A Christmas to Remember

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This story is all fiction, and none of the events or names refer to any of my life. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment.


My name is Jack Wilson. I am 59 and married Ann who was 20 years younger than me, 16 years ago. Her daughter was 3 when we married. Ashley has always been daddy’s girl.

Ann was killed in a car accident just before Ashley went off to college. She was on her way home from shopping for sexy outfits for her and Ashley for our family date night. It was to be Ashley’s first 3 some.

After the funeral. Ashley went off to college and this is her first visit home. I was anxious to see her again waiting for her plane to land. I could feel my cock stir in my pants visualizing her long flowing hair and petite breasts, slim waist and round bubble but. Her mother and her could be sisters.

There she is coming down the loading area. Wow! I could see her tits bounce as she strolled with her heels short skirt and flimsy top. She truly was her mothers daughter loving the way everybody was admiring her.

She ran to me giving me a hug and kiss, pressing her bra less nipples against me. My cock stirred in my pants. She smiled as she introduced me to her friend Sylvia.

Sylvia was a little taller than Ashley. She had blonde hair big round tits and slim waist. Full lips and seemed to enjoy showing her assets. She did not wear a bra either and her long legs were visible to her dress that stopped below her crotch.

“Sylvia has no family to be with. I didn’t think you would mind Daddy.” Ashley explained.

“Of course not sweetie. I replied. Reaching out to include her.

Once home. The girls went to their room to freshen up, while I took the turkey out of the freezer. My sister and her family were coming for dinner tomorrow.

Ann’s sister Marge loved to fuck and suck like Ann when we first met. Ralph her husband loved to share her as he could never give her enough cum. When their son Trevor was born with a learning disability. She joined the church, hoping God would heal him. So Ralph had to rely on Ann for his sex. I didn’t mind as I loved to see her face covered in cum. Marge practiced celibacy, thinking God would act quicker if she got more religious.

I was checking my mail on my computer, when I heard somebody come into my den. I looked up to see Sylvia standing there in a black satin and lace slip. Hair messed up with a pout on her face.

My cock instantly rose to attention.

“Sylvia how can I help you?” I asked as composed as I could muster.

She walked over. Turned my chair to face her. Leaned canlı bahis over so her tits brushed my face. Reached down to my cock. Smiled as she grasped it’s hardness.

“I came to thank you for letting spend the holiday with you.”

Took my cock out and slowly lowered her mouth down on it. Sensations went through me, I hadn’t felt in a long time as I took her tit in my mouth and sucked her nipple to erection.

She took my cock deep to her throat and slobbered wetting it with her spit. She got up turned around and sat her wet cunt down on my rock hard cock. I stood up and bent her over my desk fucking her like it was the first time my cock has ever been buried in a smooth young cunt.

Fuck, her cunt gripped my fat cock like a cobra squeezing the life out of its prey. So tight as my belly slapped her ass. Pulling her hair and fucking her fiercely. It’s been so long since I’ve fucked a wet cunt. I could think of nothing but satisfying my hard cock.

She met every thrust with enthusiasm, fucking me back with her limber gyrating ass. I slapped her firm ass, as she begged for me to fuck her harder. I stuck my finger in her ass as her wet cunt tightened on my cock and she froze in orgasm.

“Cum in my mouth.” She pleaded.

I pushed deeper one last time before pulling out. Sat on my chair as she knelt down and went to work on my cock like a starving animal. Sucking jerking in a frenzy, wanting my cum.

I felt my balls tighten, my cock throb when it exploded in her mouth. She looked up at me eyes wide as my cum hit the back of her throat and her lips tightened on the head of my cock trying to contain it as my next blast let go. She tried to swallow as it escaped and down her chin.

We both looked up at the door as we heard clapping and saw Ashley saying.

“Ya Daddy drown the slut with your cum.” Fuck her mouth.”

Ashley came over and began sucking my balls as my cum dripped down Sylvia’s chin. Ashley began licking my cum up my shaft to the head where the girls began kissing each other and swapping my cum.

I leaned back in my chair exhausted and ashamed as I realized that my baby girl just witnessed me fucking her friend.

“I’m so sorry Ashley. I didn’t plan this.” I said. Feeling bad.

“We did Daddy. Next time it’s my turn. Wait til Uncle Ralph gets here tomorrow. Daddy’s little girl is going to be Daddy’s little slut.” She said winking at Sylvia.

They walked out hand in hand as I sat there spent and wondering if I had just dreamed the last 45 minutes. I looked down at my cock dripping cum as it shrank. Guess bahis siteleri not.

