A Glorious Hole

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Jeff had been on the road for 5 hours, only stopping once for gas. It was a 9 hour drive from where he was staying to get back home. He’d been traveling for business and this time it was just easier to drive. He didn’t mind driving long distances – for the most part the time alone to think was welcomed. And he got to avoid all the crap that comes with air travel – being on someone else’s schedule, the security headaches, and mostly the crowds.

He was out in the middle of nowhere, on the interstate hours away from larger cities. Traffic was relatively light. You get to the point where you notice everything. The countryside, buildings, and even the ads on the billboards. Usually these are restaurant, hotel, and truck stop ads, with an occasional tourist trap ad thrown in. But what caught his eye was the adult book store ad.

He’d been to stores like that in the past, back when he was in college. They were usually in the seedier parts of larger cities, or near universities. Before the age of the internet it was the only place you could get x-rated videos, or rent them. And most had video booths where you could go and jack off, if that was your thing. Jeff had done that before too.

He remembered going to one store when he was visiting a college town. It had a couple of rows of video booths. He was with friends, and they noticed the store while walking around, deciding to go in and check it out. One of them talked everyone into trying the video booths, and they all did. This was the first time that Jeff had ever noticed holes in the wall of one. He hadn’t noticed it until he had been watching the video for a few minutes and his eyes had accustomed to the darkness.

Jeff had heard a noise, and turned to see an eye looking at him through a hole in the wall. The eye disappeared, and a couple of fingers came through the hole, moving around, then they pulled back. It freaked Jeff out. He walked out of the booth and the store.

Since that time, he had read about and seen videos of the “glory hole” experience. At first the idea of some guy (and it was usually a guy) giving you head with your dick put through a hole in a wall didn’t appeal to him. Not in the least.

Years later, he was traveling and stopped at a sort of outdoor drive-in video theater. At this one, which was built on an old drive-in theater, there were about 10 garages on the lot. The garages were only deep enough that half your car would fit in. You pulled into one, rolled down your window, and fed money to a control box, without getting out of your car. Then there was a television monitor in the front that showed the movies.

He had pulled into one, and was wacking away, when all of a sudden, there was a knock at his passenger window. He almost had a heart attack. It was a young guy, clean cut and dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. He came right out and asked “Would you like a blow job?”

Jeff was almost ready to tell him to get the fuck out of there, but something restrained him from doing so. He was definitely straight – a bona fide heterosexual. He sat there for a while, then nodded his head, and unlocked his door. The guy got in, saying “Thanks.” He looked at Jeff’s cock. “That’s a nice dick. I bet it tastes good. Can I?”

Jeff moved his hand away and nodded again. He couldn’t bring himself to actually talk to this stranger in his car. Somehow, the guy leaned over the console, and lowered his head to Jeff’s cock. Jeff wasn’t quite sure how this was going to go, but when he felt the young man’s lips take him in, he quit worrying about it.

Jeff felt the guy’s tongue moving around the tip of his dick. It felt great. Then the guy started moving his head up and down, taking nearly Jeff’s entire length into his mouth. The tongue play continued. This was the best head Jeff had ever had. Probably due to the novelty of the situation, and the excellent oral skills of his passenger, it didn’t take long for Jeff to get close. He said “Uh, I’m going to cum soon.” The guy intensified his efforts, and Jeff let go. A huge orgasm. And he just kept on spurting all that he had.

The guy slowed, seeming to know about the post-orgasmic sensitivity, then pulled off. He sat up, and wiped his chin with his hand. Jeff looked down, expecting there to be a mess with semen everywhere on his pants, but not a drop could be found. They guy had taken it all. It was amazing. He turned to the guy. All he could thing to say was “Thanks.”

“No, thank you” was his reply. Then he opened the door and left without another word. After a few minutes, Jeff came back to his senses. He packed his now soft dick back into his underwear and pants and zipped up. He rolled up his window, turned on the car, and backed out of the garage. Jeff looked around. There were no other cars at the theater, and he couldn’t see the guy anywhere. He left quickly.

