lips.

She looked down, watching more of the clear liquid seep from him, his hips beginning to shift with her stroking. She felt heat roll over her, and moaned softly, realizing that he wasn’t the only one leaking fluids. She took her hand from his testicles, slipping it between her legs, softly caressing her swollen lips. She gasped softly, and looked down once more to her lover’s cock, her breathing becoming heavy as she stroked both him and herself. ‘To hell with it,’ she thought to herself, and ceased her stroking, moving to straddle his hips. He knew what was coming, evidenced by the smile forming on his lips.

She lowered herself slowly, and moaned loudly as his tip separated her lips, then pressed inward, stroking and caressing her hot pussy. The two of them moaned together as their hips met, her dripping pussy taking in all of him. She leaned forward slowly, letting her ample tits press against his check, causing him to grin. His eyes were still closed, and she knew he was thoroughly not seeing what was happening to him. She kissed him softly, nibbling his lip, slowly lifting her hips. She moaned softly against his lips as she felt him leaving her, then again as she felt him in her once more. She began a slow, rhythmic thrust, causing them both to breathe heavily.

She buried her face in his neck, lifting illegal bahis and dropping her hips, both her and her pussy enjoying the motion. He slipped his tired arms around her, holding her close to him, moving his hips opposite hers. She swallowed softly, lightly biting his shoulder as she began to lose herself to the motions. They moaned in time together, each one seeming louder than the last; she spared a brief thought for their neighbors, but it wasn’t like they had never done the same. As her pleasure increased, something gave inside her, and she let herself go, thrusting against him as fast as her burning legs would allow.

The sudden increase in speed left them both gasping, one of his hands slipping down to tightly grope her ass. His other hand moved down, and he helped her thrust. She grinned despite her loss of control, enjoying everything; the pressure and rubbing in her pussy, his hands on her round ass, the sound of their bodies colliding; she could feel the liquid between them splash a little, and she it wouldn’t much before she lost it, hopefully not for the only time tonight.

Images flashed in her mind of her hips bouncing up and down, his cock disappearing on every down-thrust, and it only increased the greatness of the moment. She cried out softly, her hips thrusting as fast as possible as she felt the first waves of collapse hit her. She bit her lip, her body tensing as she slammed herself against him. She cried out loudly, desperately as she crashed, her body writhing uncontrollably against his, her pussy tightly gripping his cock. She felt a gush of fluid flow from her, and moaned slowly as she felt liquid begin to pour from her, her mind watching it cover and soak his balls.

She collapsed against him, panting softly, sweat covering both their bodies as she slowly caught her breath. No words were shared; none needed to be. This was fucking at its finest, she thought to herself, and knew it was true. They weren’t making love, they weren’t having sex; they were fucking, and she loved it. She kissed him sloppily, thrusting her tongue past his lips, moaning softly as she removed his cock from her highly-sensitive pussy.

Her kisses moved to his chest, her tongue dragging slowly along his flesh, taking in his sweat, his taste; he moaned softly, his eyes still closed, his muscles twitching wherever her lips touched, or her tongue licked. She lapped lightly at the sweat gathered on his lower abdomen, then resumed her original position between his legs, shifting her attention to his still-erecting, glistening member, still drench in her juices. She lowered her head slowly, and licked his tip, sampling the taste. She moaned softly, the eroticism of tasting the fruits of her own pleasure hitting her; the taste was pleasant as well, and she thought she could grow to like it.

Her mind shifted back to the thick rod before her, and she thought briefly about how to approach this. Deciding on a course, she lightly illegal bahis siteleri kissed his head, and then ran the tip of her tongue slowly along the thick vein on the underside, tasting herself on him all the way. She slipped a hand to his falls, and realized just how much she had come; his testicles, and the bed beneath them, were soaked, her scent heavy in her nostrils as she breathed.

She moaned softly, involuntarily, as she massaged him, slowly running her tongue back up his shaft. She closed her lips around his head and sucked softly, moaning gently with the taste and feel. She ran her tongue around him, slowly pressing her head down, taking more and more of him in. She gave his balls a little squeeze as she took in over half his cock, before needing to draw back, her tongue still tasting and licking him.

