A Lesbian Love Story- of Sorts

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L-o-v-e. Just four tiny letters.

Love. Just one simple word.

Love. No two people would create the same definition.

Love. So many different kinds; so many different emotions. I love my mother; I love my decaf mochas; I love my teddy bear from when I was three; I love the Big Bang Theory; I love to read; I love teaching; I love wearing stockings; I love sex. Yet had I ever felt true love? I don’t know. I definitely thought I was in love on a few occasions, but that faded away over time.

I love you. Three simple words. I have said them before; I have had them said to me; were they meant sincerely? I like to think so. Were they actually true deep down in their heart? Maybe.

This is a love story. This is my love story. Is it a traditional love story? No. It is a complex, layered and sexually filled story. Will you think it is a true love story? That is up to you, as each defines love as they see it. So don’t judge my view of love. It is messy, complicated, addictive and, yet I think, pure.

It wasn’t until I was 26 and my best friend for many years announced she was engaged and getting married that I realized I was in love; pure, unconditional love. A love that overwhelms you. It is intoxicating; bewildering; overwhelming; haunting. This is the story of how I found such a love.

For me, love equals Gwen.


Gwen and I were best friends since grade 10. We had almost every class together and graduated together. We both lost our virginity at our grade 12 prom, on a double dare that had become a tradition between us. We would both dare each other to do the same thing. In grade 10 it was to walk up and kiss a nerd; by grade 12 we were daring each other to flash old men, go without underwear during a cheerleading practice, and lastly daring each other to give up our cherries to our respective boyfriends at prom, both of us having turned 18 the month before.

In college the dares got crazier, each one created by me. Gwen was psychologically shy, yet when a dare was given the shy facade always seemed to fade away as she also hated to lose.

Anyway I digress; we both got our teaching degrees at the same college. Luckily for us, we also got jobs at the same school; me teaching kindergarten and Gwen teaching grade 3. Over the next few years I dated a couple men before strictly dating women. Unfortunately, I had been through a string of women. I broke up with women for many trivial reasons: she had an annoying laugh; she was too high maintenance; she was too low maintenance; her family was crazy; she wasn’t intelligent enough for me; she was too intelligent for me; she wasn’t good enough in bed; etc… What I realized after the fact is they actually all had the same problem…they were not Gwen. Gwen, on the other hand, dated a couple guys briefly before falling hard for a decent guy named Rob.

Anyways, life went on and had been very normal, until she announced she was getting married. It shouldn’t have been a big deal as they had lived together for two years already and nothing had really changed in our relationship. We still had our weekly girls’ night, our occasional dares, our daily phone calls and our constant text messages. Yet, when she gave me the news, something triggered deep inside me. I had this empty feeling and then it was replaced by this overwhelming fear and then it was replaced by something I can’t explain. A light bulb went on. It didn’t flicker, it shined bright. I was in love with Gwen. Not as a friend, not as a sibling; no, I loved her in an ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’ love.

That night I went to bed alone thinking of the few times we experimented with each other. It started with drunken kissing a few times to tease the boys at the pub, then one time for the boys when I fingered her, on a drunken dare of mine, for their entertainment; on a few occasions we masturbated side by side as we watched some porn and then eventually helped each other reach orgasmic bliss once…just once. I remember how gentle she was and how she found my g-spot, something very few had ever been able to do. In retrospect, that night was so tender, so gentle, and so perfect. Unfortunately, we never were intimate again, nor had we ever talked about that one special night.

Then I reflected on our friendship. I was the outgoing one, while she was more reserved. I was sarcastic funny, while she was quirky funny. I was always the one making the plans, while Gwen simply went along with it. I was confrontational, while she avoided it at all costs.

The more I considered Gwen and me, the more revelations exploded inside my head. She always let me decide what we did when we went out; she never disagreed with me, even when she clearly didn’t agree with me; she always listened to my advice on fashion, make-up, etc.; she began wearing stockings after I suggested that they were sexy (now she always wears them).

As I considered our brief intimate encounters another eye-opener emerged. I was always the initiator, while she was always güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the follower. When we first masturbated each other it was me who suggested she let me help her out. It was all coming together. The puzzle pieces didn’t all fit yet, but the picture was beginning to come into focus. Gwen was submissive. I had been with a few submissive women in my past and knew how to manipulate them. If Gwen was submissive, which I was pretty sure she was, I could seduce her.

