Sibling Survival Ch. 01

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Sibling Survival Chapter 1

*** This is the first instalment of a series I am writing. As the name suggests, it is about a brother and his younger sister trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world with only themselves to depend on. The horrors of the world they now live in has brought them closer and closer together in new and exciting ways.

All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.

Chapters will be released whenever I get around to finishing them. Hope you all enjoy and as always, feed back is welcome.***


Garry and Jill had been walking for hours. This wasn’t unusual given the circumstances but today it really seemed to drag on. They both had heavy rucksacks filled with a decent amount of supplies, having just scavenged a derelict camp site and the mid March sun was beating down on them relentlessly. The only thing keeping Garry trudging forwards was the view. Not the scenery mind you, he was fixated on the sight of his younger sister Jill as she led the way.

Jill was a short girl, only around 5ft 2in or so. Before ‘shit hit the fan’ she was in her final year of school with aspirations of becoming a veterinary nurse after attending university. Now her only hopes seemed to be surviving another day and her dreams had become nightmares. Neither Jill nor her brother Garry knew how long things had been like this but it had been around eight months since they lost their parents and older brother Matthew but it may as well have been eight years. They found that being surrounded by danger everyday had a weird effect on their perception of time.

Like everyday she wore brown boots, nicely fitted jeans and a low cut white vest, all of which were dirty thanks to living rough for so long. Her long sandy blonde hair was tied in a messy bun on her head and Garry watched intently as the sweat from her neck ran down to her back causing her vest to stick. He admired in great detail the way her tight and beautifully rounded bottom moved with the sway of her hips. He could see the glistening sweat on the small of her back thanks to her backpack making her vest ride further and further up to expose her soft skin.

“God! What am I thinking!” he thought to himself.

This wasn’t the first time he had looked lustfully upon his sister. His own sister! His flesh and blood! He always felt the now familiar twinge of guilt but he couldn’t help it. He was now in the naughty habit of trying to catch glimpses of her naked body whenever the chance happened upon him. Truthfully she had always been quite cute. Not that he had ever thought of her that way growing up but now he felt differently. Now he couldn’t help but notice how nicely her body had developed. They were always kind of close thanks to being only two years apart in age and growing up in the country but now they were really close, as good as best friends. Unsurprising since they have only had each other to depend on for so long and live each day in such close quarters.

Garry reminisced about Jill in the world before. How she was smart and funny and she used to carry a nice amount of chub, but nothing that would be considered overweight. Now, after walking for hours every day and eating small high protein meals, consisting mainly of small game and anything that could be scavenged, she was now slim and nicely toned. Her body was on the verge of being considered athletic, only she didn’t consume enough calories for the muscle build.

Suddenly she turned around and this caught Garry of guard. He had been deeply fixated on her ass for who knows how long. A mile or two maybe? Did she catch him? He didn’t know but even if she had done, she didn’t react.

“This heat is getting too much. We should cut across this field and pitch up for the night in the shade of that woods. I know it’s still early but Jesus! I’m sweating like a pig!” she said.

Garry let out a sign of relief and said, “don’t even get me started on the bloody heat! I think that’s a good idea, we have a good amount of stuff with us so we have the time.”

With that decided, they climbed over the old wire fence and headed towards he treeline. Jill followed her brother now as they crossed the overgrown field trying hard to leave as little trace of them being there as possible. Once in the woods they took little time finding a spot. A patch of reasonably flat ground by a fallen tree and far enough away from the edge of the woods so that they could remain hidden and maybe even light a small fire at night. Garry threw down his backpack and instantly pulled off his sweaty black polo shirt exposing his bare chest and sticky back to the shade. He spread his arms out and proclaimed, “aww sweet relief!” before laughing.

He turned around to look at Jill who was bent down looking into her bag. He instantly noticed the soft cotton fabric of her pink underwear poking up above the waist line of her jeans. He loved to see them and the fact she hadn’t changed them in a week made them even sexier to him.

She turned to face him laughing. “It will be nice to chill out for a while and rest my feet. canlı bahis I don’t know why but today’s walk dragged on so badly! Here, I’ve got a few of these baby wipes left.” She said while turning around and standing up.

She threw the baby wipes to Garry and as he took one out he was stunned by the sight of his younger sister peeling her sweaty vest off in front of him. As time went on, they were slowly becoming more comfortable around each other and Garry was thankful everyday for the closeness they were sharing.

She pulled her vest up slowly over her head exposing her shapely breasts, held neatly in her beige coloured C cup bra. He instantly started to feel the ravenous stirring in his trousers but the show was over in a heartbeat. He started to clean himself with the wipe, wiping his chest and arms before wiping his arm pits. Jill dropped her vest on top of her backpack and walked towards Garry reaching out for the wipes.

“Maybe we should look into getting you some better boots?” Garry said. “We didn’t walk that much today so it might be time.

“I think I do need some. Maybe tomorrow we can look but to be honest, I can’t even imagine walking again! You’ll have to be on firewood duty today too, I’m sorry.” Jill replied as she sat down on the grass and began to unite her laces.

“Ha! I guess I will be! I’ll probably get it done faster without you anyways.” Garry laughed. “I think I will grab some just now because once I sit down I think that will be me for the foreseeable future!” He turned to walk into the woods before Jill called back.

“No! Wait! Please! Can you help me?” She was sat with untied laces but seemed to be struggling to remove her boots.

Almost shyly she said, “Can you pull my boots off? I think my feet are swollen. I’ll apologies now too because it won’t be pleasant!”

He turned to looked at her sat on the ground with her legs stretched out towards him. Her cleavage was on full show and her chest was blushed and shimmering with sweat. He could barely control the flow of blood traveling from his head to his cock as he knelt down in front of her awkwardly, trying to conceal his incestuous yearning.

“Yeah, sure. I can’t wait to get back and get these boots off.” He said while pulling off the first of her boots. He immediately noticed her socks were wet from sweat and he moved to the other. He laughed as he jokingly agreed that it wasn’t pleasant then he pulled at the toes of her socks until they came off. Her feet were damp and red and definitely slightly swollen. “Jesus Jill, you do need new boots!”

Something about just seeing her feet and even the smell of them was enough to set him off. He was almost perpetually horny nowadays since they had little alone time to relieve themselves. He held her left foot in his hands and without really thinking about it, began to rub her feet.

“Mmm that feels so good. Kind of sore but in a good way if that makes sense?” She said softly as she lay on her back and stretched out her arms.

Garry took this opportunity to have a good look at her hot body as she lay with her eyes closed. He could see that she still had next to no hair under her arms as she had shaved with an old razor two days ago. He could see the redness from her bra wire that had been digging into her under boob all day and he could even see the tiny pinhole where she used to wear a bellybutton piercing. It was a glorious sight!

After a while and switching foot it was time to collect some wood. Jill thanked him as he quickly got up to hide his bulge and he walked into the woods. He gathered a small pile of fallen branches and sat them down by a tree. He was too horny to go back just yet and couldn’t get the image of his sister out of his mind. He undid his belt and began to open his trousers as he knelt down, pulling out his hard, fully erect penis. It was a good size when fully erect like now. Just shy of 6inches and cut. He spat on his hand and rubbed it all over the head and shaft as he began to stroke it. He held onto the tree next to him as he began to shamelessly masturbate with more vigour to the thoughts of Jill’s tight and sweaty body. How he longed to see her perky teardrop breasts uncovered and feel the texture of her nipples in his mouth. He fantasised about seeing her sweaty body in the throws of passion. Her legs wrapped around his body or held up with his hands around her ankles. The feeling of her wetness coating his hard cock as he fucked her. That thought was the straw that broke the camel’s back as it were and he began to involuntary groan as he came hard. His hot white semen shooting out of his cock and against the tree he was now leaning on.

After panting heavily for a moment and wiping the sweat from his brow. He put his now softening penis back into his boxers and tied up his belt. He couldn’t quite believe how good that felt. He felt so dirty having just cum to the though of his younger sister yet again. His infatuation with her was getting worse everyday and even though he had just cum for the first time in days, he was still horny. He wished kaçak iddaa she felt the same.

Sometimes he thought she actually did. They sometimes shared small, almost intimate moments that made him think she did but he always chocked them down to wishful thinking. How could she? They were family!

He grabbed the wood he had collected and began to walk back to Jill and suddenly became aware again of the blistering heat. It couldn’t be much later than mid day and the air was stifling. As he walked through the trees he could hear Jill singing softly. She did this quite often and she was actually rather good. As he approached closer and she came into view he almost died!

She was stood up and was wearing nothing but her beige bra and pink cotton panties. He stopped walking and admired the view of her hot slender body reaching up as she finished tying a tarpaulin sheet to a tree branch to make a small shelter. He could see from the distance that her pink panties had crept up in between her soft bum cheeks and was giving her the cutest wedgie he had ever seen. As he began to walk closer she heard his footsteps and turned to face him. “Oh good, you got wood!” she called out.

Little did she know, even after just ejaculating against a tree. He definitely had wood! He thought she was so beautiful. It was killing him. Literally eating away at his insides.

“I man! I collect wood!” he replied in his best cave man impression.

This made them both chuckle as he dropped the pile of wood down. He sat down and began to remove his boots and socks but stopped short of removing his trousers. He thought better of it in case he couldn’t control his manhood. Then he said, “would you be able to pass the water please? I’m so thirsty!”

“Sure thing Gar! We might actually have to find some more tomorrow if this weather keeps up.” She said as she bent over to look in his bag.

He stared at her ass without even blinking. Her pink cotton pants were damp from sweat and he could see the darker patches this had caused. She stood up again and walked towards him saying, “We also need to trim that moustache again. You definitely suit the beard though. It looks really good on you.” She actually blushed after saying this. You couldn’t tell because of her heat blushed cheeks but Garry could swear he saw it in her eyes.

She handed him the water and went over to her bag to find her small pair of scissors while calling back to Garry, “How can you still be wearing those black trousers! If I was you, they would’ve right off!”

“You’re right, it’s bloody roasting!” Garry said. He couldn’t hold off any longer, he just had to chance it. He stood up and undid his belt and let his thick black work trousers fall.

Garry was an apprentice roofer before the virus hit and he wore his work clothes now because of their durability. They were black and hard wearing but not great in the heat. The air felt good on his bare and sweaty legs as he folded his trousers up and sat back down drinking his water.

Jill walked over to him with the scissors and knelt down in front of him. His heart started to beat so hard he was scared she would hear it. She had one knee between his legs and the other straddled over his left thigh and she leaned in closer too him and said, “Sit still, I don’t want to mess this up.”

He could feel the heat from her body as she gently brushed his moustache downward. Just before she made the first cut, a mixture of nerves and excitement made them both burst out into laughter that they couldn’t control. The more they tried to keep a straight face the worse it got. Jill was nearly crying and her head had fallen back. She was now sitting on his leg and Garry was laughing so hard and enjoying the moment so much he completely forgot about the dangers of getting an erection and was starting to get a sizable semi.

“Stop it! I’ll cut the whole thing off If you keep laughing! Come on now. Deep breaths, we can do this.” She said while wiping her eyes.

“Ok, lets do it. One, two, three.” Garry said before holding his breath.

Jill cut along his top lip quickly and it was done. Then afterwards, there was a strange moment of closeness between them. These moments seemed to Garry to becoming more frequent. It felt like the air became thicker and everything went silent. Jill was sitting back on Garry’s leg and was softly stoking his moustache and beard. Then she brushed his face and said,

“Yup, I’m definitely a fan of the beard. It hides your ugly mug!”

Garry laughed heartily and shoved her playfully back. Pushing her bum harder into his leg. She pushed him hard on the shoulders in response but it was harder than she intended or Garry expected. He fell backwards and with a short girly squeal she toppled onto him. Her thigh pressed onto his semi hard penis and her hot, sweaty stomach pressed heavily against his. He felt her hair tickle his face as she stopped herself from head butting him by supporting her body with her arms and he could feel the fabric of her bra rubbing against his chest. They looked into kaçak bahis each others eyes for a small moment before Jill quickly broke the silence with laughter.

“Oh, sorry! Am I crushing you?” she said as she rolled off him laughing. She brushed her leg against his as she fell off of him and Garry spotted her eyes flick over his crotch while quickly getting up. He could swear she was fighting back a cheeky smile as she did this but again, it was probably just wishful thinking. Or was it?

If she had been anybody else he would have made a move by now. She got up and walked to her bag to put the scissors back and Garry basically lunged towards his bag and he used it as cover for his growing bulge. He began to rummage through it, hoping to find something useful as a cover for looking in it. He almost foolishly took out a small bottle of moisturizer he had found at the camp site. When Jill seen the tiny white bottle she nearly screamed!

“Yes! Moisturizer! God, I love you sometimes! Any chance to can rub a little on my shoulders. I think they caught the sun today and those bag straps are awful when I don’t have my shirt on.” She asked pleadingly.

“Eh, sure thing Jill. Come over here and I’ll give you some. I think the back of my neck got it the worst and maybe a little on my face.” Garry said as he soothed his forehead with a pea sized amount. He rubbed his hand over his neck as Jill walked over to him and sat cross legged In front of him. She had her back facing him and retied her hair. She was so close now and he could almost taste the saltiness of her sun soaked neck as he pictured kissing it. He couldn’t control his shameful manhood any longer either as he looked down her back to the tip of her pink underwear. He begged God to let him have a peek at the holy grail. It was almost too much.