These were the days when AIDS was something new. But he did have a basic understanding of the disease. To be sure, he illegal bahis went to the library the next day and read everything he could about the risk of getting HIV when receiving a blow job. His reading indicated that unless he had sores on his penis, there was virtually no risk. He was relieved.

That had been his only homosexual experience. He had since married and had children. But his sex life had slowly dried up with time. And the abundance of virtually any kind of pornography one could want on the internet provided for his masturbation fantasies.

Jeff’s mind came back to the present. He saw another billboard that indicated he should take the next exit for the store. He changed lanes and exited the freeway. He didn’t see the store right away, but soon it appeared to the right along the access road. He pulled into the fairly large gravel parking area. There was a semi-trailer on one side, and 4 cars parked next to the building. He pulled up to the building and parked.

He looked at himself in the mirror as sort of a reality check. Then he opened the car door and walked into the store. It was not small, but not huge. He scanned the store to get his bearings. To the left was the checkout counter, running the entire side of the store. A old lady was sitting behind the counter reading a magazine. She glanced up at him, smiled, then returned to her reading. There were rows of videos in the middle. Magazines were on the back wall A huge display of dildos and other sex toys were on the front wall.

On the right side, there was a doorway in the middle, with a huge sign over it saying ‘video booths’ in huge letters. Jeff wondered how these places even stayed open. He thought ‘With the internet, who needed to get out to a video arcade anymore?’ But he reasoned that maybe out here in “Hicksville” it was the only way. Maybe no one out here knew about the internet. And there was always the truckers. He headed that way.

When stepped through the doorway, there was a dark hall that went right and left. Along it were many other doors, obviously the booths. Most were cracked open, but a few were shut. He could hear the typical sounds of porn videos, mostly women moaning. He was glad there was no one standing in the hallway. He made his way down the hall, found an empty stall, and walked in. When he pulled the door behind him, it made a fairly loud thud. He quickly locked the door.

The room was only dimly lit by a display with instructions for use on a monitor on the far wall. He read the instructions, then pulled his wallet out and placed a five dollar bill into the machine. Immediately a video started. The volume was incredibly loud. He quickly looked for the volume control and turned it down to a barely audible level. “Fuckers! Who the hell has it that loud?”

A gay video was playing. He punched the channel select button and paged through the various movies that were playing. He found one where a couple of girls were servicing a man. That would do. He undid his jeans, and pulled out his cock, starting to jack off to the video. He was already hard.

Just then, he heard the door in the next booth being pulled shut, and then the auditory click of it being locked. That was followed by the sound of money going through the bill reader. He heard the videos begin to play, and was about to return to his business at hand when he noticed the hole in the wall. “Damn it” he thought. He hadn’t even noticed it. He quickly looked at the other wall, but it had no hole. He could see some light moving around through the hole, but nothing else. No one was looking through at him.

He was about to move to a different booth when he heard some moaning. It was a lower tone than what was the usual background from the videos. Curiosity got the better of him, and he kneeled down to take a look. In the next booth was a guy jacking off. His pants were around his ankles, and he was stroking a cock bigger than Jeff’s while concentrating on the screen. Jeff couldn’t take his eyes off the way he moved his hand up and down his dick.

Then the guy turned and stared right at Jeff. Jeff pulled back as quick as possible. ‘Had he been seen’ he wondered. He had to know. After about a minute, he leaned back forward and peered through. The guy was still looking at the hole, only this time he had turned his body towards it. The guy smiled, and stopped jacking off. He aimed his dick at the hole, as if gesturing ‘do you want some.’

Jeff again retreated from the whole. This was too much to deal with. He was about to leave the booth when he saw the cock being pressed through the glory hole. He looked at it and found that he couldn’t take his eyes off of it. It was hard, circumcised, and, well, clean looking. It occasionally jerked in an upward motion.

Something in the back of Jeff’s mind began to work it’s way into consciousness. He recalled the blow job he had gotten many years before, and how the guy seemed to enjoy it more than he had. Still illegal bahis siteleri kneeling, he bent back forward to get a better look. He couldn’t detect any off odors. The cock was dry – they guy hadn’t spit or used any other lubricant. Jeff began to wonder. ‘I wonder what it tastes like’ he thought. Then, as if driven by someone or something else, he licked the tip, right across the pee-hole.

