3rd Affair (3 Too Many)

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Erin hasn’t been caught for any of her adulterous trysts. So far.

She has been seeing Jason behind her fiancé’s back for a couple of months now. At first it was the exception. Then it became the rule. Soon it just became an addiction. She was addicted to the bigger cock that he had to offer.

She has always been a horny girl, it had just been dormant throughout the 2 years of her relationship with Randy. Jason had awakened that, and now it seemed like she had no control over it. She constantly cheats on Randy with Jason, and lately she has been cheating on Jason with Mike, his black roommate. After a few weeks of this, she began to get cocky. Too cocky. Secure in the notion that she could never get caught, by either one of them, and her pussy would get all the attention it wants (and deserves).

By the end of October, she was seeing Jason 5 days a week, and fucking him at least twice each time. Once a week she was doing the same with Mike. And it only seemed to be getting worse!

On October 31st, a rare thing occurred. Both her and Jason were off on the same day (they worked together) and her classes were cancelled. She was very excited, hornier than ever. Jason had moderate good looks, a big guy with a shaved head and nearly a 9 inch dick. Erin, by contrast, was very small. About 5’2, 125 pounds, creamy white skin, dirty blonde hair past her shoulders, blue eyes, a great ass, and average tits. After some discussion with Jason at work, and making sure that Randy was gone to school for the day (he went to university), they decided they would go to her house for a change.

She pretended to sleep in as Randy got ready for school that day. He kissed her goodbye and left. When the door closed, she scrambled out of bed and rushed to the bathroom – Jason would be calling in 15 minutes from a nearby pay phone to confirm that Randy was gone. She was in and out of the shower in 10 minutes, quickly dried and brushed her hair. The phone rang.

“Hello?” she answered, pussy moistening with excitement.

“Is he gone?” a deep voice asked.

“Yes.” she said, smiling, tingles running through her body. She was standing naked in the bedroom.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes or so.” he said, hanging up. Smiling, she hung up the phone and ran into the bathroom again. She hustled on her makeup, and did a magnificent job, beautiful as ever. She went back to her room and took some very skimpy lingerie out of the dressor. She aimed to get fucked really hard, and very often that day. The lingerie was white, one piece, and see through. When she put it on, it hid nothing. Her pink areolas could be seen clearly. The brown triangle of her bush was showing through the white material. The tiny string at the back covered absolutely zero of her amazing ass. She became so hot at the thought of what would happen to her soon.

Meanwhile, Randy was in class and he found out from a friend that his 2nd class was cancelled. Since he had a break both before and after that class, he had 3 hours off. ‘Maybe I’ll surprise Erin’ he thought, ‘spend some time with her.’ Class would be done at 9:50am, he’d be home by 10.

At 9:30 sharp there was a knock at the door. Erin’s pussy flooded as she turned the doorknob, heart pounding. She opened the door in such a way that she was behind it, out of sight, nothing on but the tiniest bit of material. He stepped in, a big grin on his face, suspecting something was up. She shut the door, revealing herself in all her glory.

“Ohh..” he let a sigh of admiration and intense lust, smile dropping from his face.

“Hi!” she said, smiling and blushing. She looked down at his crotch, his cock was straining against his shorts. Her smile grew (as did the moisture in her crotch). She stepped forward on her tip toes, arms going around his neck. She kissed him, and he kissed back, hard. His hands slid down her back and latched onto her bare ass, squeezing the soft cheeks. They were cold to the touch. He pulled her even closer, tongue going into her mouth. Her near nude body was pressed against him, she could feel the bulge in his shorts against his stomach. Their lips were smacking loudly, their breathing was heavy. She broke the kiss and her small hand grabbed his.

“Come here.” she said, smiling. She led him to the bedroom she shared with her fiance. Jason’s eyes were locked on that beautiful ass the entire way. He loved how it shook when she walked. The tiny white string of her lingerie disappeared in the crack, the see-through material started up again just above the sun tattoo that was above her left ass cheek. He let go of her hand and had his shirt off as he walked into the room, kicking off his shoes. Erin got to the bed, turned around, and sat down on it.