Garry squirted a decent amount of cream onto his hands and rubbed them together. He really should be rationing it but couldn’t resist enjoying this moment. He knew it would be the source of many dirty and incestuous wanks in the future.

“This will probably be cold for a second. Then again, your neck is so hot it might actually boil.” He laughed.

She chuckled and said “I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m honest. We were only walking for about three hours today but it really got to me.”

“I know” said Garry. “It was getting to me too.”

He took his hands and gently began to rub the cream onto his sister’s back. Mostly over her shoulders and the top of her back between her shoulder blades. Then he started to run his thumbs in circles as his palms massaged her shoulder tops. She was clearly enjoying it as she let out small, soft moans.

“Mmm it’s so soothing. Thank you.” She muttered.

“Anytime.” Garry replied as he continued to work his hands and thumbs all over the top of her back for a while.

Then he ran his two thumbs one after the other from the base of her neck all the way up till he reached her hairline. Jill visibility shivered as he did this and moaned out again softly. Garry could now see goose pimples on her arms as she closed her eyes and swayed her head in time with his thumbs.

“Oh God, this is so good. Thank you so much. I never realised just how sore my back was until now. I guess you just get used to it.” Jill said.

“Honestly, don’t mention it. I’m glad I can help. Just think, I almost never took this lotion!” Garry said, now taking in every detail he could of his younger sister. “If you have a bad back I can massage that too if you like? Or is that weird?”

“Would you?” Jill replied. “I’d actually really appreciate it if you could. I don’t think it’s weird. It might have been in the old world to be honest but we’re all we’ve got now and I need me a massage!” she laughed at this and then said, “Here, I’ll lie on my belly.”

Garry chortled in response and said, “You’re right ya’know. It’s us against the world. Now, this WILL be cold.

As she lay down flat and cradled her head in her folded arms, Garry quickly shifted his hard cock into the elastic of his boxer shorts. He squirted the lotion over her lower and upper back causing Jill to scream out at the shock of the cold liquid on her roasting hot skin. He knelt beside her and started to rub it deeply into her soft back. He ran his hands from the bottom of her back and up her spine to her neck.

“Mmm Your hands are like magic Gar! Who knew?” Jill said while softly moaning. “Maybe you could focus on my lower back?”

“Sure thing Jill” Garry replied as he worked his hands all over the small of Jill’s back. His erection was in full force now and there wasn’t anything he could do to hide it. He just had to hope she wouldn’t see.

As he continued to massage her soft skin he had his eyes fixated on her tight round ass and her sweaty pink underwear that was riding slightly between her cheeks. He could see the shimmering sweat on them and imagined in great detail what her tight, sweaty asshole would look like. He wanted with all of his existence to pull down her pants and run his hands all over her backside. He wanted to gently part her cheeks to show it in full view. He could feel the swell in his cock start to produce pre cum as he imagined mounting his little sister and slowly pushing his hard cock in between her thighs, allowing the head of his cock to spread her hot pussy lips.

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LS Takes Control

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Note: These stories are written by cc for ls. We are in a long distance relationship and use these stories to explore sexual ideas that we can’t explore directly. LS found this story rather silly since there is no way she would ever even be this dominant. Any feedback will be viewed by both of us. Enjoy!


Bright light. Even through your closed eyes you know there is bright light.

Then thinking starts. You remember last night. You remember your orgasm. That was good.

You feel me breathing, your head rising and falling gently on my chest. You hug me close to you reach up and kiss me awake. Starting at my chin you kiss all over my face until I wake up.

I can’t imagine a better vision that you to wake up to.

“Good morning, beautiful, did you sleep well?”

You nod and let me pull you back down. We cuddle up for a few minutes, our bodies touching as much as possible.

Resting your head on one arm you pull my free hand up to cup your breast. It’s not about sex, not now. It’s just about being close, being intimate.

We talk a little. I let you know how exciting it was to have you wake me up like that. We talk about what you liked. Then we talked about the day and what we might do. There are plenty of sights to see. You think the waterfalls would be pretty. Maybe we can have lunch near the water?

We decide to bring that up with the rest and then start to get ready for the day. I take a quick shower and then you head in. I’m dressed when you are done with your shower, but you let me stay and watch a little as you finish drying and start getting dressed. You are so very beautiful.

After you get your underwear on you send me out so you can do your hair and finish getting dressed. Not much makeup since that will stop me from massaging your face!

Everyone is being lazy and it’s nearly noon before we are all up and ready to head out. We go to the waterfall and have lunch there by 3. After lunch we are lounging on the grass. Your head resting in my lap. You think about our time together so far.

You do prefer having me in control during sex… most of the time. But not tonight. Tonight, LS is taking control. You smile as you put your hand behind your bahis siteleri head. To an observer, it looks like your just propping up your head. In fact, your massaging my cock through my pants. My part of the conversation trails off as your fingers work their magic.

The rest of the day is fairly normal, although you are a little freer than I’m used to in how often you grab me. The only time we are more than a meter apart is when one of us goes to the bathroom. I’m intrigued.

You have me sit down for dinner first and then you bring me a plate of food. As you put it down you whisper in my ear, “You were in control last night, but tonight you are mine!” We eat dinner, and I try to act normally, but everyone can see I’m distracted.

Dinner is done at 10 and we sit and talk with everyone for an hour. Instead of sitting at my feet, tonight you sit in my lap. You have your head on my shoulder and you keep both my arms wrapped around your waist. I let my hand drop to your ass once in a while to give you a squeeze. You just look at me, smile and raise my hand back to your waist.

After about an hour you go “get ready for bed”. You wash up and then come back and grab my hand. “It’s bed time”, you say simply as you pull me away.

“Go brush your teeth and wash up, then come to bed” you say. Everything you say is so ordinary, but the way you say it is clearly a command.

I enter our bedroom and you are still fully dressed sitting on the edge of the bed. I shut the door as you stand and come over. I start to speak, but you put a finger to my lips and say, “shhh”. You pull my face down and start to kiss me. Just like I’ve done to you, you gentle kiss and suck on my lips. Run you tongue over my lips. Long passionate kisses.

Your hands aren’t idle. You swiftly remove my shirt (the button up kind so you don’t even have to break our kiss) and throw it aside. Then, holding my face near yours with one hand you reach down and undo my pants with your free hand. Once they are undone you crouch down and pull down both my pants and underwear. There is a little confusion getting everything off since I still have my sneakers on, but a little tugging and everything comes off. You stand back canlı bahis siteleri up in front of me.

You are full clothed, I’m fully naked. After a few more kisses you break away and start running your hands down my body. When you get to my hips you turn me and push me back onto the bed.

A few seconds later I’m laying down, my legs hanging over the bed at the knees. You pull my hands up to the top of the bed and say “Keep your hands above your head until I say otherwise” and then you proceed to kiss me. Slowly traveling down my body. You still haven’t touched my cock yet, but you smile as you see me at rock hard attention while you kiss your way down me.

When you get to my waist, you shift your body so you are half laying on the bed between my legs. My cock is twitching with anticipation. Instead of sucking me, though, you simply swirl your long hair around my cock, letting your soft hair tease me. You can’t see my face through the curtain of your hair, but you can tell my reactions from my twitching cock and my shallow breathing.

Slowly, you lower your head and kiss and lick all around the base of my cock and balls. You brush against me with your cheek, but that’s it. For several long minutes you just lick and kiss around my cock. You go a little lower and start licking and sucking on my balls. Grabbing them in you hand and lightly squeezing. Lifting them out of the way and licking the underside. It’s driving me crazy.

Twice you feel me move and you look up. Guiltily I stop moving my arms down. I so want to caress your hair, hold you down and force you to stop teasing me and suck my cock! But I’m allowing you to stay in control tonight.

Finally! You start to suck me off in earnest. I can’t believe how intense the feeling is as you run your tongue around the head of my cock! I’m nearly at the point of no return when you let my cock out of your mouth. You’re still playing with my balls as I open my eyes and look down. You have a glint in your eyes that tells me the game is just beginning!

Still clothed, you climb up my body. You kiss me deeply and get up. You start to strip off your clothes. Not quickly, this is part of the tease.

First your shirt, güvenilir bahis then your pants and panties. As you start to undo the clasps of you bra, you look at me and shake you head. “No, you have to earn these”, you say as you walk back to the bed.

I’m looking at you, nearly naked. I see your lips already puffed out between your legs as you walk over. You get on the bed and kneel over my face. You bring my arms back down and place my hands on your ass. Then you lower yourself the rest of the way onto my face. I don’t need more encouragement and I start licking right away.

I run my tongue up and down your slit. Rubbing your clit with my nose when I am at the bottom of your slit. I suck your puffy lips into my mouth as I make a full circle and end up with my nose on your clit again. With my hands I rub your ass and run my nails down your back.

You alternate between running your hands through my hair and playing with your breasts. You undo the clasp of your bra, but don’t remove it. Instead you use the cups to shield your breasts from my view. All you let me see is as you lower your head a let a little spit dribble onto your nipple to make it more slippery as you play with it.

As I continue your breathing become more shallow, and I know you are getting close. I keep working on your clit and am rewarded with watching you orgasm. You look down at me as you finish coming. You look blurry eyed. But your eyes are still filled with lust. This is clearly not the end.

You drop the bra over my face and start to move down my body again. This time you stop and grab my cock in your hand. You line it up with your slit and force yourself down on me. As you start bouncing up and down, grinding yourself into me, I realize that you hadn’t finishing coming. You are still in the same orgasm as before.

You reach down and play with your clit as your continue to ride me. Eventually your spasms finish and you collapse on my chest. You kiss me deeply as you contract your muscles to squeeze my still hard cock.

You rock gently a few times and slowly raise yourself off me. You pull my arms around you and we kiss as you reach down and stroke me off. After a couple of minutes you feel me twitch as I come. It takes another minute for me to be able to see straight as you continue to stroke me until I’m completely soft in your hand.

We clean up a bit and climb back into bed.

All is good with with world. We are both sated and you are falling asleep in my arms.

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Sons , Lovers Pt. 01

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Big Tits

Sons Part 1.

(This is a fictionalization. All of those involved were older than 18 at the time of the events recounted here.)

“Oh, my God; did he just slap my ass? Did my 20 year-old son just slap his mother’s ass? I can hardly believe it, but he did! The little devil!

I know I’m supposed to be indignant, take him to task for touching a woman without her permission( never mind his mother), but I’m too amused by the audacity of his gesture, maybe a little flattered by his attention; okay—I’m a lot flattered—and, I’m afraid to admit it, more than just a little bit excited.

Were we flirting? Was I flirting with my own son? Was he flirting back? Who started it? I don’t remember now, but I’m not going to forget the mild sting of his palm against my backside. Is he attracted to me? Is that normal for boys his age? Maybe he likes my ass? It’s always been my greatest asset, no pun intended. Like father, like son, I guess.

The best I can muster is a flirtatious “mock indignation”, coupled with a coquettish giggle. Is that an invitation to do it again? Or to continue the flirtation? I think it is!

Dear lord, what am I doing?

And where is that supposed to lead? Nowhere , of course-I certainly don’t want to encourage him, or any fantasies…do I? Oh come on, it’s harmless fun, a sweet show of affection, nothing more. Where’s the harm?”


What is it they say about the flapping of butterfly’s wings? Their movement here becomes a cyclone half-way around the globe? That the same could be said of a playful slap on the ass would have seemed absurd to me we’re I not to become an enthusiastic participant in the resulting tsunami.

We had been cleaning out the basement in preparation for an upcoming renovation. Thick plastic garbage bags filled with the detritus of ten years accumulation of whatever gadget had fallen out of favor, lost a part or simply stopped working. Brooms kicking up more dust than we couple possibly collect; all to the soundtrack of top-forty AM radio, circa 1974. Amidst the hustle and bustle there were good spirits and lots of joking; my son, home from college for summer break, was surprisingly willing to help with the project, even though it meant working around the house for a few days, rather than hanging out with his buddies. The work was not too strenuous, the company pleasant, and we were having a good time joking around and catching up on the recent events of each others’ lives.

We’d always been close; he was my only child, and among the most surprising developments of motherhood was that as my son had matured he became a person with whom I found it easy to talk with; a confidant, an advisor, a friend—my best friend. He knew about the periodic difficulties his father and I had had in our relationship; my frustration with my husband’s emotional distance; he shared my passion for art and music; we spent hours talking about our favorite musicians and many afternoons playing our favorite records for one another. I cherished our special relationship and the time we spent together, as did he. Despite our emotional closeness, we did not have an overly physical relationship; there weren’t a lot of hugs or kisses, at least -not at the time of the basement renovation. That I did not hug or hold him a great deal as he was growing up is a mystery to which I have no answer-but I certainly made up for it later on.

I was wearing a tight pair of navy blue polyester knit pants and a black short sleeve top, white sneakers and a red kerchief holding back my thick, shoulder length auburn-hair, Jackie-O style. I was dressed for light work and comfort; I had no inkling what my attire might arouse in Greg.