She began to suck him a little harder, bringing her free hand to his shaft, gripping him and stroking him, faster than before; she wanted him to come, wanted to taste it, to feel it. Her hand glided smoothly over his still-moist cock, her hands and mouth working in unison to bring him ever-closer to climax. She breathed heavily, hearing him gasp softly as she sucked and stroked, his hips beginning to arch up a little.

She moaned softly as she felt his balls begin to press against his shaft, her heart beating hard in anticipation. He groaned, and she felt him release, his muscles contracting rhythmically. She felt his cock throb in her hand and between her lips, and she sucked hard one last time. She moaned long and low as he came, his hot liquid shooting hard into her mouth, and down the back of her throat. She swallowed lightly as her mouth filled, and pulled away gasping for breath. Apparently, he wasn’t finished; another thick gout of cum shot from him, hitting her square in the chest. She gasped softly, and looked down, watching his hot, sticky cum dripping slowly down her tits, covering her erect nipples.

She found it quite arousing, and felt her fires light once more. His last few loads erupted weakly, rolling down his cock, his liquid covering her hand. She brought her hand to her lips, licking lightly, savoring the flavor as she swallowed it and licking her hand clean. He finally opened his eyes, and looked to her once they focus. She glanced briefly to them, then to her sticky tits, then back to his eyes. She knew the fire that was there, knew it was the same that she felt in her aching pussy, and also knew it was inspired by the mess covering her tits.

She looked down at herself once more before smirking softly, looking back at him devilishly. She brought her hands to her tits, massaging and groping them slowly, letting her hand smear the wet semen, moaning at the feel of it on her hands. Her look to him said all she needed to say, and he slowly began to rise, sitting up in the bed and watching the motions of her hands.

His movements were quick and sudden; she’s barely had time to register canlı bahis siteleri that they’d moved before she realized she was on the floor, staring at the ceiling, her hands still absently playing with her tits. She discovered his plans as she something soft and wet run along her soaked and throbbing slit, causing a soft whimper to escape her lips. She arched her back slightly, pressing herself against his tongue, a movement he obliged by letting his tongue slipped inside her. She moaned softly, opening her dancer’s legs wide for him, letting him do whatever he pleased to her.

She groped her tits, still feeling his slowly-drying semen between her fingers, and moaned; a moan that became sharply louder as his tongue caressed her clit. She took a deep breath as electricity shot through her, her hips pressing wantonly against his wonderful mouth. He surprised her as he managed to softly suck her sopping lips; a pleasant surprised causing her to gasp lightly, her body twitching slightly. She moaned softly as his lips closed around her clit, and once again as he sucked, her legs beginning to quiver as electricity continued to run through her.

She moaned softly, giggling a little as she felt something enter her; probably a finger or two, she guessed from the feel. They thrust in slowly, then drew back out, and began a moderate pace, his tongue beginning to flick rapidly against her clit as he sucked, a move that caused her back to arch of its own accord, pressing her pussy hard against his movements. She could tell another climax was approaching, and quickly, the moist, pink flesh inside of her beginning to quiver with delight at his manipulations. He turned his fingers inside of her, and then curled them upward, pressing them against to top of her opening; she gasped hard, her eyes going wide, and she discovered why he had done so.

She had only managed to find this particular place a couple of times, but he seemed to know exactly where it was; she’d have to ask him how, for whenever he wasn’t around. Back to the task at hand, she writhed on the floor, feeling those familiar waves of pleasure coursing through her. He quickly rubbed his fingers against the spot, his mouth sucking harder, his tongue somehow moving faster, and she knew she couldn’t hold out any more. She pressed herself hard against the floor, and then arched mightily, crying out in primal ecstasy as she came a second time.

Another wave of fluids, understandably less than the first, escaped her, covering his probing fingers. She collapsed, thoroughly tapped of energy, the final waves of pleasure rolling through her before disappearing. She moaned and whimpered weakly as he licked at her pussy, lapping lightly at the liquids presented. Slowly he crawled before lying beside her, offering his covered hand, which she happily accepted. She licked slowly, lightly, until it was all gone, his hand clean before she turned to him, pressing herself against his warm body. The two sighed softly in content, slowly falling asleep in each other’s arms on the floor, each worn out and sweat-covered.

Her final thoughts of what things she would like to do to him, to do for him next time, and slept with a smile on her lips.

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