The next morning I woke to sounds coming from the kitchen. I went down to find the girls preparing the turkey. Sylvia was wearing a red loose fitting sweater dress with red pantie hose. Ashley wore a green sweater dress a little tighter with a black belt advertising her lack of bra with green pantie hose.

“Hello sleepy head. You had better get ready for our guests.” They chimed.

Our guests were Ralph, Marge, and Trevor. They were spending the day with us. This was our first Christmas without Ann. They were going to arrive in about a half our. I thought I had lots of time, but went back up stairs as I was told.

I was coming down the stairs when the doorbell rang. Ashley ran over and gave her uncle a hug pressing her tits to his chest.

“Just like her slut mother.” Marge said with a frown.

“Who is this nice girl? She knows how to dress properly.” Holding her hand out.

“Sylvia. I’m Ashley’s room mate at college, and don’t have family to visit.” She said shaking Marge’s hand.

“Come help me in the kitchen. Marge commanded. Taking Sylvia’s hand and leading her to the kitchen.

The rest of us went to living room to watch TV. Ashley sat between her uncle and cousin, while I sat in my lazy boy chair. We made small talk and caught up on our lives since we last saw each other. Ralph mentioned he was busy as ever with his plumbing business, when Ashley stood up and pulling on her uncles hand and said.

“Uncle Ralph. Please come up and check a leaky facet. It just won’t stop. Trevor and Daddy. You come too.”

She took us to the bathroom and went to her room. She came back without her dress, her pantie hose wet between her legs and her nipples rock hard.

“Whenever I’m around sexy men it leaks. I try plugging it but it leaks more.” As she slid her hand in her hose.

Ashley fingered her cunt making sloshing sounds as the wet spot grew. She pulled her hand out and licked her fingers.

“Tastes good though. Maybe it needs a bigger plug?” Shrugging her shoulders.

Ralph had his pants down around his ankles and was walking toward her with his cock hard as steel. Trevor being like his father, did the same. His cock was like a baseball bat in comparison to his father. Ashley was drawn to it and bent over to lick it. Ralph came behind her and ripped open her hose and drove his cock deep into her tight young cunt. Ashley’s mouth was forced down Trevor’s cock to her throat causing her to spit and gag. She met every thrust pushing bahis şirketleri her sweet firm ass into him, while sucking Trevor’s huge cock like a seasoned pro.

My baby girl reminded me of her mother when she used to do Ralph and I in the good old days. I was never so proud, and I felt my cock growing as I watched.

Ashley laid Trevor on his back and mounted him bending over exposing her sweet little but hole. Ralph found some baby oil and lubed her before penetrating her ass. Watching her in a fucking frenzy with her ass and cunt filled to capacity was more than I could resist.

With my trousers around my ankles. I shuffled over to fill her mouth with my cock. My sweet little fuck queen greedily took it and sucked it like a hoover.

Trevor began to spasm as his cock let go a huge load of cum in her already soaked cunt which triggered Ralph to blow his load. Seeing cum ooze out of her cunt and ass caused me to blast my cum in her open mouth. Ashley was shaking in orgasm and lapping my cum as she looked up and said.

“I’m still leaking, but I got a triple play.”

As she put her hand under her ass and farted out Ralph’s cum. Then licked it out of her hand. Did the same with her cunt. She is definitely her mothers daughter and I love her so.

We cleaned up. Got dressed and went downstairs hoping we hadn’t been missed, expecting to see them mixing up something for our meal.

Nobody could have anticipated the sight of the two of them on the floor in a 69 moaning and fingering each other to orgasm. We looked at each other in surprise and shock.

“Thank you Jesus.” Ralph blurted.

“Somebody fuck me.” Marge screamed.

Trevor giggling took his cock out and lifted her up and drove into her hard. A silly grin on his face as he pummeled into her with his tree trunk of a cock. Sylvia took his massive ball sack in her mouth sucking them and fingering her cunt. This sent Trevor into another release of thick creamy cum. She quickly lapped it up and shared it with Marge.

Sylvia and Marge went to clean up as Ashley began setting the table for our meal. We enjoyed the meal and Marge now that she broke her vow of celibacy.

As they were getting ready to go home. Marge asked Sylvia to spend the rest of the holiday with them.

“I knew there was something special about this one and I would like to make her part of our family.”

Sylvia hugged her and nodded her head yes.

This turned out to be the best Christmas in all our lives. Sylvia got the family she always wanted. Marge returned to her cum loving self. Ralph will no longer have to find his release other places. Trevor will get fucked without having to leave home. My baby girl finally enjoyed her first gang bang and I will always be reminded of how sexy my wife was through Ashley.

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