I was well aware I had a good figure, and to put it bluntly, a nice ass; but that wasn’t a consideration when I got dressed that day, and as I was bending over to pick up one thing or another off the floor, Greg just behind me, I didn’t imagine my son was staring at his mother’s ass.

Or did I? It’s a question I have asked myself over and over and never come to a satisfactory answer. I knew men looked at me, and despite some nagging insecurities, I knew I was attractive. Over the years I’d caught many a wayward glance from my husband’s friends and colleagues, enough so I was well attuned to when I’d caught someone’s eye. And while I would never admit it to myself, I had sometimes seen that look in my son’s eye as he focused his attentions on me, followed by that furtive expression of embarrassment when a young man is caught looking and quickly turns away.

We had been been joking; I’d taken to calling him “Mr. Muscles” as he hauled heavy bags of garbage out of the basement, praising his strong arms and threatening to put him to work on a myriad of jobs around the house. He responded with something about worker exploitation and we had a playful back-and-forth. Were we flirting? bahis siteleri If it had been any other man I would have said so with certainty; but my son? Had there been someone in the room with us, I’m sure they would have confirmed it, but at the time, I never would have admitted it.

So as he stood behind me holding a broom, and I bent over in front of him to pick something up off the floor, displaying my shapely bottom for his penetrating gaze; was I asking for what followed? Or was I as innocent as I’ve allowed myself to think all these years?

I may never have an answer; but as I was bent prostrate in front of him, I suddenly felt the swat of his hand on my tush, and then the light poke of the broom-stick tapping my cheeks! Surprised, I sprung upright and turned to look at him with astonishment, and giggling called out his name like I did when he was a child and in trouble for one thing or another; “Gregory! What do you think you’re doing?”

My laughter revealed the pretense of my apparent indignation, and he took it as an invitation to follow through on what he had started; adopting the pose of a lecherous monster he stalked me, and like Marilyn Monroe running around a desk chased by her lecherous boss I heard myself squeal as I began to skirt around the basement, vainly trying to evade the swat of his broom. I was not entirely successful, and after a lap around the basement and one or two more light swats on my bottom, we stopped running and broke up laughing like two naughty kids. We went back to work and didn’t speak of it, but the rest of the afternoon passed quickly, buoyed by our shared excitement.

It was an enthralling moment, and while I tried to push off it’s implications, the thought of it afterwards took my breath away, and kept me awake late into the night. I was too Catholic, and too innocent(or at least I thought I was), to envision what was too come, but the racing of my heart confirmed the sexual implications of that afternoon’s small gesture, and despite my conscious denial, I felt moisture between my legs.

The next day passed without incident or comment on our flirtation( if that’s what it was), as did the next and the next. Our relationship appeared unchanged, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Weeks went by and as the basement renovation began and things around the house became hectic, our little joke( if that’s what it was) seemed to be forgotten. But what seems to be is not necessarily what is, and periodically I found myself reflecting upon those few seconds in the basement; and as I recalled my exhilaration in being chased and the pleasant sting of his hand upon my ass, I could not help but smile. I wondered if he thought about it too; of course, some time later I learned the memory fueled his imagination on many a lonely evening.

While at that point in our relationship I had no conscious imaginings of the kind fueling Gregory’s nights, I was still curious about the motivation that drove his hand to my butt. Was it simply a playful sign of affection( as I tried to convince myself), or was there something more to it? I was desperate to find out. I didn’t have to wait too long for an answer.

One warm July afternoon we had been to lunch and gone shopping; something we were wont to do once a week or so when he had a day away from his summer job. In every way our periodic afternoon excursions were date-like; time set aside to simply delight in one another’s company; affording us time to converse without interruption about things large and small. I was never aware of thinking of these afternoons as “dates”, but looking back on it, I realize I would spend an inordinate amount of time beforehand, searching for just the right outfit, fixing my hair and putting my face on, ensuring I would look good for him and he would be proud to be with me. I felt the thrill of victory whenever he complimented me on my appearance.

This particular day, we had had a few drinks with lunch, and when a waitress mistook us for a couple, we had quite a laugh about Gregory being my young boyfriend. But the joke stirred some longing in me, and I was just tipsy enough to say something as we left the restaurant; “…well, in a way, you are my boyfriend, aren’t you?”

As he took my arm in his, he replied ” you bet, Mom. Always…”

It all seemed innocent enough.

Among the things we’d bought that afternoon was a hummingbird feeder. The drinks had worn off by the time we got home, and Gregory hung it up on the back porch. I beckoned him back inside to see if we might successfully attract any of those miraculous birds. We stood at the window just above the kitchen sink, waiting. It was a confined space, with room for only one person to be at the sink at a time, so Greg stood behind me, and not being tall,

had to step up on his tippy-toes to see the feeder clearly over my shoulder. After a few seconds, a bird arrived at the feeder, and we both canlı bahis siteleri eagerly craned our necks to get a better view.

Gregory had to lean in against me as he stretched up on his toes; and as he did so his crotch gently pushed up against my ass. To balance himself he put one hand on the sink counter, and his left hand on my hip. My pulse quickened and my heart raced as I felt his touch. Despite myself, I was so excited I couldn’t breathe. We stood there like statues for what seemed an eternity, and truthfully, I didn’t want to move.

As the bird left, it was quickly followed by another, and leaving his left hand on my hip, he placed his right on my shoulder. His weight shifted to rest on me and as I felt his hot breath on my neck, I felt as though I was going to melt on the floor. His crotch pressed against me with more insistence, and while he was careful that it seem only the natural result of our positions against the sink and our mutual desire to see the hummingbirds, I could feel the warm bulge of his hardening cock against my ass. Overcome with fear and desire, I could hear my heart pumping like a jackhammer in my head.

As the birds left and we stepped back from the sink, I felt his hand slide off my hip, and gently, ever so gently, his palm slowly gliding down the curve of my ass; his touch so light as to be almost imperceptible, tracing the entirety of the slope and curve of my cheek until finally coming to rest at the bottom where he cupped his palm ever so slightly against the plumpest part of my derrière.

He was driving me crazy. It was just enough that I was sure he could feel the flesh but not forceful enough to be considered a grab. If it had happened on the subway I’d have barely noticed.

Stepping back from the window, we both pretended to be unaware of what had just passed between us. There was no longer any question about it, his touch was overtly sexual; and I hadn’t objected. The message was clear, our mutual desire hung heavy in the room like the smoke of a smoldering fire.

But we weren’t ready to admit it to one another or, more importantly, to ourselves. We made small talk about the birds, and as others arrived at the feeder, we pointed them out to one another, sure to view from different vantage points. I don’t remember much of the remainder of that day; by the time his father arrived home from work the electro-static charge of the moment had dissipated and we sat at the dinner table as a family, just as we usually did. I remember my husband commenting on the bird-feeder.

By any normal measure of sexual encounters, that moment watching the birds would not even register on the scale. Yet it felt earth-shattering; a monumental crack in the facade of my denial. If I’d been successful at keeping erotic thoughts about my son at bay since that first incident, they rushed through that fissure like flood waters through a crack in a dam now.

The memory of his hard, warm cock against me both plagued and delighted me. Despite myself, I began to wonder what it looked like, the shape of it, how big it was. Naturally, I hadn’t seen it since he’d entered adolescence years before. Unlike his father, Gregory was circumcised; and while I’d been faithful to his father, I never really cared for his cock; I much preferred the look and feel of a circumcised penis. I’d had limited sexual experience before we’d married( it was the 1950’s after all-and there’s no under-estimating the power of Catholic guilt) and I was still a virgin on our wedding night. So while I’d held the shaft of one in my hand, I still wondered what a circumcised cock felt would feel like in my mouth, and inside me. Devoid of its hood, both beauty and elegance are revealed in it’s shape, and I imagined my tongue exploring every curve of the smooth head; a head that seemed as though it would slide so sweetly and effortlessly inside of me.

As days passed, I became obsessed imagining my son’s manhood. I was determined to catch a glimpse of it before the summer ended and he returned to school. Naturally, I hadn’t seen it for a number of years—and I keenly recalled the loss I’d felt when he was nine or ten and the body I’d given birth to, cradled, bathed and diapered, suddenly became inaccessible to me, that time when your child is self-aware enough to demand autonomy and develops a sense of modesty. But that loss was tempered by pride in my child’s growing sense of self; and as a parent I gradually learned to respect those boundaries. This new curiosity, however, was a development of a different order and notions of morality and propriety were helpless before my insatiable curiosity.

Now, imagining his hard, sleek, circumcised penis sent shivers down my spine.

Running his daily routine over and over through my mind, I came to the conclusion the only opportune moment to catch him undressed and unaware would be during or after his shower. My plan was simple; güvenilir bahis remove the towels from the upstairs bathroom and count on him to step into the shower without noticing( which would be typical, judging by how often I found puddles between the bath and the linen closet in the hallway outside).

So early one August morning, while Gregory was still sleeping, I gathered up the all the upstairs bathroom towels, placed them in the laundry room and conveniently forgot to replace them.

I then placed clean towels in a laundry basket and carried it up to the kitchen, where the sound of water running in the upstairs bathroom was usually audible. I made my morning coffee, read the paper and waited. My strategy was to meet him on the landing with the basket of towels just at the moment he came out of the bathroom in search of one from the linen closet. He’d be embarrassed and say there were no towels and I’d say I had done laundry late and forgot to replace them until I heard the water running for his shower. And if all went accordingly, his manhood would be on full display.

It sounds silly now, but its success depended upon precision timing and his adherence to his usual routine. Any deviation and it was a no-go. There were mornings wherein he’d skip his shower entirely and come directly downstairs for his coffee. If that were the case, I’d have to quickly hide the laundry basket and wait for another opportunity.

Some time after nine, I heard him stirring in his bedroom just above the kitchen. I heard his footsteps through the ceiling as he crossed his bedroom floor and walk towards the bathroom. The sound of the bathroom door closing followed. His pattern was to relieve himself, brush his teeth and hop in the shower, in that order. Minutes passed. I held my breath and waited. Would he or won’t he? I heard the muffled sound of the toilet flush. And then, the pipes opening, water rushing—yes! He was in the shower.

He was not one to dawdle under the water, but this morning it seemed like he was taking an extra long time; “What could he be doing in there?” I wondered, growing more impatient with every passing second. Suddenly I found myself imagining him in the shower, soaping up and stroking his stiffening cock as the water cascaded over his youthful body.

Intoxicated by the vision of my son stroking his rock-hard penis, I almost didn’t hear it when the rush of water through the pipes ended abruptly. Catching my breath, I counted to five, picked up the laundry basket and with great restraint, I calmly climbed the stairs. A second off one way or the other, and I’d miss his foray from the safety of the bathroom into the unguarded, wide-open space of the landing. I counted the steps as I walked them; one, two, three—and hoped that for once I’d be in the right place at the right time.

As I approached the landing, I heard the sound of the bathroom door creak open. Just as I reached the top of the stairs, I looked up just in time to see my wet, naked son bound out of the bathroom like a frightened deer escaping the forest, his mildly engorged manhood swinging freely between his legs like the trunk of a pachyderm ( to mix my metaphors). I stared, fixated at the sight of his glorious cock; swinging to and fro like a bell on a chain; swollen, sleek and beautifully proportioned, it took all of my strength to turn my eyes up to his shocked face.

Deeply embarrassed, he mumbled something about searching for towels; and handing him one,I replied I’d just washed them. And then, to lighten the moment, I said

” don’t worry, honey, it’s not like I’d never seen it before…” and we laughed, an uncomfortable laugh, as he took the towel and closed the bathroom door behind him; offering me the additional prize of glimpsing his naked tush as he walked away.

I was so pleased with myself, as much for the flawless execution of my elaborate plan as for realizing my goal. Looking back, it was akin to starring in my own bank-heist movie, it was that much fun.

I’d satisfied my curiosity, but once I’d seen it, of course, I wanted to see it again. I wanted to hold it, feel it in my hand, stroke it and make it hard and put it in my mouth and wrap my tongue around the beautiful head of it, explore every delicious curve and then swallow it whole.

My thoughts were racing faster than I could keep up, and before I’d even returned to the kitchen I’d already envisioned sitting astride it, riding it, swallowing it deep within me. Suddenly self-conscious, I stopped my mind in its tracks; “I’d only wanted to catch a glimpse of it, nothing more” I told myself.

I was not prepared for the rush of conflicting thoughts. A deep sense of morality and cultural propriety collided with lust and desire amidst a sense of motherly pride. I remember being pleased thinking that girls would find my son’s cock attractive, and as soon as I’d thought it a well of involuntary jealousy rose within me. I wanted it for myself.

Of course, I knew that was an impossibility, and the realization filled me with sadness, followed by a determined possessiveness and then shame. The simple sight of it, how could the simple sight of his maturity send me into so much turmoil?

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Maddie in Cancún Ch. 03

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The hot water felt good on Maddie’s body as she took her time lathering herself….. cleaning every inch of her body…. all of a sudden an uncontrollable urge came over Maddie as she was lathering her breasts and nipples……soaping her pussy .