It didn’t taste like anything, as far as Jeff could tell. He took another lick, then dragged his tongue along the entire shaft along the side. Again, no particular taste. ‘Just sort of, well, fresh’ he thought. He continued to lick along the sides, top, and around the tip. He could hear the guy next door softly moaning, and the cock continued to jerk upward every so often. “Oh yea, suck it.” He heard.

‘Was it the guy next door, or was that his own brain’ Jeff thought. But only briefly. He took the cock’s head into his mouth and held it there. He didn’t know what to expect. He moved his tongue against the tip, trying to detect any taste. There was nothing. He did hear the guy moan again when he had used his tongue.

Jeff began to swirl his tongue around the cock head. He tried to remember what he liked when he received blow jobs, and tried to do the same thing. He gently applied a little suction, then moved slowly down the shaft, taking him into his mouth. He was about halfway down the cock when the tip pressed against the back of his mouth. Jeff then pulled back up and off. He flicked his tongue across the tip a few times.

He paused for a minute. ‘That’s a good looking cock’ he thought. He had always thought that the male genitalia was much more attractive than the females. Not to the point of being attracted to them, just as a matter of opinion that they simply looked better. Nature was that way. For example, it’s the male birds that are brightly colored. All throughout nature, it’s the males that have to attract the females. Only in humans does it seem to be the other way around.

He took the cock back into his mouth and went up and down several times, concentrating on servicing the tip with his tongue when possible. He thought he try to deep throat it. On his next downward motion, he went further, pressing the head into the back of his mouth. It didn’t want to go further, seeming to press against the back wall, and he found he couldn’t breath. That caused him to panic a bit, which led to his gag response kicking in. He pulled back a bit and worked through it.

Jeff took his mouth off and tried to regroup. He noticed a mild upward curve to the extremely had cock. ‘That’s sort of working against me’ he thought. ‘And I need to make sure I take a good breath before.’ He adjusted his position so he was working from the side more, then again sucked the cock head into his mouth. This time, he gently grabbed the base to help direct things. He went about half way down. Jeff took a few deep breaths, relaxed, then pushed his head further down. This time, the cock slid into the back of his mouth and made the turn downward. He didn’t gag, and wasn’t struggling for his breath. While it was there, he did a few quick and short back and forth motions, and then retreated back up.

Jeff repeated these motions over and over again. The twitching of the cock seemed to be happening more frequently, and he heard louder moans. He decided to relax a bit and give his throat a rest. He bobbed up and down, and used his tongue as much as possible. He still had the base in his grasp, but decided to not stroke his cock with his hand. He had always kind of preferred it when gals didn’t add the hand job mechanics to giving head.

Jeff was getting into a rhythm when he hear a tapping on the wall. ‘What was that?’ the thought. He didn’t see anything, and as far as he could tell, there was not effort to pull the cock back from the hole In fact, if anything, he felt it pushing forward a bit in coordination with his own motions. Then he felt the cock give a good twitch, and his mouth flooded with semen. He hadn’t thought about this part of it; hadn’t prepared for it. He knew if he pulled off, ejaculate would be sprayed everywhere, most likely on his clothes. So he kept his mouth on the cock and took the cum in. It was gooey and had a slightly off taste. Not disgusting as he had been led to believe by so many girls in the past.

The twitching stopped and Jeff noticed no more cum being pumped into his mouth. He stopped his movements. After a few seconds, the cock began to pull back from his mouth and the hole in the wall. He released his grasp, and let it go. The dick finally pulled out past his lips and was gone. He sat there with a mouth full of cum. Jeff swirled it around, and tried to figure out what it tasted like. He couldn’t place it. After a while, he just swallowed it down. He heard the lock to the next booth unlatch, and the door open.

He decided to wait there for a while. Give the guy a chance to leave. He guessed a canlı bahis siteleri lot of the attraction of what just happened was the anonymity of it. Only now did he noticed how hard his own dick was. He guessed he had gotten off a bit from giving the blow job. There was some satisfaction of being able to bring the guy to an orgasm.