I should note that I am a very attractive woman. I am 5 foot 6, hypnotic hazel eyes, long red flowing hair, small but firm breasts, a perfect tan, an intoxicating smile, a tight ass and luscious legs. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but men and women have been checking me out since I was a teenager.

Gwen is also pretty, but in a much more wholesome way. She is more the girl next door type. She is a brunette, with unique crystal blue eyes, large breasts which she often hides behind sweaters, a slightly chunky ass, lips to die for, cute dimples and a smile that sparkles.

Anyways, I fell asleep pondering…did she love me too? Would she have done more with me if I had made a move?

A few things became crystal clear:

1. I loved Gwen.

2. I had to stop the wedding.

3. I had to seduce Gwen.

I barely slept as I considered by seduction plan.


The next couple of weeks it was simple things. I started hugging her when we saw each other and complimented her every chance I got. The compliments during this time were simple, flattering compliments, things a man would never say. “Oh you painted your nails a new shade of red” or “Those shoes really help showcase your legs,” or “Is that a new lipstick? It really makes your lips come to life.” Each compliment seemed to perk up Gwen.

Then we went bridesmaid dress shopping.

“So what color are you thinking the bridesmaids should wear?” I asked as we arrived at the store.

“I don’t know I was thinking green.”

“I look amazing in green,” I said flirtingly.

“I know it’s your favourite color,” she responded.

I coyly ask her, “But do I look hot in green?”

She blushed, ever so slightly, as she said with a slight laugh, “Yes, you look hot in green Julia.”

I smiled and gave her a big hug. I then whispered in her ear, “You look hot in everything you wear.” I then kissed her cheek, something I had started a couple of weeks ago, and we started looking at dresses.

I pointed out a couple nice ones and then headed to try on a nice dark green one that was sexy, yet still wedding appropriate. When I came out to show it off a pretty saleswoman, who looked to be in her early twenties, give or take, was there to assist us. Her name tag said Emma. I looked in the mirror and asked, “How do I look?”

Gwen said, “It looks really good on you.”

“You think?” I asked. Taking a long look in the mirror I then said, “This would definitely need stockings.”

Gwen agreed, “Yes, either black or dark beige.”

I looked at Emma and said, “Do you sell stockings here?”

“Yes,” Emma responded.

I smiled at her, my sexy flirting smile, “Not pantyhose, but thigh high stockings.”

Emma smiled back at me with a similar flirting smile, “Yes ma’am. That is all I wear as well. I would recommend French Coffee.”

It was my turn to be impressed. “I have never heard of French Coffee as a colour.”

Emma smiled and said, “Do you like the colour I am wearing?”

“They are very fetching, but they are suntan are they not?” I said.

“Very good. Well French coffee is a darker shade, one that would be perfect with that shade of green. They are a 50s style vintage stocking.”

“Can you get me a pair?” I asked.

“Yes ma’am,” she responded.

“It’s Julia,” I said.

“I will get you a pair,” she paused smiling coyly at me, “Julia.”

As she walked away, I watched her waiting for the look back; as expected, it came with a sly smile. I looked at Gwen and said, “What do you think Gwen? Think I can seduce her?”

Gwen looked at me with a look I could not read. “Well few have ever been able to resist the Julia charm.” It should be noted that Gwen has seen me seduce many men and women throughout the years.

“You did,” I paused, “Well mostly.”

Gwen blushed, but before I could continue cute little Emma returned. The brunette handed me a package. Instead of going back to change in the dressing room, I simply opened the package and decided to put them on in front of the two girls I was trying to seduce.

I slid off my three inch pumps and slowly slid a stocking on my tanned legs. I made sure to make eye contact with Emma as I put on the first stocking. As I put on my second stocking I looked eye to eye with Gwen who watched before looking away when she realized I saw her watching. I then looked in the mirror. Pretty Emma was right. The stockings really showcased both my legs and the dress. My long red hair also was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri showcased by the dress. I never looked better. I looked at Emma and said, “Good call, how do I look?”

“You look radiant ma’am, I mean Julia.” She said overly friendly.

“Radiant. That is very flattering. Can you bring me a pair of matching heels for this dress?”

“Sure,” she said, “A size 6 I assume.”

“You are very good at your job Emma, a size six indeed.”