She allowed a finger to tease her clit a little….. soon she slipped a finger slowly inside herself….. then two…. “Ooooooh,” she moaned aloud… the steam made her light headed as she stroked her clit with one hand and squeezed her breast with the other…….. “Mmmmmm,” she was so hot….so horny…

She thought of Sam and planned to meet him again. She shaved her legs, under her arms, and her pussy making sure it was completely bald and she applied a lightly scented lotion all over.

Out of the shower, Maddie chose her outfit for the night. She picked out her smallest black thong and a little black strapless dress that clung to her curves, it was one of Will’s favourites but she hoped that Sam would like it just as much. Maddie got dressed carefully making sure the outfit was perfect. She picked out a pair of heels to complete the outfit which made her butt and legs look fantastic.

Her cell phone rang, “Hey Maddie,” it was Beth, she told Maddie that their boyfriends were both downstairs at the bar and she suggested that Maddie come over to her room so they could help each other get ready and drink some wine. Maddie quickly agreed and grabbing her makeup bag she headed out to Beth’s room. But first she sent Sam a text with the name of the club they were panning to visit.

“Wow, I love your dress,” Beth said as she opened the door for Maddie. Soon the two girls were happily chatting away, music blaring from Beth’s ipod. Beth poured them each a large glass of wine and Maddie sipped away at the drink as Beth helped her get her hair looking perfect. When she had finished, Maddie swapped paces to stand behind Beth and help her style her blonde hair.

“So are you all dressed up like that for Will?” Beth asked causally

“Err … of course,” Maddie replied a little off guard.

“Or are you going to flirt with other guys again tonight?” Beth pressed her

“It was one dance,” Maddie lied.

“At least two,” Beth corrected her.

“I’m on vacation!” Maddie justified. “I’m just having fun you should lighten up, Beth!”

“But Will…”

“Will doesn’t mind so why do you!” snapped Maddie.

Beth was unconvinced but decided to drop it for now not wanting to fall out with her friend on their vacation.

By the time they had finished getting ready the bottle of wine was finished and Maddie was starting to feel drunk. The two friends headed down to the hotel bar to meet the boys.

“Why do you women take so long to get ready?” Richard complained, light heartedly, when the girls joined him and Will at the bar.

“We look good, don’t we?” Beth demanded and the two girls struck a sexy pose.

Will stood up and moved to embrace Maddie. “Wow, you look great!” He kissed her. “I love that dress” he told her.

“I know,” she whispered back, kissing his ear. “I wore it for you,” she lied. “I feel hot dressing up for you” she told him but really she was feeling hot for Sam.

They all had another drink at the bar then headed out.

The club was, if possible, even more full than the Coco Bongo the night before. Maddie swayed her hips in time to the heavy beat as they made their way in and over towards the bar. Maddie was feeling very drunk already as they had been to several bars between the hotel and the club but she had Will go and get her another drink while she scanned the club looking for Sam.

Sam stood talking to his buddies, they had picked a spot that gave them a clear view of most of the club, the dance floor and the bar area. This allowed them to check out the people in the club so they could quickly pick out girls to approach.

“So Sam,” his buddy Greg asked him, raising his voice to be heard over the music, “Tell me more about this Maddie chick? Is she hot”

“Yeah she’s hot,” Sam told him. “Great body, real big tits and a nice butt and you should have seen the dress she wore in the club! That’s what made me first notice her. It tied at the front and only just covered her breasts. It looked so hot!

“And she was dancing with her friend. It looked like her boyfriend had stayed at the bar, not wanting to dance, so I made my move! He was an idiot to let her out of his sight dressed like that!”

Sam had wasted no time in telling his buddies about his exploits with Maddie last night, both in the club and back at his room. But Greg was eager for more details

“So are you gonna meet her again tonight?”

“Dunno,” Sam replied lazily. His eye fell on a tall leggy blonde dancing nearby in a sheer white sundress. “Maybe I’ll find a new bitch to fuck tonight! Yeah,” he said, “I’m gonna pick out the hottest chick in here and take her back with me and bang her!”

And Sam continued scanning the club.

“What about her? ” asked Greg “That girl by the bar in the black dress? türkçe bahis She’s smoking hot!”

Sam looked over where his buddy was pointing and then he saw her. It was Maddie. She looking over in their direction. He had to admit she looked really hot, dressed in a tight, strapless black dress and, he remembered, she had been a great fuck. Sam was still undecided when he saw her boyfriend return from the bar and hand Maddie a drink. He remembered the fun at the beach flirting with Maddie in front of Will and teasing him. He made up his mind.

“I’d love to fuck her!” Greg went on, still not knowing who the girl was.

“That’s Maddie,” Sam told him. “And,” he continued, a sly smile spreading over his face, “That’s her boyfriend stood next to her.”

Sam regaled Greg with the story of flirting with Maddie right in front of Will on the beach and feeling her up while her boyfriend was swimming.

“As soon as her boyfriend went into the sea, I had my hands all over those big tits of hers” Sam told his friend boastfully. “The slut started getting really hot and grabbing at my dick right there with her boyfriend in the sea so I took her off behind some sand dunes and had her go down on me.

“She’s a good cocksucker, Sam continued, “Really knows how to use her mouth and it made her so hot she was finger-fucking herself the whole time. And by the end she was begging me to fuck her right there!”

Greg was listening raptly and kept looking over at Maddie as Sam told the lewd story picturing the scene in his mind.

“But I told her maybe later,” laughed Sam, “And I sent her back to her stupid boyfriend!”

Greg laughed, “What a loser! Hey d’you think he kissed her, like straight afterwards?”

The two friends laughed evilly at the thought.

“Screw him, anyway,” Sam said. “If he can’t keep a hot piece of ass like that happy he don’t deserve her!”

“Amen to that,” agreed Greg.

“She’s a great fuck too,” Sam continued. “Last night she was trying to fuck me right out in the open in club Coco Bongo! I dragged her off to the toilets and fucked her in there.”

“Nice,” said Greg, giving him a high-five.

“Then she texted me like an hour later to meet up again so I took her back to the hotel for a proper fuck. She couldn’t get enough of me. I reckon her boyfriend must be a really bad fuck, probably got a little needle dick that can’t satisfy her.”

“Did she stay over?” Greg asked.

“No! I sent her away once I’d come. She’s just a hot fuck I don’t need her hanging around afterwards,” Sam told him.

“So you gonna go talk to her?” asked Greg.

“Yeah. Watch me go take this chick away from her man!” Sam boasted.

Maddie felt her pussy twitch as she spotted Sam at the other side of the club. He was stood talking with his friends, had he spotted her, she wondered. She decided she should not be too obvious and turned around to carry on talking with her friend so she did not see Sam walk over to them

“Hello again,” he started as though it were a chance meeting. “Would you like to dance with me some more?” he asked. “You don’t mind do you?” Sam addressed this last question to Will almost as an afterthought.

“Okay,” Maddie agreed quickly, not giving Will a chance to object sand allowed Sam to pull her by the hand onto the dance floor.

He led Maddie over to join his friends.

“See,” he told Greg triumphantly, I told you I’d have her away from her boyfriend!”

Greg was impressed as he hadn’t been sure how much his friend had been exaggerating and, up close, he could see he had been right in his assessment of Maddie. She was hot! His eyes fell appreciatively on the generous cleavage that her skimpy dress displayed.

“This is Maddie,” he told his friends, “The girl I told you all about. I’ve just ‘borrowed’ her from her boyfriend. Hope he doesn’t mind!” Sam joked, winking openly at Greg as he said this, leaving Maddie in no doubt as to what he had told his buddy. She blushed a little then Sam kissed her on the lips as Sam’s friends all laughed at his joke.

Breaking the kiss Sam joined in the laughter and after a slight pause Maddie joined in herself even though she felt a bit bad for making fun of Will.

He did not bother to tell Maddie his friends names and instead just took hold of her head giving her another longer kiss.

Sam decided to give his buddies a thrill and his hands moved to Maddie’s tits squeezing them. Maddie moaned in lust and Sam slipped his fingers into the top of her dress.

Maddie froze as he felt Sam pulling her breasts out of her dress she struggled to pull her dress up but Sam’s hands were in the way playing with her tits. Then his hand moved between her legs to her hot pussy and overcome with lust she stopped struggling and gave in.

Greg and the other guys leered as her tits were on display, enjoying the show.

After what seemed like forever to Maddie, Sam straightened her dress and then, winking at his friends, he led Maddie onto the dance floor. Sam iddaa siteleri wasted no time, pulling her close he ran his hands lustily up and down Maddie’s body feeling her up through her tight dress. Maddie pushed her body back against him, grinding into his crotch in heat. She did not know if Will and the others could see her across the crowded dance floor, she did not care. She knew she should feel bad for ditching Will again but she was drunk and horny and Sam got her so hot that she found it hard to think about anything over than his cock. She ran her hands through Sam’s hair and kissed him passionately sliding her tongue into his mouth.

Back at the bar, Will was straining his neck, struggling to see what Maddie was doing through the crowded dance floor. He refused to go over since he didn’t want to let on how bothered he was but he couldn’t believe Maddie left him again to go dance with that Sam guy! He seethed with jealousy imagining what this strange man could be doing to his sexy girlfriend.

‘Fuck it,’ he decided, storming onto the dance floor. Then he saw his girlfriend and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Maddie was wrapped around that other guy, Sam or whatever the hell he was called and she was dry humping him right in the middle of the dance floor as they danced dirtily. Sam decided he had seen enough and turned away storming right out of the club.

As Maddie continued to gyrate hungrily against him, Sam marvelled at how slutty she was being ‘I don’t have to spend time getting her ready,’ he realised gleefully, ‘This horny bitch is ready to go!’ And he decided to get her back to his hotel room right away.

Placing a hand possessively on her ass, he directed Maddie over to his friends again.

“Sorry guys but I go gotta take care of some business,” he told them, giving Maddie’s ass a firm slap through the dress as he said it.

Maddie squealed and giggled but did not protest at this treatment.

“See you later,” Greg told his friend but the whole time his eyes were on Maddie.

Sam steered Maddie through the crowd to the exit; he was keen to get the randy girl back to his room and have her satisfy his aching cock. Maddie let him lead her, not even looking round to see if Will was watching and certainly not bothering to say goodbye. All she could think of was getting fucked again by Sam.

Outside, Sam hailed a cab to get them back to the hotel as quickly as possible. As soon as the cab doors were closed, they were making out in the back seat.

The driver adjusted the rear view mirror and Maddie could tell he was angling it for a better view of her, she moaned into Sam’s mouth the knowledge that they were being watched making her hotter than ever. Sam had one hand between her legs under her short dress teasing her wet pussy through her skimpy thong. Maddie’s hips thrust back urging Sam’s hand to touch her properly push his skilled fingers inside her..

The cab swerved and another car beeped.

“Hey, eyes on the road,” Sam told the driver.

“You must be really making him hot,” teased Sam, whispering in Maddie’s ear as his thumb grazed her clit. “He can hardly keep his eyes on the road.” Maddie gasped in pleasure at his words as much as his touch and she naughtily spread her legs hoping to give the driver an even better view.

The cab drew up at Sam’s hotel and Maddie fumbled in her purse throwing money at the driver, “Keep the change,” she urged impatiently as the driver began slowly rummaging in a box of money. She dragged Sam out pulling him toward the hotel doors, desperate to get up to his room where she could finally get his cock.

Back in the hotel room, Sam practically ripped Maddie’s dress off then threw her on the bed

“Take off your thong,” he told her. “Then turn round and bend over.” Sam demanded.

Maddie did as he asked, horribly turned on by the forceful tone of his voice. She leant over on all fours, her legs spread wide and her pussy gaping open, waiting for his cock to enter her. She didn’t have to wait long. Slowly he pushed himself into her, one delicious inch at a time, prolonging the exquisite sensation.

It felt sublime and she heard herself whispering, “Yes… fuck me Sam!”

He obliged. Once fully inside her, he paused for a moment to grab her long brown hair with one hand and her hip with the other. Her head was pulled back hard and he withdrew his beautiful cock almost to the tip, before thrusting back into her hard. Maddie cried out at the immense pleasure and Sam began to fuck her relentlessly, taking his pleasure roughly.

He gripped her hips, slamming into her, then withdrawing before slamming his full length in again. Maddie whimpered in pleasure at the rough treatment, really turned on at the way Sam was just using her. Although he was seemingly taking no interest in her, only pleasure and just roughly fucking her, paradoxically, Maddie was having the best sex of her life.

“Oh fuck…that feels so good…” She groaned helplessly as his balls slapped against her ass. He deneme bonusu veren siteler let go of her hair and reached forward to rub her clit; the hard button slick with her juices. The combination of his fingers and hard cock caused her to explode once more, her pussy contracting around him in waves of pleasure.

Her orgasm seemed to go on forever and, exhausted, she slumped forward onto the bed as Sam banged into her with increasing speed and force. At last he gave one almighty yell and came hard too; pumping hot semen into her gently pulsating cunt as she lay spent, the sweat trickling down her back in the hot room.

When Maddie got back to her hotel room it was almost light. Will heard the door open and opened his eyes, he seemed to come awake almost instantly. He stared at Maddie and his eyes flashed with anger.