She was now at cock-level and she reached out for his shorts, eyes locked on that massive bulge. Her breath was as shaky as her hands were, as she undid his button and slowly canlı bahis şirketleri pulled down his zipper. She wasn’t shaking from nervousness. She’s been fucked by him well over 50 times by now. She was shaking because his huge cock and how he wielded it made her so turned on she could not keep still.

His shorts fell to the floor and she forced his boxers down off his ass. They, too, fell to the floor, revealing his huge, rock hard penis, standing at full attention for her. Her heart missed a beat, she could distinctly feel a tingle in her pussy at the sight of this beautiful dick. Her small hand reached out, wrapping its fingers around his thick shaft. Still staring at it, as if under a spell, she slowly stroked its length.

She leaned forward and Jason watched as her lips kissed his mushroom helmet. Her tongue snaked out and she slowly licked from the base of his pole up to the top, trailing her saliva all the way. He moaned, watching her. Erin held his cock straight out from his body, her eyes looking right at it as she brought her mouth closer. She kissed it again, softly. She opened her lips and slowly slid the head of his member inside. He watched her lips slide down his shaft until it was mostly in her mouth.

Meanwhile, it was 9:42 and Randy’s class was let go early. What a waste of time that was! Why did he even get up? He had no idea that at that very second, the woman he loved had her lips stretched tightly around another man’s penis. Some guy had his cock stuffed into the mouth of the woman that Randy planned to marry. He left the building and began to walk home.

‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ the sucking noises of Erin’s mouth on Jason’s organ were louder than ever as she truly tried to impress him. Her head was bobbing back and forth at his crotch as he held it with both hands, keeping her long hair out of the way of her face. He loved watching her entire beautiful face as he shoved his cock into it!

Her lips glided smoothly up and down his shaft, and he could see the saliva that coated his penis every time her lips went back up to the top. She pulled his dick out of her mouth with a ‘slurp’ and looked up at him. He looked into her gorgeous blue eyes and bent to kiss her. She snuck her tongue into his mouth briefly before breaking the kiss.

She leaned back on her elbows, wordlessly. She brought her tiny feet up on top of the bed setting them down flat, legs open, knees bent. His eyes drifted down her body to the dark patch that could be seen through the sheer material of her lingerie. She backed up on the bed as he knelt on it, between her short, sexy legs. He bent down and kissed her pussy through the wet material, he could smell the strong scent of her desire. Her chest was heaving as her arousal increased, her breath shortening up.

Jason kissed each of her soft, inner thighs, teasing her. He reached up and his fingers slowly pushed her lingerie to one side. Slowly the brown curls of her bush came into view, followed by pink, swollen pussy lips. They were pressed together, quivering.

He kissed her naked slit, and she gasped. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her pussy up to the top, tasting her.

“Ohhhhh…” she sighed, feet sliding further up the bed. He slid his tongue into her treasure, deeper and deeper, until his nose was buried in her pubic hair and his tongue was as far as it would go. He licked outward, running his tongue along the ceiling of her cunt, gathering her delicious juices.

She moaned again, her small hand reaching down to hold his bald head. He licked up her slit to her clit, his tongue teasing over it lightly. He sucked her clit into his mouth, lapping at it with his tongue. Bolts of pleasure shot out from her pussy, and she gasped at the sensation. He released her clit, kissing her lips once more. He looked up at Erin from between her thighs.

“Let’s do the 69.” he said with a smile.

“Sure!” she said cheerfully, smiling back. Why not? They had all day to fool around!

As Jason lay on his back and Erin began to spin around, Randy began his fateful climb up the stairs to the apartment.

She slowly swung her leg over his face, small hand grabbing his big cock. Jason’s face was mere inches from her pussy, which could be seen through the sheer white material. He reached around her legs to her ass, grabbing the string out of her crack and pushing it to one side. Her beautiful pussy became exposed to him, as well as her asshole.

Grabbing his penis, she slipped it into her mouth, running her lips 6 inches down his shaft, touching her throat. He grabbed her ass, forcing her cunt down on his face, where he shoved his tongue inside. “Mmmmph…” she moaned, softly, pulling his dick out of her mouth with a slurp.

That same moment she moaned, Randy opened the front door. He was silent as he did so, not for any particular reason, it canlı kaçak iddaa just happened to end up that way. As the door slowly shut behind him, Jason clamped his mouth on Erin’s clit, tongue lapping at it.

