6900 Lovers Lane Ch. 03

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Sean’s new job was as a policeman in a city near by. The hours were long and generally he was gone for 10 or more hours a day and when he came back I was working at the bar. Each morning before he left he’d wake me for a quick passionate fuck, which I enjoyed greatly, him wanting me that badly that he had to have me before he started his day. Most of the time I was still to tired to get up after he came inside me, so Id go back to sleep with his cum dripping from my cunt. Today was one of those days, but about 7am Brian rang the doorbell, waking me about 2 hours after Sean had left. Dressed in one of Sean’s shirts and a cum soaked thong I opened the door to our house. Brian was one of the few guys I had toyed with that enjoyed the relationship Sean and I had. He knew how I liked sex and always did it just right- today would be no different.

Brian smiled at me when he saw my loosely piled hair falling around my face, the fact that I was wearing Sean’s shirt made him instantly hard. Stepping inside the door and closing it behind him he asked, ” mind if I come in??” then kissed me forcefully and lowered my body to the floor.

“How are you?” Brian asked as his hands moved to unbutton the 3 buttons I had bothered to button in Sean’s shirt. His knees shoved my legs apart as he hungrily licked and sucked at my breasts.

“Mmmmm good” I moaned as I felt his hard cock throbbing against my thigh. I wanted to tell him no but I did have such a difficult time saying no to sex. Now I was quite aroused by him coming unannounced and seeing me at my worst and still wanting me. I felt his hand graze across my pussy through the thin piece of material the thong offered. He ground his fingers against me feeling how wet I already was, his fingers were still pressed against he soft lace fabric.

Pulling his mouth away from my erect nipples he moaned, “God your cunt is so wet already”. I didn’t tell him that I had already had Sean in me that day and that’s why I was dripping. His mouth worked lower onto my body and wondered if he’d taste Sean in me. I told him that Sean had cum inside me already today. To my surprise he continued to work downwards whispering, “lucky bastard”. He pulled my thong aside and slowly licked my cunt lips. Then kissed me hard. I heard him take his cock out of his pants and the next thing I knew he was inside me, pressing me down into the carpet as he fucked me. His hands wrapped in my hair as he took quick jabs deep into my cunt, he bit my neck as he fucked me, making me moan.

“Cum into my mouth, Brian, I want to taste your cum” I moaned out as he thrust into me. He pulled back canlı bahis şirketleri and was kneeling over me. “ Come get it bitch,” he said with a grin on his face. I sat up and took his cock into my mouth and sucked hard, wanting to make him explode quickly inside me, I ran my fingertips along his balls as I sucked his cock, stroking it in and out of my mouth. This made him cum quickly, filling my mouth. Brian smiled and stood up zipping his pants. “Thank you, you make me cum so well” he whispered as he leaned into kiss me. He walked to the door and left, locking the knob behind him as I sat amazed on the floor. I stood up and went in to shower, leaving Brian’s cum on my breath. I got dressed and headed to Sean’s job; I needed him now and had no intentions of waiting till tomorrow morning.

I walked into the building and felt the eyes of several cops on me in my short black skirt and fuck me heels. Breathing deep through my nostrils I smelt the testosterone in the air. It made me hot. I walked to the reception desk, telling the smug female officer I needed to see Sean. She didn’t know me, few did I had only met Sean’s partner, and that was at the bar. I laughed to myself thinking how I could make her my bitch, but I was here for Sean. “Take the elevator to the third floor” she said coldly. Such coldness, she would be fun to break, I thought.

“ Stairs please?? I’m trying to lose some weight on these thighs,” I said to her. The male officer beside her grinned looking at my thighs then licked his lips saying, ”go down that hall and to the right is the stairwell”. When I entered the stair well I stopped at the bottom of the stairs to call Sean’s cell phone, at the same time I pushed my skirt up and slowly worked on my clit as I started to climb the stairs slowly. Sean answered his cell on the second ring; I started to tease him immediately, telling him how I fucked Brian on our living room floor.

“ He left your shirt on me while he fucked me hard on the floor baby” I told Sean as I reached the second floor.

“Mmmmm slut, was my cum inside you still?” Sean asked me. I could tell he was alone by this sentence. So I told him yes his cum was inside me still. “Wait where are you??” he asked. I told him nowhere special just out of the house. I let a soft moan escape my lips as I climbed the last floor slowly.