“Where have you been?” he demanded. Not giving Maddie a chance to answer he pressed on, “Fucking that guy were you, you little slut?” he accused.

Maddie stammered an excuse about being with Beth.

“Don’t lie to me!” Will shouted. “I saw you all over him on the dance floor!”

“That was just dancing,” Maddie tried. “Please Will, there was nothing more.”

“I don’t believe you, you lying slut!”

They argued back and forth, Maddie still trying to deny cheating on Will. But at last Maddie lost her temper as well.

“Yeah so what if I was fucking him?” Maddie snapped back. There and then she decided she’d had enough of Will.

“At least Sam knows how to satisfy me,” she told him bluntly. “He’s so much bigger and better than you! I could never be satisfied by your little cock again after his!”

Will’s face drained white, he looked furious. Then he really shouted at Maddie, “Fuck off back to him then! Go on get out,” he ordered.

“Fine,” Maddie shouted back, “We are so over! I want to be with Sam not you. He knows how to please a woman,” she mocked, and with that she turned on her heel and stormed out of the room.

Maddie raced back the short distance to Sam’s hotel as fast as her legs would carry her. She was out of breath when she arrived and she stood panting with exertion as she waited for the elevator. In the elevator, she composed herself straightening her hair in the mirror and catching her breath.

She knocked lightly on Sam’s door until he opened it, naked save for a pair of boxer shorts. He looked sleepy and his hair was tousled. He looked puzzled to see Maddie back again surely she didn’t want more already?

“I’ve left Will,” Maddie announced. “We had a big fight and I told him I’d rather be with you, can I please stay with you?” The words tumbled out in a rush and it seemed to take Sam a moment to take them in.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said. “We only just met, we were really just having fun and well, to be honest, I’m not planning on being ‘exclusive’ this holiday.”

“Please Sam,” Maddie begged.

“If you want to come in I want something first,” Sam told her.

“What is it?” asked Maddie.

“Get on your knees and suck me off,” demanded Sam. “Then I’ll let you in”

“Please, Sam, not out here,” Maddie pleaded. “What if someone sees us?”

“It’s five o’clock in the morning, Maddie! Everyone’s asleep,” Sam reassured her and he boldly pulled his cock out of his boxers.

Maddie decided not to argue any more and, besides, the sight of Sam’s cock made her horny once more. She dropped to her knees on the cheap hotel carpet.

“Take your tits out of the dress as well,” demanded Sam.

Obediently Maddie slipped her dress down to reveal her big tits and Sam eagerly grabbed one in each hand as Maddie reached up for his big cock.

She rubbed it in her hands then licked slowly up and down his shaft, cupping his balls in her hand. Then she took the cockhead in her mouth and flicked her tongue over it lovingly.

Gradually she took more and more cock into her mouth using her tongue skilfully as she did so. She slipped a hand into her panties and rubbed her slit, sucking Sam’s cock was making her so horny. She hoped they would fuck again when Sam let her in the room.

When she had almost the whole shaft in her moth she started to move her head back up but Sam grabbed her by the back of her head and forced her to keep going.

Maddie struggled not to gag as Sam forced her all the way down on his cock until his pubic hair tickled her nose. He held her in place for a second.

“That’s it,” he told her. “That’s the way I like it”

Maddie kept sucking his dick and soon she could tell Sam was close she prepared to swallow but Sam had other ideas. He pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“I want to come on your face,” he told her.

Maddie blushed she had never done that with Will but she was feeling so horny that she decided to try it with Sam. Smiling at him she took his cock in her hand she began to wank him carefully, pointing his cock at her face. Her other hand was still rubbing her pussy bringer her closer and closer to her own climax.

“Here it comes, get ready,” Sam grunted, then he let fly. A rope of cum shot from his dick and hit Maddie in the face. Then another shot hit her bare tits. At the same time, Maddie gasped and came herself, from her fingers and the thrill of taking a facial in a hotel corridor.

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The Bentons Ch. 4

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Big Tits

Ch. IV: Thanksgiving Fun

Ann and Mark, both naked, slipped quietly into their parents’ bedroom. It was almost 9:00 AM. Louise and Lynn were still asleep. They smiled and got on each side of the bed. Slowly they removed the covers. They stood there for a moment, admiring their parents’ naked bodies. Then they carefully climbed into bed. Ann gently picked up her father’s cock and began to kiss and lick it. It began to twitch and grow until she was able to put it in her mouth and suck on it. Mark carefully moved his mother’s legs and positioned himself between them. He lowered his head and began to lick up and down her bald slit. Louise moaned as her cunt became wet and puffy. For several minutes the two children performed oral sex on their parents. Both parents began to stir as they became more and more aroused. And then they were awake.

Lynn looked down and saw his daughter’s face looking up at him. She had his erection in her mouth and her eyes danced with lustful light. He smiled at her, put his hand on her head, and guided her in fucking her face on him. “Good morning, sweetheart.” he said, “What a wonderful way to wake up.”

Louise watched her son’s face as he continued to lick and suck at her hot pussy. She opened her legs to give him better access. “Lick mommy good, honey.” she said, “Now that you’ve gotten me so horny, you better not stop until you make me cum, you motherfucker you.”

Mark suddenly climbed up over his mother. In one swift motion he buried his hard, young cock in his mother’s hole. “Motherfucker, huh. I’ll show you what it is to be a motherfucker,” he growled. He began to drive his cock in and out of her hot cunt.

Taking Mark’s clue, Ann straddled her father’s hips, grasped his thick cock, centered it, and quickly sank down, burying it inside her little, wet twat. “If Mark is a motherfucker,” she said, “I’m a fatherfucker.” And she began bouncing up and down on his rigid member.

Lynn looked at his wife. “What are we going to do with these horny kids of ours?” he jokingly asked. “I guess we better fuck them good.” she replied. “Wait a minute here.” she continued. “Who are the parents around here? Them or us?” “We are,” he said. “Then we should be doing the fucking. We should be showing them how it is done.” she countered. And with that she began to tickle her son and push him off of her. When he fell on the bed, she quickly straddled him, drove her cunt down over his cock and began fucking him for all she was worth. Her pussy seemed to eat him alive. Mark groaned with the excitement of having his mother take the aggression in their lovemaking.

Lynn grabbed his daughter, pulled her off his cock and threw her on the bed. He bent her legs back against her chest and thrust himself into her wide open pussy. He began to ravage her as he pounded into her again and again. “Yes, yes, daddy.” Ann squealed. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Pound your cock into my hot pussy. Make me cum, daddy.”

With the fast, hard pace both couples were using it did not take long for all four of them to reach the point of no return. Louise ground her wet pussy down on her son’s hard cock as it spasmed, milking his prick with a sucking motion. Mark reached up, grabbed his mother’s hips, and held her down as he thrust up and emptied his cum into her hot twat. Lynn gave one last, deep thrust into his daughter’s cunt and blasted his seed into her hot depths. Feeling her father’s cum spurt into her womb sent Ann over the edge. Her pussy quivered as it clamped down around his shooting rod.

Slowly the couples came apart and rested on the bed. All were breathing hard. Lynn looked at the clock and said, “We better get going if we are going to get to the farm in time for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Mark looked at his parents. bedava bahis “Why can’t we just stay here and have our own Thanksgiving fuck party?” he asked.

“But then you would miss out on the fuck party at grandma’s.” Ann replied.

“Fuck party at grandma’s?” Mark was puzzled.

“Sure,” Louise said, “Your grandmother can be quite a hot piece of ass when she wants to be. Can’t she, honey?”

“She sure can,” replied Lynn. “And lately she has wanted to be a real hot piece of ass.”

“Dad, you’re fucking your mother?” Mark asked excitedly. “Since when?”

Then Lynn, Louise, and Ann filled Mark in on what had been going on around the Benton household over the last few weeks. How Millie caught them and then joined in. When Mark heard about it he said, “Well, what are we waiting for? Let get ready and go. I can’t wait to see just how hot grandma really is.” And with that they all headed to the bathrooms to clean up and get ready to go to grandma’s for Thanksgiving.

Mildred Benton met her son’s family at the door as they arrived. She greeted each with a hug and a kiss, just like normal, except the kiss now included a little tongue for each. When she drew Mark into her arms, she could feel the hard excitement between his legs. As she kissed him, she ground her mound against it. Mark moaned as he sucked on his grandmother’s tongue and felt her press against his hard cock. He reached down and cupped her ass, pulling her tighter against himself. When they broke the kiss, Millie smiled and said, “I see the family told you about me.”

Mark replied, “Yes, they did. And I can’t wait to get into your panties myself, grandma.”

Millie laughed, “That will be a little hard to do, Mark. I’m not wearing any panties. See.” And with that she raised the hem of her dress and revealed her naked pussy to her grandson. It still had a tuft of hair on her pubic mound. But the lips had been shaved clean for better eating.

“Wow!” Mark exclaimed, looking at her cunt with lust in his eyes. “It’s beautiful, grandma. I can’t wait to bury my cock in there.”

“After dinner, Mark, after dinner.” Millie said as she dropped her dress back into place. “Let’s finish getting dinner ready. Then we can eat. After that the fun will start.”

Together they set the table, finished up the last minute preparations, and set the food on the table. There was a lot of groping and touching going on during this time. It seemed that no one could keep their hands to themselves. Eventually dinner was served and they all ate a hearty Thanksgiving meal. During the meal, Louise filled Mildred in on what had been happening at their home, how she seduced Mark and how Lynn and Ann had joined in. She also told her how the kids had awakened them this morning. After dinner was over and the dishes were done, they all gathered in the living room.

Millie turned to her grandson, unbuttoned her dress, and let it fall to the floor. She stood naked before him. “Well, Mark,” she said. “Earlier you said you couldn’t wait to fuck me. What do you think of your old grandmother’s body? Do you still want to fuck this hot pussy?”

Mark began to take his clothes off as fast as he could. “Grandma, you’re not old. You look great! And yes, I still want to fuck your hot pussy.” he replied as he took her into his arms.

“Good,” she answered, as she grabbed his hard cock in her hand. “I’ve been looking forward to this ever since your father pumped his first load of cum in my hot pussy. I want both of you to fuck me. Father and son, son and grandson, both fucking my hot, wet pussy until I cum and cum.”

With that she pulled her grandson down onto the floor where they began to kiss and caress each other. Millie played with his young cock and balls casino siteleri as Mark kissed and sucked her sagging tits. His hand reached down to finger her shaved twat. He found it wet and ready. Slowly he kissed his way down her belly and buried his face between her legs. As she shifted beneath him to take his cock in her mouth, he began to lick her twat, his tongue darting here and there, in and out, tasting her wet juices.

While they 69’d, the rest of the family undressed and got together to watch this grandmother-grandson coming together. Lynn sat where he could watch the action over his shoulder. Ann placed her young twat in her dad’s face, urging him to suck her hot juices. Louise bent down and took her husband’s cock in her mouth and began gently sucking on it. After a few minutes they switched places. Ann sucked her dad’s cock and Lynn ate out his wife’s dripping pussy.

Mark raised up and shifted around to lay on top of his grandmother. She spread her legs wide to accept him. She grabbed his cock in her hand and guided it into her hot hole. As he eased into her, she cried out, “Oh yes, Mark. Fuck me. Fuck your grandmother’s wet pussy. Let me feel that hard young cock of yours deep inside me.”

As his grandmother’s pussy sucked his cock into her depths, Mark groaned, “Grandma, your cunt is so hot! It’s burning my cock. I love your hot, wet pussy. Oh, fuck.” And with that he began to fuck his grandmother in earnest. In and out he pounded, trying to bury balls and all in her hot depths.

As Lynn watched his son fuck his cock into his mother he almost came. But remembering his mother’s words that she wanted both of them to fuck her, he held back. Instead, he pulled Ann up and began to suck her tits as he reached between her legs to finger her little cunt. He found it to be very wet as he slid two fingers up into her. “Yes, daddy, suck my tits. Finger my pussy. Play with your horny daughter and make me cum.” Ann cried out as she humped herself on her father’s hand.

Louise moved down and straddled her husband’s hips. She centered herself over his cock and lowered herself, taking it into her tight pussy. As she watched her son fuck her mother-in-law, she tried to match her movements to his. Up and down, in and out, she fucked her husband.

Mark was getting close to cumming. His grandmother’s pussy was getting hotter and hotter. She was thrusting up to meet him every time he drove his cock into her. Their pubic bones ground together. He looked down at her. Her head was bent back, her eyes closed, her mouth open. Her tits bounced on her chest with every thrust of his cock. She was moaning out his name. He had never seen her so beautiful, he thought. Then, suddenly, she stiffened under him. Her pussy went wild as it began to suck and quiver around his cock. As she came, she cried out, “Oh, yes. So goooddd! I’m cumming, Mark. Fuck me hard. Drive that hard cock into my pussy. I’m cumming sooo goooddd! Fill grandma’s cunt with your hot cum. Cum with grandma! Cum in my hot pussy!”