“Ohhhhhhh…” she moaned as bolts of pleasure shot from her pussy. At the same time as her loud moan, the front door shut. She didn’t hear it, too engrossed in the feelings in her crotch and too secure in the knowledge that there was no way she could be caught. Jason didn’t hear it because Erin’s thighs were on either ear!

Randy missed his fiance’s moan, though he heard something, just not sure what! He stopped to listen. Nothing. He began to slip out of his shoes and put his bag down.

“Ohhhhh God!” came from his bedroom. Curious, still too naive, he crept down the hall. His bedroom door was open, but in such a way that he couldn’t see the bed around it. However, he peaked through the crack where the door hinges were and he could see everything clear. The woman he loved was wearing next to nothing, her crotch on some guy’s face, his huge cock in her hand as she stroked it.

He was filled with rage instantly, but at the same time he realized he was rock hard! Still – that slut! He was in shock, otherwise he would have burst in the room and killed him. He watched Erin shove her hair to the other side of her head, kind enough to show her boyfriend her pretty face, unobstructed as she slipped that monster cock back in her mouth.

“Mmmmmph…” she moaned, bobbing her head up and down this stranger’s penis. The shock had subsided now, but Randy couldn’t move. He felt like watching more of this amazing show. When would he see anything like this again? Never! Especially when he planned to send her packing. No, he wanted to get pleasure out of this as well. Now that he can see Erin for what she really is, any love that was remaining in him for her died. Now it was mere lust. They will pay for this, but first, he would watch more of the show.

He pulled out his cock. It was rock hard. He had always fantasized about his woman fucking another man, but he had never actually wanted it to happen! Now it WAS happening, he would live the fantasy, then dump the woman.

Holding her lingerie to one side with his fingers, Jason spread Erin’s pussy lips with his thumbs, exposing to him more pink. He slid his tongue into her, tasting her. She was so wet, her juices were just flowing. She was gliding her lips up and down his cock, moaning softly.

‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ Randy could hear her slobber on this guy’s cock loud and clear.

Jason clamped his mouth around her clitoris and lapped over it lightly with his tongue. “Ohhhhhhhh…” she moaned, pulling his manhood out of her mouth. A heat wave overtook her body, she began to shake as she came hard. She groaned louder, tucking her head down beside his cock, squeezing it with her tiny hand. She rubbed her pussy down on his face as her orgasm took control.

“Ohohohohhhh my God…” she sighed, “that was incredible.” She let go of his dick and lifted her leg back over him, spinning around on the bed. She pushed her straps down as she turned, down off her arms to her waist, revealing her lovely tits.

Randy shook his head, painfully. His woman was showing this guy her tits. He could see the guy now. He was bald. He thought he’d seen him on the stairs once or twice the past couple months but couldn’t be certain. He continued to stroke his cock as Erin pushed her lingerie down off her ass, pulling the skimpy material off her feet and dropping them on the floor. She straddled him, not knowing that her boyfriend was watching the whole thing.

Randy began beating his meat harder. God she was hot! He had to give her that. From her sexy, white ass to the bottoms of her tiny feet, he took it all in.

Jason looked down Erin’s sexy body, she rubbing her wet slit along his shaft. He looked at his fat cock poking out from beneath her bush. He looked up at her, she was smiling. She loved how his warm shaft felt rubbing along her sensitive lips and clit.

Randy watched his fiancé raise her ass, reaching beneath her and grabbing this guy’s fat member. She held it up in the air, bending over a little more. He could see it perfectly. The tip of that cock touched those swollen pussy lips and slowly disappeared inside.

“Ohhhhhh…” Erin moaned as her warmth engulfed him. From behind, her boyfriend had a perfect view of a huge cock sliding into her. She pushed her cunt all the way down his pole, filling herself up.

Jason slid his hands down to her ass, squeezing the cheeks as she slid her wet tunnel up and down his organ. ‘squeek…squeek….squeek…squeek’ the bed squeeked loudly every time Erin slammed her ass down on him. He grabbed her tits, squeezing them roughly as she fucked him. He lifted up, his tongue shooting out and licking around her nipple. He humped his hips upwards, canlı kaçak bahis meeting each of her thrusts as he sucked a hard nipple into his mouth.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned every time he drove up into her. He was in heaven, his cock feeling so good engulfed by her steamy hole. He reached around her, grabbing her ass again as he kissed up her neck. He forced her down on him even faster as he thrust up harder to meet her. His mouth found hers and they kissed, gasping for breath. He began to fuck upwards lightening quick, forcing her to break the kiss, moaning.