Emma walked away, her ass swaying perfectly in her tight black skirt.

I winked at Gwen as I quickly pulled off my panties and tossed them to Gwen. She was startled, but only briefly, as she quickly put them in her purse.

Emma came back with two shoe boxes and knelt beside me. I lifted my foot up, legs open enough to showcase my shaved pussy, as Emma slid on the matching green pump, slowly caressing the back of my ankle and calf as she did so. She was a seductress too. Even so, her face gave a startled look as she saw my uncovered cunt. She lingered longer than propriety would allow, before reaching down for the second shoe. As she put the second heel on, she again took a lingering look at my delicious pussy. As she was hypnotically seduced by my appetizing delicacy, I said, “Like what you see?”

She broke her stare and stood up embarrassed and tried to change the topic. “Um, those shoes really work for this outfit ma’am.”

I smiled at her and said, “It is Julia dear. Plus you didn’t answer my question.” I then moved close to her and whispered, “Did you like what you saw.”

Her face was red, yet she caught on to the game quickly as she recovered, “Very much so.”

“I thought you would,” I said and turned to look in the mirror while I winked at Gwen who shook her head. “Emma these are good, but not amazing. What else do you have for me?”

She reached for the other box as I sat back down and lifted up my leg, angled so this time Gwen could take a peak as well. Emma slid off my shoe and replaced it with a sexier pump with a strap that wrapped around my ankle. Emma took her time putting my shoe on; her gaze rarely leaving mine. When both shoes were on, I checked the mirror and knew instantly this was perfect. I did a twirl and said, “So Emma, how do I look?”

Emma walked over to me and said, “Ravishing.”

I smiled back, “Thanks Emma. Gwen I think this is the dress and these are definitely the shoes. You think?”

Gwen, who was gawking at me quite frankly, responded awkwardly, “Yes, yes, they are perfect.”

I turned to Emma, “We will buy it all Emma. Can you help me get the dress off please,” I asked as I went into the changing room.

Emma looked back to see if anyone was coming before following me into the room.

As soon as the door was closed, I pushed her against the wall and kissed her passionately. She kissed back with a similar intensity. I broke the kiss eventually and she helped me out of the dress. I kept on the nylons and fingered my pussy quickly before putting my finger at Emma’s lips. She obediently opened her lips and savoured my love juice. I then got dressed and said, “Emma, I will be at Le Chateau Club next Saturday, I expect you will be there.”

She looked embarrassed as she whispered, “I can’t.”

“Why?” I asked with a seductive pout, “You don’t find me attractive?”

“No, I find you incredibly intoxicating. It is just,” she paused for a long time, “I am only 20.”

“Really? You look over 21,” I said genuinely surprised.

Her face glowed with pride as she said, “Thanks, I turn 21 in a couple of months.”

“Well,” I said, “Do you want to see me again?”

“Desperately,” she said eagerly.

“Well then meet at Le Chateau Club at 9:30 next Saturday. I know everyone there, if you come with me they will let you in.”

“Really,” she said like a little school girl, “I have wanted to go there forever.”

“Well consider me your Fairy Godmother, but a lot younger, hotter and someone you want to fuck.”

She laughed and said, “I will be there; what should I wear?”

“It is a high scale lesbian bar, so dress classy, yet sexy. Your outfit should showcase your assets and have the other woman drooling to please you, but should also be made so others can easily access your…,” I paused for effect, “fun parts.”

She said, “I have a few ideas.”

“You understand,” I cautioned, “That you are must obey all my commands when at the club.”

She looked slightly surprised, but quickly regained her composure, “Well that goes without saying.”

I smiled, “You are a little deviant, aren’t you?”

She moved in, her hand on my ass, “In more ways than one.” She moved to my ear and whispered, her hot breath on my neck, my weak spot by the way, “What about your friend?”

I responded, “She’s straight, or at least she thinks she is.”

As my hand slid under her skirt, just teasing her pussy through her panties, she moaned into my ear, “She’s a dyke, even if she doesn’t know it yet.”

She nibbled my ear, my knees giving just güvenilir bahis şirketleri a hair, giving away my weakness, as I responded, “That’s my hope.”

I kissed her again one more time and opened the door. I went to Gwen and said, “Can I have my panties back?”

Gwen sheepishly opened her purse and handed them to me.