Hearing his grandmother beg for his cum sent Mark over the edge. With one last hard thrust he held himself deep in her twat as his cockhead swelled and burst, sending glob after glob of cum into her. Again and again he shot his load into her. “Cumming, grandma. I’m cumming in your hot pussy. Take it all. Take all of my hot seed. I’m cuuummminnng, grandma.” As the last of his cum poured into his grandmother’s twat, Mark collapsed on her chest. They lay together for a moment to regain their breath. Looking down at her Mark smiled. His grandmother smiled back. “You were wonderful, honey. You can fuck me anytime you want.” she said, and then she kissed him.

The combination of hearing her grandmother and brother cumming and bahis siteleri the feel of her father’s fingers in her cunt while he sucked her tits sent Ann into her orgasm. She gasped and ground herself against him as her juices poured out over his hand. Louise also came as she listened to her son cum in her mother-in-law’s tight cunt. She ground her tender pussy down around Lynn’s cock and shuttered in orgasmic release. With both his wife and his daughter cumming on him, Lynn almost lost it and came himself. Somehow he gritted his teeth and held on. He still wanted to fuck his mother, adding his seed to that of his son in her hot hole.

Mark rolled off his grandmother. Louise eased herself off her husband’s cock. Ann sank to her knees as her legs would not hold her up. Lynn crawled over to his mother, his still hard cock swaying between his legs. He looked at her. She looked at him and smiled. Then she reached out her arms and opened her legs. Lynn looked at her pussy. It was wet with the results of her cum. Mark’s cum was beginning to seep out. Lynn bent down and kissed his mother’s wet pussy and then grabbed his cock, placed it at her opening, pushed forward, and slowly slid into her cum-filled cunt. She groaned as he filled her. He loved the feel of her sloppy, wet cunt. “I’m going to love sloppy seconds” he thought. Soon he and his mother were fucking away, enjoying the feeling their love-making gave them.

As Lynn fucked his mother, his wife moved over to her son. She took his slime-covered cock into her mouth and began to lick him clean. Ann joined them. She placed her little twat over her brother’s face and lowered herself down until it was right over his mouth. As his mother sucked him to aroused hardness, he captured his sister’s hard clit in his mouth and began sucking. Soon all five Bentons were lost in sexual heaven.

Because of all the earlier stimulation he received, Lynn felt he could not last too long. He began to drive his cock hard into his mother’s wet pussy. He would twist and grind against her clit. He pounded in and out, faster and faster. He wanted her to cum with him. But then it was too late. He felt his orgasm surge up inside him. His balls twitched. His cock expanded. He began to shoot his seed into her, joining his cum to that of his son inside his mother’s womb. He put his head down on her breasts and groaned as he poured himself into her.

Millie felt her son’s cum shoot into her hot twat. Knowing that she now held both her son’s and grandson’s seed in her body, she sighed and pulled her son close. She shook as she let her orgasm overtake her. Soon they calmed down. When Lynn moved away from his mother, Ann could see the double load of cum leaking from her grandmother’s pussy. She got off her brother’s face, knelt between her grandmother’s legs, and began to suck the cum from her twat. Mark watched his sister suck their grandmother. He realized that she was the only woman of the family he had not yet fucked that day. He eased his mother off his cock and crawled behind his sister. Lifting her ass a little, he sent his cock deep into her with one hard thrust. Ann’s face was pushed down into her grandmother’s pussy as her brother entered her. She groaned and thrust her butt back against him. “Fuck me, Mark,” she said. “Fuck me good while I eat grandma’s pussy.” Then she put her head back down and resumed her sucking. Millie moved around so she could watch her grandson fuck her granddaughter. She kissed and licked at their joining, adding pleasure to their coupling.

Louise needed a hard cock in her hot cunt. She went over to her husband and sucked his cock hard again. Then she sat on him, taking him deep into her hungry pussy. Watching her children fuck with their grandmother, she began bouncing up and down on Lynn’s cock. He reached up and began to squeeze her tits as she fucked him. He looked around. Yes, he was a normal man with an average family all right. An average family that just loved to fuck each other silly, that’s all. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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The Bachelorette Party Finale

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Please read the Bachelorette Party and After The Party before this one, as this is the third installment. I apologize for changing the title on the second installment and not informing you, the readers. I will not make that mistake in the future. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, either good or bad. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the story.


Jason did not even remember the drive home. His mind had been a swirling vortex of emotional turmoil. He really couldn’t believe that he hadn’t run off the road, or worse, gotten into an accident. All he had been able to think about was how good it had felt to have his mother laying on his chest, his cock stuffed firmly up her pussy. Part of his mind had screamed at him how wrong it was. While another part, the dark part, had been telling him how great it felt. Never in his life had he felt such a deep-seated love for her than at that moment. He had always loved her. But this was different. This was the kind of love meant to be shared by lovers.

After he had washed the smeared make-up from his face, he had taken a hot, calming shower and change into a t-shirt and jeans. Once done he had fixed himself a tall glass of Bacardi and coke, then plopped down on the couch to think of what to do.

An hour later found him still on the couch. The glass was long empty by now but he made no effort to refill it. How could any of this have happened, he kept wondering. It was like his life was taking a nosedive, and there was no reverse switch to pull. He knew that he hadn’t done anything to cause his mother to have sex with him. This thought eased his mind a little, but didn’t erase the fear he felt. If she were to find out it had been him under her, how would he be able to ever look her in the face again. A soft knocking at the front door interrupted his thoughts. Weakly, he got up and answered it.

Swinging the door open, he was greeted with the sight of Aunt Carol standing there with a warm smile on her full lips. She was dressed in a conservative tan pants suit, her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

“We need to talk,” she stated, as she pushed past him into the front room and took a seat on the couch.

“Would you care for a drink?” was all he could think to say.

“No thanks. Some other time maybe, but you go ahead,” she answered, seeing the empty glass in his hand.

He closed the door and went to the side table that held his meager collection of booze bottles. Once there he proceeded to fix another rum and coke. A stiff one. His hands trembled as he tried to pour the drink.

“So Jason…or should I call you Mister Clown?”

Jason almost dropped the bottle when she said that. He kept his back to her, hoping to buy enough time to get his wits about him, but failing miserably.

“Excuse me?” he asked in a strained voice.

“Oh sweetie,” she started. “I know everything, so don’t be afraid. I’m not angry with you.”

Turning slowly around to face her, Jason could feel the heat on his blushing face. He wondered if he might pass out even.

“How did you find out, Aunt Carol?”

“I think we are well past the ‘Aunt’ stage, so why don’t you just call me Carol.”

“Okay. Carol it is,” he replied sheepishly.

“Finding out was quite easy,” she began. “I’m the one that booked you for the first party, so I knew were you worked. All I had to do was to persuade your boss to tell me who you were. Believe me it didn’t take much persuading, if you know what I mean.”

“But why did you?” Jason asked.

“Oh honey, you can’t be serious,” she laughed. “When I saw how big that tool of yours was, and how good it felt inside me, there was no way that I wasn’t going to get some more of that.”

“Even after you found out I was your nephew?”

“I have to admit; I was quite shocked at first. But I really have no qualms about that. All I know is that I wanted some more of that big cock, regardless of who you were.” she answered.

Jason was taken aback by her statement, but also relieved that she wasn’t upset by the whole affair. Taking a long pull on his drink, he began to relax a little. After all, she was a very beautiful woman. And he had to admit that he had enjoyed it, no matter how taboo it might be.

“I am so relieved to hear you say that. I have been so scared that you would find out and hate me forever,” he told her.

“Well stop worrying about it. Besides, you are a man and I’m a woman, not just relatives. We both have urges, and I for one don’t like to deny myself pleasure in this ole world. Remember Jason; you only live once, so be good to yourself. Which brings me to the reason I am here.”

Was she here to finish what had gotten started today, he wondered? Or was there some other motive for showing up at his door. He was unable to tell by looking at her, but alarm bells were going off in the back of his mind.

“Were you surprised when your mom showed up?” There was a slight glint in her eyes as she awaited his answer.

“Surprised doesn’t illegal bahis come close to how I felt when I saw who was there. Never in a million years would I have believed that would happen.”

“You did look pretty stunned,” she chuckled.

Something began to nag at him. There was more to this than he knew, and he was afraid that he was about to find out. Jason stared into her eyes, trying to figure out the right thing to say.

“Did you have any idea that mom was going to come over today?” he asked, sure he already knew the answer.

“Yes,” came her reply.

“But why would you set me up like that Aunt Carol?” he practically demanded.

“It wasn’t to set you up. It was to give my sister some much needed, and very deserved pleasure.”

“But with her own son?” he asked quickly.

“Let me explain something to you,” she began. “Your mom has sacrificed a large portion of her life to give you and your sister Kelly everything that she could. That includes her giving up a very healthy sex drive.”

“Nancy and I get together and talk,” she continued. “She told me that she hasn’t had proper sex since your father died. She said that it wouldn’t be right to bring a strange man to her bed. It wouldn’t be the same for her.”

Jason sat and thought about this. Now that he recalled, he really hadn’t seen his mother go out on dates. Sure, she went out to dinner with friends, but not out with single men. Growing up he had been too preoccupied with his own life to really notice what his mother was, or wasn’t doing, as far as the opposite sex was concerned. He couldn’t imagine going that long without having some kind of fling at least.

“So mom has not had sex in all that time?” he asked, a little uncomfortable talking about his mom’s sex life.

“Not in the conventional way. But there are other ways for a woman to enjoy herself,” Carol answered.

“Let me see if I can explain,” she added.

He sat down on the couch and quietly listened to what she was telling him. She told him that when his mom and her were growing up, they had experimented on each other. Both had enjoyed the things they had done, and on occasion still did. Although his mother had to be semi drunk before she could participate, those times seemed to help her unwind. She also explained that Nancy needed more than just a roll in the sack. She needed to know that she was loved.

Hearing that his mother and Aunt had a sexual relation was a blow to his already tortured mind. He had no idea that his own mother was such a sexual being. After all, she was just mom. Not someone you would think of in that way. At least, not until now anyway. Dark thoughts began to creep into his subconscious. Vivid images of his naked mother sliding down his cock filled his head. Without him noticing, his cock began to slowly inflate and move in his jeans. Carol noticed however, a knowing smile spreading on her full lips.

His revelry was broken when he became aware of her talking to him. He also became acutely aware of his stiffening condition. It was actually becoming quite uncomfortable in his jeans.

“Listen Jason,” he heard her saying, “Why don’t you take Nancy out to dinner tonight and spend some time with her.”

“I don’t know if I can do that. Not by myself anyway,” he told her flatly.

“Sure you can. And I know it would do Nancy a world of good to get out and let her hair down for a change.”

With that, she stood and headed toward the door. Taking a large pull from his drink, he stood and followed. At the door he asked if maybe she could come too. She turned and faced him, then reached up and pulled his face down to hers. She leaned up and planted a soft, wet kiss on his lips, while one of her hands rubbed the bulge crawling down his pants leg.

“I can’t sweetie,” she smiled, “I promised Kelly that we would go shopping and maybe take a swim back at my place later.”

The look she gave him right before she left had him wondering. In his minds eye, it had been the look of a predator. God, he had to get his shit under control he thought, as he picked up the phone and dialed his mom’s number.

Nancy had been completely surprised by her son’s call. She couldn’t remember the last time they had spent any time together. Maybe a night out with her son was just the ticket to take her mind off the events of earlier. How she could have acted like such a whore at the first sight of a hard penis was upsetting to her. Even if it has been in like forever since she had seen one, that was no excuse, she admonished herself. A little shiver ran up her spine as she remembered how good it had felt to have that big cock pushed so far up her cunt. Suddenly her knees buckled slightly, and she could swear that she’d had a small orgasm. Get a hold of yourself girl, you’re going out with your son in a bit and don’t need him wondering what’s going on with you, she told herself. She spent the next two hours getting ready. A long hot bath and then picking out what to wear took casino siteleri most of that time.

They had agreed to meet at the Roxy, a club that had good food and a dance floor for those that wanted to shake their stuff. Another benefit, it was only a block from Jason’s apartment, so he could walk there.

Jason had arrived early and took a seat at a table not far from the small dance floor. He was facing the entrance when he saw Nancy arrive. His heart gave a flutter as he watched her approach their table. She was wearing a simple denim dress that hugged her curves with just the right amount of snugness. It had only a moderate plunge at the neckline and ended just above her knees. The one thing that stood out was the gold colored zipper that ran down the entire front of the dress. That would be easy to get off, he absently thought. Whoa, where did that come from he asked himself, shaking his head trying to dislodge the offending thought.

The evening progressed quite nicely for both of them. They ate a light meal and chatted endlessly the entire time. It had been a couple months since they had been together so they spent most of the time catching up. After they ate Jason ordered a small pitcher of margaritas. Nancy declined at first saying that she had to drive home, but after Jason told her that he would get her a cab or she could spend the night at his place, she relented. Jason knew that his mother was not much of a drinker, but was a little surprised when he noticed how fast she was actually finishing her drinks. It appeared to him that something was on her mind, and he thought he knew what it was. No matter how hard he tried to entice her onto the dance floor, she wouldn’t budge. She would laugh it off saying that he didn’t want to be seen dancing with his old mom in public. He protested, but got nowhere on the subject of a dance.