“What was that for?” Sean asked. I responded telling him I was teasing my cunt to the sound of his voice. Then I told him how badly I wanted him at that moment. “Baby I want you too, my cock is throbbing,” he said into the phone following with “but I won’t be out of here until you’re canlı kaçak iddaa at work again.” I smiled to myself as I opened the door to the third floor walking down the hall to the men’s bathroom. I stood against the wall by that door, his office just around the corner and he didn’t even know I was here. I told him I did something he loved, that I came out without panties today.

“God you are so sexy when you are in these moods” he moaned out, I could tell he was frustrated, his cock throbbing and he’s thinking he wont get any relief till I make it in from work at 2 am. I pushed the door open to the men’s room and looked to see if I was alone. I stepped into the first stall and took a deep breath, saying “baby don’t hang up but go into the men’s room on the floor where you work, I left you something in the first stall.” I climbed up onto the toilet seat spreading my legs wide and pushing my skirt up. I wanted him to see my cunt when he walked in.

“What are you up to?” Sean asked as I heard him push his chair back from his desk.

“Nothing you will be mad at me for” I told him as I heard his footsteps in the hall; I was quiet when the door to the bathroom opened. “Come on baby stop teasing me” he said as he stood in front of the stall door, I remained completely quiet, waiting for him to open the stall door. When the door opened I raised my eyes to look into his and smiled, climbing back down from my perched position. I dropped my phone to the floor and pulled him into the stall, forcing him to sit on the toilet as I straddled him, forcefully pulling his cock out of his pants. I leaned down and licked it quickly before I slide down it, feeling him fill my cunt so full of him. I kissed him forcefully at the same time I took his cock in; he hungrily sucked on my mouth as I rode him hard wanting him to fill me with cum again. I wrapped my legs around him, squeezing him almost as hard as I was riding him.

“Good slut” Sean moaned out, “I can taste him on your breath”. He grabbed my ass with both hands and forced me down harder onto his cock, spreading my ass cheeks apart so he could slide a finger down through and tease my asshole with it. When he did this he made me want his cock in my ass, something I almost never wanted. I stood up and turned around shaking my ass at him, then bent over and let him see my cunt and ass soaked with my cum.

“What are you doing you teasing slut? You never let me take that hole!” he asked me sharply, as though he was pissed that I took his cock out of me. I slide my finger along my cunt making it soaked with the combination of his cum and mine then dove it canlı kaçak bahis into my ass. Sean watched me and began to stroke his cock. “Don’t be such a teasing slut get back here and make this cock cum for you” he told me.

I pressed my body against the stall door and spread my legs apart for him, looking over my shoulder and telling him “ come take my ass Sean, I want you to rape my tight little ass”. He rose and stood behind me, reaching between my legs and slapping my cunt. “Say it again bitch, so I know I heard you right” he spoke against my neck as his cock rested between my thighs. He jabbed into my cunt quickly, repeating, “SAY IT AGAIN”!

I looked over my shoulder into his eyes while reaching back with my hands and spreading my ass cheeks apart and smiled saying, “FUCK MY ASS BABY, RAPE MY TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE”. Sean bit his lip and rammed his cock into me, slamming my face against the stall door and making me scream out his name. He placed his hands above mine holding my hands on the top of the door, steadying himself as he fucked me hard. I screamed and moaned as he fucked me this way, loving how sluttish he made me.

He leaned down and kissed and bit my neck the entire time the thrust his cock into me, letting gentle moans escape his lips and cascade over my body. We heard the door open as someone came in and went into the next stall, he looked into my eyes the question in his was should he stop or slow down. I shook my head no, then moaned out “harder”.

I knew the person had to know what was going on in some way – they knew I was getting fucked. I moaned louder as Sean slammed his cock into me faster and harder biting at my shoulder rougher then he normally would, but it quickly brought me to climax when he took me so animalistic. I pressed back into him, still moaning loud as he throbbed deep inside my ass. I reached down and pinched my clit so I would cum. It worked I felt myself cum hard, squirting back against Sean’s balls and dripping down my leg. When he felt my cum he came with a final thrust of his cock inside my tight ass. My body quivered as I collapsed against the stall door, breathing heavily, Sean still inside me. As his cock lost its hardness he pulled out, sitting down saying, “wow baby”.

I pulled my skirt down, looked over my shoulder and winked at him. I opened the stall door and went to the mirror to fix my hair. The door to the second stall opened and out came the guy who was working the front desk, he was wearing a bigger smile then before. I looked at him through the corner of my eye, winked as I re-applied my lipstick. Checking that everything was in place I looked at the man next to me and kissed his cheek, just as Sean was coming out of the stall we were in. I stopped in front of Sean, kissing him again, grabbing a hand full of cock and said “see you when you get home later baby”.

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