I gave them to Emma and said, “A gift for my little slave.”

She smirked, looked around, slid off her panties and tossed them to me, “I can’t take a gift without giving one back.”

I grabbed them, handed her my phone and said, “Type in your number in case something comes up.”

She grabbed the phone, expertly typed in her pertinent information and handed me back the phone.

I took it back, paid for my outfit, using her generous 25% discount, and Gwen and I headed out. We headed over to Annie’s house for our once a month Bridge night where I purposely avoided Gwen as much as possible, trying to play a little aloof. Although I did tell the girls about the new girl I met and how she would be a good little plaything for a while. The girls called me a lesbian slut and I shrugged my shoulders and agreed.


The school week went on with little fanfare as it was report card week, so both Gwen and I were bombarded with work. Writing down comments for 60 kids in every category of learning is exhausting and brain-numbing. So on Friday, Gwen and I went out for drinks, to celebrate another ending of report card reporting; Rob was out of town as was often the case. After a couple drinks we left, Gwen saying she was exhausted and needed some sleep. I laughed and said it was only 7, but I too was pretty tired.

As we got in the car I said, “Can we make one more stop?”

Gwen responded, “Sure, where else do you need to go?”

“The adult shop on 8th. I need a new toy or two for tomorrow night,” I said rather matter-of-factly.

“Oh,” Gwen said surprised and seemingly a bit crestfallen.

“Plus, you being an old married hen pretty soon, we should get you some special toys for yourself. Rob is out of town a lot.”

“I –I –I have a toy.”

“I know, the same small, thin vibe you had in college isn’t it?”

“Maybe,” she said ever so slightly defiant.

“It is isn’t it?” I said while laughing, “I was just kidding.”

She responded all defensive, “I don’t need it, Rob is all I need.”

“Really, Rob is gone for weeks at a time, how do you survive? If I don’t get off every day or two I am a complete mess.”

“Every day or two?” Gwen asked astonished.

“Usually every day, sometimes more than once, if I am being honest,” I said honestly.

“Huh,” Gwen said contemplating, her mine seeming to go elsewhere.

“It’s settled girlfriend, we are getting you some new play things.” We drove in silence for the last couple minutes of the drive.

We entered the store and I went directly to the toys. Now I have a decent collection of adult accessories already, but I decided this was a great opportunity to up the ante on my seduction of my best friend.

The first thing I did was grab a pair of handcuffs. “Ever been handcuffed?”

Gwen shook her head no.

“Well you really should try it. It is exhilarating when you are totally at the whim of someone else. It is, even better, to be the one handcuffing someone else. Suddenly you have all the power. These ones even glow in the dark, that would be pretty handy don’t you think?” She didn’t answer as I tossed a pair into a basket and said, “One can never have too many pairs.” I then walked over to the vibrators. I grabbed a 7 inch black one and tossed it to Gwen. “Is Rob this big?”

Gwen blushed and looked at the toy as if it was an alien object.

“Twice as big as the one you have now.” I then grabbed a 5 inch pink one with five speeds and said, “This may be more to your liking.” I then took the black one and tossed it in the basket.

Gwen looked at the toy as I moved to a double ended dildo, something I didn’t actually have. I looked at them as a saleslady, a woman in her late 40s, black hair, clearly dyed, and hazel eyes, walked over. I asked her, “Any advice on what kind of double ended dildo one should buy?”

Gwen dropped the toy when she realized someone else saw her with it.

The woman, clearly not fazed by such a question, answered, in a clearly British accent, “Well it depends on what you want. Our most popular, for women of experience, is our 7 inch long and a solid one inch thick double dong.” She reached up to an upper shelf, where I got a good look at her still firm ass. She handed it to me still in its packaging.

“Have you ever used one yourself?” I asked teasingly.

She smiled and said, “Long ago in my college days.”

“Was it effective?”

“Oh it did the trick.”

Gwen just watched the sexual verbal exchanges, not saying a word, yet seemingly hanging on every syllable.

I looked at it and burst out laughing. “Gwen it’s called the Pretty in Pink Double Dong. That is hilarious. Seriously, it even has two different John Hughes references.”

Gwen looked at me confused.

“Well the Pretty in Pink reference is obvious, but remember in 16 Candles that Chinese exchange student is named Dong,” I explained. I then continued, “I have to get this.” I placed it in the basket which was already half full.

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