Randy was jerking off hard as he watched this new guy ram his huge cock up into his girlfriend at what seemed an impossible pace.

Her moans became very loud, and very high pitched, she could feel an orgasm rocketing towards her. Then she was silent.

‘squeak squeak squeak squeak’ Jason was fucking upwards incredibly fast.

“OHHHHHHH!!!” she moaned, eyes closed, face flushed. She could physically feel her pussy squeezing and releasing that big cock that continued to ram into her. Her heart was pounding, she fell over on top of him. His hands had a death grip on her ass, helping him get momentum as he drove his penis hard into her.

“Oh God!” she sighed, burying her face in his neck. She was a helpless ragdoll as he fucked her wet pussy as hard as he could. He slammed his long cock up into her and held it there, his lips searching for hers. They kissed passionately, Erin sending her tongue into his mouth.

Randy was disgusted at the sound of their kissing, and the fact that another guy’s large dick was buried in his fiancé. But he was about to cum, and had no control over his arousal. There would be plenty of time for revenge later.

Jason gently pushed the small girl off of him and she lay on her back. She opened her legs, sliding her feet up the bed so she was as wide open for him as possible. Her pussy was still tingling like crazy, even after such a violent orgasm.

His gaze was locked on her beautiful pussy as he knelt between her legs. Surrounded by a triangle of neatly trimmed bush, her pink slit was a shade darker from all the fucking.

Randy’s gaze trailed up his girlfriend’s small feet, up her smooth legs. He watched as this other, bigger man mounted the woman that at one time he loved. He could clearly see Erin’s expression, and he watched her arch her head back and close her eyes as this man entered her.

“Ohhhhh yesssss…” she sighed as she felt him fill her up with one stroke. Randy was losing it, he could take no more.

Jason held himself up on his arms as he began to fuck his little sex slave, watching her. She moaned, face wincing with pleasure as his 9 inch cock jammed into her horny pussy. He watched her tits bounce up and down with every thrust. Her small hands reached down and held his ass as he pounded into her.

Her fiancé could see the engagement ring on her finger as that hand pushed the ass in towards her. After a couple more minutes, Randy came, his cum shooting on the desk beside the door as he was just able to turn in time. As Jason continued to screw his girlfriend, Randy crept into the nearby bathroom, grabbed some tissue, and cleaned up the desk, tucking his cock back in his pants. They’ll never know he got enjoyment out of this!

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” her moans rang throughout the apartment as their fucking reached a crescendo. Jason decided he wanted to cum all over her, and he lost it. A few more rapid thrusts and he pulled his penis out of her vagina.

Just as Randy finished cleaning, he peaked through the crack again in time to hear Jason moan. He watched a thick load of cum spray out his cock and string itself across Erin’s body. She smiled as more of it poured out onto the fur of her bush.

Randy had enough. He’d like to say he fought like a man, but that would be a lie. Jason was bigger than him.

Randy burst into the room and cold cocked him. The naked man fell off the bed hitting his head on the wall.

“RANDY!” Erin screamed, surprised, guilty, ashamed, angry. While Jason was stunned, Randy hauled him up and dragged him to the door, grabbing his clothes on the way. He threw him out the door, naked, and his clothes followed. Then he shut and locked the door before he could get back in.

Erin stood in the hall, naked, frightened. Another man’s cum was streamed across her belly, and the white goo was in the curls of her bush, too.

“Get dressed.” Randy said. “You’re gone.”

Long story short, he wouldn’t even let her take the time to clean the cum off her stomach, she barely had time to throw on shorts and a T-shirt over the sticky jism. At the door he grabbed her left hand and practically ripped the ring off her finger. He forced her out the front door, locking it.

When Erin and Jason got to the bottom of the stairs and out front of the building, she noticed there were a lot of clothes scattered across the lawn.

They were hers.

*if you enjoyed this, you can read more great Erin stories in 1st Affair (Loving Wives) and 2nd Affair (Interracial Love). Let me know what you think!*

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