A Family Get-Together Ch. 02

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The next day after my daughter-in-law & I had our night of sex in the hot tub was pretty uneventful. After my wife and son got up, we all sat around drinking coffee and talking. While Lori and my wife {Linda} were putting the finishing touches on our turkey dinner my son & I were outside playing with the grandkids and enjoying this really great late November warm spell.

As we were outside, the rest of the family started showing up. My twin sons and their wives, my sons in-laws to. My twins were both married to bigger women, but cute in their own way. I found them both desirable. My sons mother-in-law was a petite woman, slightly older than myself. She was actually quite a fox. The thoughts that went through my mind about having her for a night were, well very nasty to say the least.

After a couple of hours of just playing and talking we all went inside to get ready for dinner. While everyone was upstairs, I went down to the basement and started setting up my projector so we could all watch movies that evening. Nothing like watching a movie on an 8ft screen with surround sound.

After dinner our plans kind of changed as the kids wanted to watch movies on the big screen. So my son loaded up 5 of the kids movies and left them to their shows.

We all decided to play some cards. Poker of course. During the course of the evening there was plenty of alcohol being consumed and good times being had by all. As the night wore on, my wife was the first to go to bed [about 10pm or so], then my sons father-in-law a few minutes later. The rest of us kept playing cards and messing with the kids. It was about 11pm when Lori decided to make the kids go to bed. The card playing was winding down also and everyone was just sitting around talking and drinking.

After awhile I decided I was going out and get into the hot tub. Anybody güvenilir bahis coming with me I asked. My sons mother-in-law was the first to say she would. At that point my twins and their wives said they were going to bed. I chuckled and called them light weights. They just laughed and went to bed. My son and Lori said they would join us. Cool, bring the wine.

The four of us sat in tub drinking wine and talking for a couple of hours when my son decided he was going to bed. I jokingly said, oh yeah, leave me here alone with these 2 good looking women. He just laughed and went to bed.

Lori’s mother [to my surprise] said lets get naked in here. I was a little embarrassed by that thought. Lori blurts out cool. Lets do it and with that they both took off their shorts and tops. Wow, alone in a hot tub with 2 naked women. I shortly followed suit and took off my shorts and sat back down. We sat there talking and drinking wine, when suddenly I felt a foot rubbing on my cock and then suddenly there were 2 different feet rubbing my growing cock. Before I knew it they were both sitting on either side of me now stroking my now fully hard cock. Lori was the first to say anything, “So dad, what do you think of this?” Heaven was all I could muster out. They both chuckled and kept rubbing. Lori’s mom reached over and planted a big deep wet kiss on me, which I was glad to return. In the process, Lori went under water and started giving me a blow job which felt really good to say the least. I dropped down and put one of Loris moms [Donna} breasts in my mouth and started sucking and nibbling on it as she started to moan. I put one hand on Lori’s

Now wet pussy and the other hand on Donna’s pussy and started rubbing and caressing their clits as both of them were getting hot and moaning with excitement. In the mean time Lori had stopped sucking türkçe bahis my enlarged cock and Donna had taken up where she left off. I truly felt as though I was in heaven.

As Donna took her mouth off my cock and came up for air, Lori reached over and started kissing her mom. That really turned me on, to see mother and daughter kissing so passionately. They both kept right on stroking my cock during this time. Needless to say I was so damn horny by this time I almost couldn’t stand it. So, as they kissed I re-positioned my self to put my cock into Donna’s hot little pussy. She let out a deep moan as I slowly penetrated her love hole. Donna then broke her kiss with Lori and went down on her and started licking and sucking her daughters pussy while I reached over and started kissing Lori and then had her raise up so I could get one of tits in my mouth while still fucking her mom. Donna suddenly tensed up and came with a violent orgasm, tightening up her pussy muscles around my engorged cock and then relaxing.

She then got up off of me and traded places with Lori. As I started to penetrate Lori she stopped me and took her hand and guided my cock to her ass. There I was ready to fuck her in her sweet tight ass. Lori slowly started lowering herself on my hard cock. My god she was tight there. Finally we got the head of my shaft in her and she let herself down on it inch by inch until I had all 9 inches in there. Lori slowly started going up and down on my shaft until she was totally relaxed and then she got faster and harder.

Donna in the mean time was sitting there rubbing her clit and moaning while watching her daughter get cock shoved up her ass. While watching us and playing with herself she came again and at almost the same time Lori came and slammed her sweet ass down the length of my cock as hard as she could.

Both güvenilir bahis siteleri women now exhausted sat back for a moment and looked at me, saying nothing. Donna got up and came over to me and said, ” now it’s my turn.” with being said she positioned her ass over my still throbbing cock and slowly lowered herself down on me. She was not as tight as Lori and started pumping as fast as she could taking my full 9 all the way to my balls. I repositioned Donna and myself so that I had her bent over the edge of the tub and was fucking her ass with steady pumps in and out. I hadn’t noticed that Lori was now behind me. She suddenly stuck one of her fingers up my ass as far as it would go and started pumping my ass. To tell the truth it felt pretty damn good.

I could feel my balls starting to swell as my own climax was brewing. I unloaded in Donna’s ass as she also came. What a feeling it was.

The three of us just sat there for a couple of minutes not saying a word. Finally I said I had to go the bathroom and got out. They both looked at me and said to hurry back. You bet, I said.

I went into the house, the bathroom was just off the master bedroom. I was trying to be quiet and not wake anyone. While I was standing there taking a leak I heard sounds coming from my sons bedroom. Being the noisy person I am, I finished and moved to the bedroom door and quietly opened it. I couldn’t believe what I saw in the dim light. There was my son, his father-in-law and my wife in bed together. I was stunned to say the least. I am no prude. I just couldn’t believe Linda would do something like that. I liked what I saw. There she was with our sons cock buried deep in her pussy and Dave’s hard cock in her mouth. As I stood there watching them, they Dave and my son got up and changed positions. She now had our sons cock in her mouth and Dave’s cock in her pussy. This was exciting to watch. As I watched my cock started getting hard again and I knew it was time to go back outside and join the women for another round.

This night definitely changed our lives forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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