A Fantasy Pt. 01

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This is a fantasy: I want to be tied to a bed in a hotel room. My hands tied together over my head, tied to the bed frame in a cat’s claw tie. My left calf tied to my left thigh & my right leg tied to the opposite side of the bed post. Blindfolded, gagged, my vibrator is belted to my leg & left to be used.

After a great night spent fucking, he ties me & leaves for the day. Leaving a copy of the room key at the front desk of the hotel under a generic male name. About an hour later the door opens. I hear a deep male voice as he examines the scene before him. I am hypersensitive to sounds & touch. My skin is on fire, goose bumps on my legs & arms. I feel his hands on my right leg, his fingers trace up the inside of my leg from my foot all the way up to my pussy. The vibrator is still humming & I am so close to cumming, I am dripping wet & desperate for a hard fucking. I moan when I feel his hands cover my breasts, drool dribbling from my gag, my head spinning, he gently plays with my nipples, ever so slightly lifting them so my heavy breasts follow. He rolls my nipples between his fingers , I moan in response, my pelvis responding to this assault.

I hear feet shuffling on the carpet, suddenly the vibrator turns off & I feel the belt removed from my leg. The quiet is stifling. My pelvis moves against the lack of sensation. I feel my juices dripping all the way down to the bed. Hot, wet lips surround me as I feel illegal bahis his tongue invade me. Nibbling, licking, caressing, taking time to carefully touch every part of me. I am quiet as I am enveloped by the wondrous sensation. I feel his fingers tapping on my back door. I try to lift up to give him more access, his hand lands on my stomach to steady me. His mouth comes off my pussy & I feel him exhale against my thigh, the warmth on my wet skin is exhilarating. His hands move from my belly to my pussy, his fingers probe and prodding my wetness.

No words are said, no exchanges, I don’t know if this is a person I know or a complete stranger. I don’t know how many people are lined up throughout the day… & I don’t care. My head is focusing on the throbbing in my body, the lack of light, the sounds coming only from my mouth and his hands in my body. I can hear my wetness on his fingers as they move inside me.

My hands twist and turn in the binds, grabbing at air but desperate to hold onto anything they can reach. The fingers probing me hook inside & grab onto my g-spot. I feel the fire start, the burning deep fire that I know will end with me erupting on his hands. My breath is speeding up & the gag is muffling my moans (thank goodness.) His hands stop. The gag is unbuckled as his fingers are in my mouth several at a time. I eagerly lick my sweet fluid from each digit.. I can feel his breath on my face illegal bahis siteleri & I know he is right up next to me. How I wish I could see him. His hands leave my mouth, I hear a belt & pants drop to the floor, I can feel the familiar sensation of a penis at my lips, I hungrily open my mouth to accept it. He is reasonably well endowed, my tongue licks at the underside as his penis slides between my lips. I can feel his balls fall across my nose & I know he is straddling my face. His moans are matching his thrusts as his cock slides down my throat. I feel his hands reach across my body as he teases my clit. My tied legs try to kick but are ineffectual against his strong hands.

His cock still buried in my mouth, fingers working my clit, his balls slapping across my face, I am over the moon!! I feel my orgasm approach as the muscles in my pelvis contract. I feel the wetness roll out of me as I begin to squirt all over myself and the bed.

As my body winds down he removes his cock from my mouth and replaces the gag. I am panting wildly, so in need of more. I feel his hands on my legs as he turns me over, his hand holding my waist I am now facedown on the bed, I can feel my wet spot under me, I have a sinking suspicion that spot is going to get larger as the day progresses.

His body pushes into me with a steady yet urgent force, I am filled to the tipping point. His cock slides so easily in canlı bahis siteleri my soaking wet pussy. I feel a hand caress my bare, damp ass…SMACK, his hand lands with a resonating thud across my backside. I am riding a wave of pleasure and pain. I moan into my gag, burying my face in the bedcovers as his cock continues to probe my insides. His hands continue the dance on my ass as the burning sensation overtakes the thud.

He bends down close to my head, I feel his feet shifting to support his weight. I expect to hear words ‘good girl’ or ‘you like that, don’t you.’ Some form of encouragement that I am pleasing him. He simply grabs me by the hair, pulls my head back & breathes in the scent of my neck.

His cock continues to impale me as I drool against my gag. My toes curl as my orgasms force me to squirt around the cock in my pussy. We are both soaked in our combined sweat and my juices. He begins to ride me harder, thrusting with an unquenchable thirst that knocks the bed into the wall. He exhales loudly as he cums inside me. He collapses on top of me as we both lay there soaking and shaking. His hands stroke my hair as I try to catch my breath. He finally stands up & heads to clean himself. He returns and says one word, “drink.” He removes the gag & places the straw to my lips. I drink thirstily, only imagining how much of my fluid is all over the bed. I finish the glass & hear it clink on the nightstand. He touches me head one more time as I feel him sit down heavily on the bed next to me. I hear the sounds of a man dressing, zippers, his belt buckle, shoes falling heavily to the ground. He stands up & walks out. I hear the door click shut behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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