Nancy started feeling the effects of the drinks by the time the pitcher was half empty. She could tell that there wasn’t going to be any driving herself home tonight. That was fine with her. Now she could relax and enjoy her time with her handsome son, and catch a cab later. She knew that Jason’s apartment was small, with one bed and you had to go through the bedroom to get to the bathroom. So staying there didn’t seem like an option to her. At times, she would sneak a glance at him when she thought he wouldn’t notice. She was so proud of how he had turned out; it filled her heart with pride. But there was also something about him that tickled the far recesses of her mind. Something she just couldn’t quite grasp. Maybe she was just being silly because of the drinks. When Jason suggested they go back to his place for a while, she readily agreed. The evening was still early and she really was having a good time.

Once they were at his place, Jason went over to his stereo and put on some soft jazz. He knew his mom liked that kind of music. He fixed them both drinks and told her to kick her shoes off and relax while he put on something more comfortable. He went to the bedroom and put on a pair of old sweat pants and a t-shirt. Much better, he thought as he returned to the front room and took a seat on the opposite side of the couch as his mom.

Nancy was leaning back with her eyes closed, listening to the mellow tunes, when she felt eyes staring at her. Looking over at Jason, she noticed that he was watching her closely. He had a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes.

“What are you smiling about,” she asked with a laugh.

“Just love to see you relaxed is all,” came his soft reply.

“Are you happy, mom?”

“Right this minute, I’m very happy. Why do you ask?”

“Just want to make sure,” he said.

They settled in comfortably and let the music and peace wash over them. He refilled their drinks, but other than that, neither moved.

“Would you still like to dance with your old mom,” she suddenly asked. Catching him completely off guard.

He stood up, held out his hand, and then pulled her gently to him when she took it. She snuggled in to his body and wrapped her arms around him. He had to lean way down to take her in his arms. He caught the scent of her perfume immediately. It smelled like honeysuckles; one of his favorites. Without thinking about what he was doing, his hands began to caress her entire back, dipping low enough to feel the swell of her ass cheeks.

Nancy savored the feel of his strong arms around her. Resting her head on his chest, she let his warmth and smell envelope her. She could feel his hands roaming over her back and the top of her buttocks. She was lost in the moment, her mind in a far off place of peace and serenity. When his hands moved further down on her buttocks she felt herself becoming wet. Before she realized what was happening, the music ended. Breaking their embrace, she staggered back a little and looked him in the eyes. She could see something there. Something oddly familiar.

“Damn, I forgot how tall you are,” she chuckled, trying to poker siteleri lighten the atmosphere. “Next dance, I think we need a chair for me to stand on. But for now, I have to go to the lady’s room.”

Jason watched her head toward the bathroom. He could see she was a little unsteady as she disappeared through the bedroom door. He was also very much aware that his cock was trying to escape the confines of his sweat pants. He sat back down and tried to get his hormones in check.

Nancy made it the bathroom, shut the door, then just stood there thinking. Has it been so long without being in a man’s arms that my own son would arouse me, she asked herself. Maybe it was just a by-product of today’s episode at Carol’s house that she was feeling. Her son had just caressed her in the same way that the clown had. Sure, that is all it is she told herself. Gathering herself, she flushed the unused toilet and step out into the bedroom. Instinctively she took a quick look around the room. The bed was neatly made, but near one wall she saw a clothes hamper had been knocked over. Her motherly habits kicked in and she went over to straighten out the mess. Picking the hamper up, something inside caught her eye. Stuffed partway down inside was an outfit with bright yellow and red colors. She knew right away what it was, as her trembling hands reached in and pulled it out. Holding it up, she saw that it was a clown costume. She felt faint as she headed to the front room, clutching the outfit tightly to her chest.

Jason heard her coming and glanced in her direction. All the blood rushed from his face when he realized what she was holding. He sat there in stunned silence as she came closer and closer. Her eyes darted back and forth from him to the costume in her hands. She stopped right in front of him.

“Jason…” she managed to say.

“It’s not what you think, mom,” he croaked.

Nancy could no longer stand; she sank down on the edge of the couch, her eyes welling up with tears.

“My God. I fucked my own son,” she cried.

Jason dropped to his knees in front of her and pulled the costume out of her hands. He threw it behind the couch, before cupping her tear-streaked face in his palms. Forcing her to look him in the face, he proceeded to tell her everything that he could. He explained about his job, and how he ended up at Carol’s place the first time. Then he told her that he had only gone over the second time to let Carol know the truth before anything else happened. But he had been weak. When she had come out of the pool he was lost, his lust had swallowed him whole. Looking deeply into her eyes, he told her that when he saw her on top of him, it was the most beautiful and erotic thing he’d ever witnessed.

Listening to her son try to explain things, Nancy could feel the love pouring out of him. Her tears started to dry up, and her heart reached out to him.

“But I’m your mother, Jason,” she began. “How could it have been beautiful to you?”

“It was like going home,” he told her.

Nancy didn’t know what to say. Reaching out, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him into her, not realizing this forced her knees apart. She hugged him tightly as he scooted closer to her. This caused her to have to spread her legs wider to accommodate his body. She felt his arms encircle her as he buried his face into her neck. Her love for him overwhelmed her as she crushed him to her breast. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, sending little chills of pleasure throughout her body. When his lips started planting soft kisses on her neck and behind her ear her body betrayed her. Her nipples became rock hard and there was a definite dampness spreading in her crotch.

He nuzzled her neck, then for some unknown reason, began to place tiny kisses up and down it. When he put one behind her ear he felt a shiver run through her. His hands had a mind of their own as they slid down and started rubbing her sides up and down gently. Jason moved his kisses to her jaw, then under, to the front of her neck. He heard a small moan escape from her parted lips, as his continued to explore her. Neither of them was aware that her legs had been opened widely and her dress had ridden up enough to expose the lacy black panties she was wearing.

She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second. Moving her hands between them, she held his face and started to kiss it all over, smothering him in light pecks until suddenly their lips met. With a hunger born of frustration she mashed her lips to his, pushing her tongue deeply into his mouth. Her mind screamed for her to stop this madness, but her lust would not be denied.

With his tongue doing battle with hers, he moved his right hand around and cupped her breast, his other one resting on her hip. He could feel his cock straining to be free as he slowly reached up and began to lower the zipper of her dress. The heat coming off of her was unlike any he’d experienced before. Pulling his face away, he stared at her chest as the zipper went lower until her chest came into view. He was happily surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He gently pushed her back until she was half lying on the couch, while his hand pulled the zipper the rest of the way down.

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Lunch or Sex?

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“Are you in the mood for anything in particular?” I ask as we pull out of the parking lot. You immediately begin laughing. “What? What are you laughing at?” I quickly realize why you are laughing and flick you in the stomach as I laugh too. “I guess that means I shouldn’t ask what you feel like eating, hunh?” You only laugh harder. I roll my eyes at you. “Good thing. Otherwise I’d tell you my house is only 15 minutes from here.”

“What?” You stop laughing and look at me.

“Don’t be surprised. Coming from me that shouldn’t surprise you. Now, if you were to say it, it would be surprising.”


“OK what?”

“OK that your house is only 15 minutes from here.”

I cut my eyes at you, trying to stay focused on the road. “What are you talking about?”

You take a deep breath. “Let’s start that conversation over again, OK?”

“OK. Are you in the mood for anything in particular?”


This is starting to border on annoying. “Let me rephrase that,” I say. “What do you feel like eating?”


I turn my head to look at you as my jaw hits the floor. “Red light,” you say, and I slam on the brakes. I look at you. You give me that smile. “Is that OK?” I smile back and nod. You take my hand and kiss it.

The light turns green. I move my hand to shift into gear. You cover my hand with yours, fingers intertwined, rubbing your thumb on the back of my hand in a circular motion. You slowly run your fingertips up my bare arm to the edge of my sleeve. Chills run through my body. I have missed your touch.

You lean toward me, your breath in my ear. The desire to close my eyes is great, but I know I’ll run us off the road if I do. Barely, just barely, you brush your lips against my ear. You run your tongue around the edge of my ear, pausing to clench my earlobe between your teeth. You barely breathe my name into my ear.

I grip the steering wheel even tighter, trying to control the feelings coursing through my body. As you continue to torture my ear, you take my right hand in yours. You guide my hand to the tight bulge in your jeans, rubbing my fingers up and down your shaft through the fabric. I can feel you growing beneath my fingers. You place your hand on my stomach and slowly slide the thin fabric of my shirt up.

“This is it,” I say as I stop the car. I turn toward you and your mouth covers mine hungrily. You kiss me deeply, your hand sliding through my hair, pulling me closer to you. We break the kiss and quickly get out of the car.

You press your body illegal bahis up against my back as I am fumbling with the keys. You kiss my ear then my neck, your hands cupping my breasts. I can feel how hard you are. Your mouth covers my ear again. “Do you know how long I’ve been thinking about eating you?” you murmur into my ear, your hands at my waist, unzipping my jeans. I groan as I finally get the door unlocked and we stumble inside.

You kick the door shut behind you as you kiss me again. We don’t even make it to the couch or to the bed upstairs. In about two seconds, we are on the steps, you half next to me, half on top of me. You pull my shirt up and unhook the leopard-print bra, breaking the kiss to bury your face in my cleavage. I take my shirt and bra off the rest of the way and help you shed your shirt. I kick my shoes off as you finish with my zipper and pull my jeans over my hips.

You kiss my stomach, pulling on my navel ring with your teeth. You slide the matching panties off my body and shift yourself down a step. Your hands spread my thighs a little further apart. I run my fingers through your hair, grasping your head in my hands, my heels wrapped around your lower back.

After what feels like an eternity, I feel your breath. You slowly lick up the length of my lips. A jolt runs through my body. “Oh God.” I feel your tongue on my clit, lightly teasing me, driving me crazy. Your thumbs spread my lips. Suddenly, you drive your tongue into me as far as you can. I moan and tighten my legs around you. You plunge your tongue in and out of me, bringing me closer to the edge. I am so close to the edge, but I want to beg you to slow down, to stop and make it last longer. But I don’t; my hands only pull you closer.

The thrusts of your tongue become deeper, if that’s possible. You flick your tongue across my clit as I cry out in pleasure. Your lips cover my swollen bud and you suck, gently at first, and then harder. My body explodes. You lap up the juices flowing from my body, your touch making the orgasm last even longer.

You continue to tease me. You lick my lips and my clit and kiss my thighs. Your hands go under me to lift me slightly off the stairs. You trail your tongue down my thighs toward my ass. You lightly run your tongue where the tops of my thighs join my ass, sending an intense shiver through my body for the millionth time today. I gasp from pleasure as you sink a finger inside me and rub your thumb on my clit again. You run the fingertips of your free hand across my ass until my entire casino siteleri body is shaking from pleasure.

You flick your tongue against my clit again, and rake your teeth across it. Your finger is still inside of me, slowly pumping in and out. I feel your eyes on me and look down at you. Your eyes have that look in them. “Ready to go again?” they ask. I moan and close my eyes at your smile. You increase the speed of your finger and sink a second one inside of me. Your lips cover my clit and you suck.

“That feels soooo good,” I moan. It almost feels ticklish, but I know that means I’m close to the edge again. You increase the pressure on my clit, rubbing your tongue against it as well. I buck my hips closer to you, my heads still on your head. You lightly clench my clit in your teeth and I almost scream from the intensity of the orgasm. “OH GOD!”

You don’t move your lips from my body until well after the orgasm has finished, and I start giggling. You slide up and kiss me. I love kissing you when I can taste myself on your lips and tongue. There is something so intensely erotic about that. I wrap my arms around you, kissing you deeply.

We break the kiss and start getting our clothes back on. I see the look of discomfort cross your face when you stand. I know you are still rock hard, and if I didn’t think we’d both get fired for not coming back to work, I’d drag you upstairs.

Instead I pull you to me and kiss you again. “Come on, sweetie. We gotta get back to work.” I pull you outside and lock the door. “Here,” I say, handing you the keys. “I’m not sure I can drive.” I grin.

We get in the car to go back. You adjust the seat and the mirrors. You turn to me. “You sure you want me to drive your car?” I nod and kiss you again as I slide my fingertips up your shaft and begin to unbutton your jeans….

You groan as I unzip your jeans. “Hold on,” I say. “Before you start the car…” I slide the jeans slightly down, exposing the tops of your black boxer-briefs. I can see your erection pressing through the fabric. I rub the tip of you, feeling how wet you already are. “Now, make sure you don’t close your eyes,” I tease. “And tell me if we pass anyone from work.” You groan again, and shift the seat back slightly.

My hands free your straining cock from your briefs. I lightly run my fingers up and down your shaft, exposing as much of you as I can. I shift in my seat so I can lean in closer to you, and I run my tongue just barely over your tip. I hear your sharp intake of breath. “Make poker siteleri sure you keep your eyes open,” I caution again. Then my lips cover you.

“Oh God.” You lean as far back into the seat as you can, giving me as much access as is possible in the car. I take as much of you as I can in my mouth; not quite your full length. I try to position myself to get the best angle. I slide my lips up the length of your shaft, almost breaking contact at the tip, and then I run my tongue back down. This is so incredibly erotic and I feel myself getting wetter.