He thought he heard voices from the hallway, and was about to stand up and finish his own job when he heard the door to the next booth pull shut again, followed by the sound of the lock being latched. He was thinking it would be a great time to exit when another cock pushed through the hole in the wall.

It then occurred to him that last guy had told this guy about his own experience. He thought ‘Hell, I guess I might tell someone else they could get a blow job.’ There was even a bit of pride in it he guessed. Sort of like someone bragging about you. Not that he particularly wanted to be known for it. But he knew he was not known here, and wouldn’t be labeled a cocksucker after he left to continue his trip.

He glanced down at the cock. This dick wasn’t as hard as the other one was, at least not yet. It was also circumcised. Jeff was glad about that. The cock was also dark brown. It was not as long as the other one, but possibly a bit thicker. Not much though. He reached for it and grasped the shaft gently. He lifted it up to take a good look. Jeff was already thinking about having seconds. He saw no lesions or sores. He gave the cock a slight squeeze and pulled up with his hand, but saw nothing exuded from the tip.

Jeff began to slowly but purposefully move his hand back and forth. He wanted to get the cock a bit stiffer before proceeding. After a short while, the cock began to firm up. There was not much increase in the length, but it did get a little thicker. Still, not so thick that he’d have any trouble with it.

He leaned forward and licked the tip. It was slightly salty. He continued to flick his tongue on the tip, then around the head. Soft moans were heard from behind the wall. Just like last time, he ran his tongue up and down the shaft, then returned his attentions to the head. When he felt that he had done enough of that, he pulled back a bit. There was a drop of clear mucus at the pee-hole. ‘Pre-cum’ he thought. He licked at it and noticed the salty taste again.

He took the cock into his mouth and began to move up and down. Then he positioned himself to the side and repeated his deep throat activity, just like before. By now, the guy was attempting to thrust through the wall, but it kept him from moving very much. Each time Jeff took the cock into his throat, he heard the guy moan some more. There was not talking.

Jeff felt it was time to go for it, and gave up on deep throating, although he had experienced some pleasure in being able to perform it. He picked up the pace of his head bobbing up and down the shaft. The guy continued to moan and try to thrust. The cock started to twitch. Jeff again heard the tapping on the wall, but this time knew what it was for. He pulled back so he was only going up and down over the head, and felt the gooey cum squirt into his mouth.

Jeff sort of liked the consistency. This time there was a slight sweet taste. He guessed that there most be some variation in flavors. He’d have to look into that and made a mental note. Jeff continued until no more sperm was being pumped into his mouth, then held still. He allowed the guy to pull back and out of the hole. Again, he savored the semen, and then swallowed.

He waited for the sounds of the guy leaving the booth, but instead, he saw fingers protruding from the hole. ‘What’s that about’ he wondered. Then the fingers gave a ‘hither to’ motion, and he figured it out. This guy wanted to return the favor.

‘Why not’ thought Jeff. He stood up, and slowly stuck his cock through the wall. Almost instantly, he felt warm lips envelope his cock. They began to move up and down his dick. It felt good, but there was no tongue activity. Still, what do they say? There’s no such thing as a bad blow job? He guessed there actually might be. He’d gotten a couple that were close before.

Still, the guy had some talent. He stayed with the standard up and down bobbing motion. Jeff had been so turned on from giving the two blow jobs, and now receiving one, that it wasn’t going to take long. He was about to burst, and he tapped on the wall. He felt the lips come off, then his cocked was grasped by a hand. It jerked him off, and after a couple of times he blew his load somewhere into the next room. It must have been impressive. He spurted many times. He heard a “Damn it” and the hand dropped his dick. He pulled his cock back from the hole, where a few more drops of sperm fell from the tip.

Jeff guessed that he must have sprayed the guy somehow, possibly on his clothes. It wasn’t great, but he got off, and that was good enough. He said “Thanks, buddy.” He couldn’t help doing so. Of course there was no response. Jeff stood up, pulled up his pants and closed everything up, and then exited the room. He was glad there was no one in the hallway. He halfway expected to see a line of guys at the next booth’s door, but that wasn’t the case.

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