I continue to tease you, sliding my tongue up and down your shaft, varying speeds. I wrap one hand around the base of your cock and lightly squeeze. I again take as much of you as I can in my mouth. I suck deeply, trying to pull you further into my mouth.

“Babe, we’re about a mile away,” you tell me. I increase the pressure of my mouth and my hand, stroking your full length with both. I can feel you growing harder with every passing second; feel you swelling even more in my mouth. The tip of my tongue finds the sensitive spot right below your head. I apply pressure, gently at first, then more firmly until you cry out. “Oh God. Oh God. I’m … gonna ….” I hear you moan, seconds before you explode in my mouth.

I adjust myself so I can swallow every drop, continuing to massage your head as you climax. I am on the edge as well, and know that I will need to be heading to the ladies’ room once we get back to take care of that, wishing that you could join me.

My lips still on your shaft make you start to squirm, so I slowly slide them off of you. I sit up and look at you. We are at the stoplight by the office. Your hands are clenched on the steering wheel so tightly your knuckles are white. Thank God it’s a red light, because you’ve practically put the brake through the floor. I grin at you as I slide your briefs back into position. I put the emergency brake on, giving you a chance to shift so I can pull your jeans back up and zip them. And then, because the light is still red, I lean over to kiss you.

“Wow,” you say when you break the kiss.

“Wow is right. We’ll have to go to lunch again sometime.” I grin.

“Yeah.” You laugh. At my quizzical look, you tell me, “I hope no one asks what we ate.”

I burst out laughing. As we pull into the parking lot, I tell you, “I hope no one’s in the ladies’ room. There’s something I need to take care of again.”

You groan. “Why do you tell me these things when you KNOW I can’t do anything about it?”

“Because, love, I want you to imagine me trying to control my moans as I bring myself to yet another climax today. And because the whole time, I’ll be wishing you were the one bringing me there again.”

You groan again.

“Thanks for lunch, darling.”

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The Bookshop Pt. 06

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Thank you to readers who are putting up with the slow pace of the story so far… This chapter (and the next few) will be a little more intense!


I had half-forgotten Sue’s intention to come back to the flat until I received a text one afternoon suggesting I ‘cook something tasty for the landlady.’

I nipped out and grabbed some pasta to make her favourite Spaghetti Bolognese, and popped white wine in the fridge.

I was, of course, pleased she was coming and presumed she had now got over the awkwardness from events a few weeks back. I can’t imagine she had forgotten (I certainly hadn’t, that blow job was etched on my brain) but our friendship and our phone calls had been great ever since so I hoped that all was good between us. Did I also hope something similar might happen again? Not really, given how clear she had been about how inappropriate it was that anything happened between us, given we were family. Also, I think my sexual fantasies were being sated by many hours editing home grown porn, courtesy of Miss Smythe, so I was fractionally less overexcited by memories of Aunt Sue on her knees.

Sue arrived at about four, but whisked past me with a smile and a pat on my bottom. “You can finish off without me I’m sure!” She smiled, and went up with her few bags to get settled.

I followed on up after shutting shop at five and found her happily lounging in the late sunshine, shoes off, glass in hand and looking as sexy as I could bear. Maybe I was wrong about getting overexcited…

“I can’t tell you how good it is to be back here.” She smiled, and I melted. I really wasn’t prepared for such a heightened sexual reaction to seeing her again in the flesh. “This flat feels so much more like home…”

“Even with me cramping your style?” I asked, waving at the various things piled around, my guitar, the jacket on the floor…

“Hey, I don’t mind your stuff, it’s just good to see you in the flesh.” Perhaps realising this was potentially a suggestive remark, she changed tack. “It’s just good to get away from the factory and be back here in my small flat, with you and my lovely books, no awkward managers to manage…”

I moved into the kitchen and quickly finished cooking supper (with garlic bread sides), with the occasional trip out with wine to keep Sue happy. she was clearly relaxing, which was lovely, and I found myself humming tunelessly.

“Dinner is served.” I declared, and invited her to the small table. The meal went down well, with both of us demolishing a huge plate full and a second bottle.

“Ahhhhh.” Sue said, and stretched out fully on the sofa. I tucked myself on the seat at the other end, swung my legs up and pushed her feet back to make room, our feet slightly interlaced. I felt positively glowing, if a little drunk. This was a happy place to be!

“So, how have you been all on your own here?”

“Alright I think.”

“No women brought back to the place I should know about?”

“No one of note…” I said, thinking there was no need to mention Mrs Smythe. She was very present a lot of the time, even if only on the PC monitor.

“Poor you,” she teased, “left all alone. Still, I’m sure you got by and kept your friend occupied…”

“Sue! I don’t think I will answer that… erm… Would you like a whiskey or a gin?” I needed to move conversation on to safer ground as I was getting quite a rapid bone, and it was pretty obvious where I was sat. I stood up quickly.

Sue looked at me quizzically. “Hmm… Gin please…”

“No problem!” I said, and skipped off, bringing back in a gin, ‘ice no tonic’ in a few moments.

As she reached out she stared at the glass with a serious expression and then, after a moment’s pause, knocked most of it back. “I need a second one tonight I think.” I dutifully complied, not quite understanding her change of mood. This second glass she held without drinking, and rather than get back into the easy chat, Sue looked at me for a while in silence, as if building up to something.

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“Sue, you can always ask me anything, it’s fair game.” Despite my relaxed response, I was suddenly feeling a little nervous.

“Whilst you have been here, have you come across any… books at all in the flat?”

I looked blankly at her. “What do you mean?”

“I mean books like writing books. Mike’s books. Books written by Mike. Notebooks…” She let the silence hang in the air between us. “I remember when we first got together he used to keep a journal most days. I once had a glance at what he recorded and it was, well… quite graphic. I decided never to be nosey again, and really forgot all about them until, well, until just last week.”

“What about last week?” I asked, going hot and cold all over and peddling like crazy to think about how to answer truthfully without seeming a complete pervert.

“Well, it’s a few things really. Spaghetti bolognaise is my favourite tea, with garlic sides. I always have gin just bahis siteleri with ice no tonic…” she let the words sink in. I had used what I knew from the journals without thinking. “Then you talked about being tied to the bedposts last week… and you were talking about Mike’s handwriting last time we spoke on the phone… Do I need any more reasons to think you may have found them, because you seem to know me a lot better than a nephew should?”

I was fucked, totally fucked, and didn’t know what to say.

“So, DID you find Mike’s journals?” She pressed.

I couldn’t really lie to her, so I fetched my treasure trove from the bedroom, put them on her lap, and I started from the beginning, right back from the night she asked for help to get rid of things from the bedroom.

“OK, so it was like this… You remember the night I was helping to clear Mike’s clothes? Just as I was sorting out the pants I came across a pile of old notebooks in the drawer. I was planning to give them to you before I rode home, but before we had chance to talk I was completely thrown by the kiss.”

“Kiss, what kiss?” She looked confused.

“You know, when you kissed me on the mouth wearing just that Teddy, and then you passed out…”

“I can’t really recall it,” she admitted, “but I’m sure it can’t have been all that sexy, it was just a kiss from your old aunt!”

“Sue, that’s not fair… my brain was fried by that kiss. You had a nipple showing just before and you kissed me fully and deeply. It was the single most sexy thing that had ever happened to me. I was so overexcited that I had to go and ‘sort myself’ properly in the bathroom before I could even get on the bike to ride home, if you know what I mean.”

“That’s probably a bit too much detail,” she said, “but funny to picture.” she added with the hint of a grin.

I continued with my confession. “Then, before I got a chance to talk to you about the books I made the mistake of reading a page and… well… it was so erotic that I couldn’t easily stop. The more I read over the next few days and the longer I left it, the harder it was to admit I had found them.”

“So you just kept reading?”


“And didn’t tell me?”


“How much did you read?”

“Well, all of them…”

“More than once?”

“Lots more than once.”

“And were they … are they … as explicit as I recall?”

“I guess they must be. They are off the scale in terms of horniness in my fantasy world…”

“OK OK, this is me, your own aunt your talking about Jack, a bit less of the sex talk please!”

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help myself. Once I started, they were so… detailed…”

She sighed. “Why are young men always ruled by your dicks all the time…?” I didn’t have anything to say to that, so there was silence for a moment.

“At least they didn’t end up in a charity shop.” She mused. “I can just picture some old volunteer having a heart attack in the backroom reading about me!” I was glad she made a joke, but I wasn’t yet sure it was safe for me to laugh along too loudly. I could see her taking it all in slowly.

“Go fix me another Gin.” She said.

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea…”

“I didn’t ask you, I told you.” She had switched straight to a cross voice, so she was clearly not chilled about everything yet. I jumped up like a scolded cat and got Gin making.

I made it slowly, but didn’t stint, and just prayed she would calm down a bit by the time I got back.

It seemed that my prayers were answered when I returned, as she took the glass and shunted up to make room again for me opposite her on the sofa. She sat quietly though, drinking slowly, with her toes tucked under my legs.

After a bit she sighed again deeply.

“Oh crap, Jack, I’m sorry I got so cross, but its all a bit raw, especially when it’s about Mike and about sex. I get so horny sometimes and there’s nowhere to go with it except to rub myself, and sometimes that’s just not enough…”

“Erm, I’m not sure I’m the one to talk to about this stuff Aunt Sue…”

“Jack… you’ve just admitted to reading hours of Mike’s detailed erotic diaries all about me, behind my back, you are in NO place to tell me what’s a good idea.”

She had a point. “Well, no, but I just thought…”

“Jack.” She stared straight at me with a slightly wild gleam in her eye. Her body shuffled just a fraction closer. “Do I ever like a finger up my ass?”

I was speechless, although my dick banged against my pants just on hearing her use those words.

“Sue I can’t answer that…”

“You fucking well can,” she half shouted, straight in my face now, “and you fucking well will. Do I or do I not like a finger inserted in my ass?”

I waited a long time but she didn’t budge, just stared at me directly.

I tried not to avoid her gaze. “I, … well, yes … you do, sometimes,… but especially when you are being eaten out…” I canlı bahis siteleri was speaking in a half whisper.

She still stared at me, her face expressionless.

“So … if you know every fucking little thing about me, you’re probably the ONLY person I can talk to about what I miss in my sex life. My girlfriend’s don’t really want to talk much more about Mike because it is all a bit awkward, and for them, life has moved on. And my sister won’t talk about sex, so that just leaves you my young man, so suck it up. All your perverted reading has made you my sex therapist.. . or rather my ‘no sex’ therapist … so get used to it!”

Aunt Sue went back to quiet Gin sipping for a moment. After a few silent minutes she spoke quietly.

“Read some to me.” With that, she threw over the top journal from the pile. She stared defiantly at me.


“Don’t!” She said. “Just READ something, anything.”

I opened the journal and, with fear and some trembling excitement, I started to read.

“March 24th.

Orders now 20% over seasonal norm, which is good, but staffing only at 85%.”

I saw Sue roll her eyes and mutter. “Details, always bloody details…”

“S is happy with her bookshop plans, and the flat is nearly finished…”

I glanced at Sue and she smiled gently, eyes now closed. I think she was settling back into memories, which felt good, both for her, and for me as I opened them up for her. Then things got a little more tricky to read…

“We managed to christen the new sofa last night with a good film and great sex. S clearly fired up as movie went on, and sat for last hour just in her newest Teddy, which is fantastic. I was very hard well before the end on the film and she decided to ride me from the front, sat on my lap. She spent 7 minutes slowly lifting herself up and down on my dick, and only stopped when I begged for mercy. Missed end of film.

She has such good rhythm, and the ability to slow down at just the right time. Her fanny is also much tighter when fucked in a seated position. Her language again when horny became rough, ‘twat’ and ‘cunt’ being used in a way she would never use normally, and my dick was called ‘tool’ and ‘cock’ and more. We came together, but after 10 minutes rest we moved to lay on the sofa for some 69, for the third time this year. S took everything in her mouth and crushed my ears when she came.”

At this point I looked over towards Sue. Eyes still closed, she had one hand resting between her legs and the other was clearly slipped into her shirt. As I looked on in disbelief, I could see she was gently circling a nipple under the fabric. I had to keep reading, just in case she stopped, but now I also needed to glance up every few seconds to enjoy the incredible view.

She had accused me, rightly, of being a bit of a pervert, but was she now using me to read out erotic writing all about her, so I felt staring at her openly fondling her tits was probably going to be OK. I ploughed on.

“No night time sex, but woke with a hard-on pointing straight towards her ass at about 2.10am. Must ask how she feels about sleepy anal in the middle of the night. 2.4 mile run this morning.

Cloth delivery at 8.45. S visiting sister later.”

I glanced up and saw that Sue was now leaning back more fully and one hand was tucked firmly inside her knickers.

“Keep… reading…” She whispered.

“March 28th.

Better day yesterday, 3 new orders on the books. S returned from sisters in morning. Says she had fun day setting up shop, but too tired for TV so slipped straight into bed after Gin and ice. She is choosing pink knickers most days so I will chose pink for her birthday outfit. S teased me by talking about a young man who came in to deliver books, said he undressed her with his eyes. I played along and gave her a good spanking for such thoughts…”

At this point I looked across at Sue who opened her eyes a little and blushed, although why she blushed at this and not the fact that her hand was burying into her fanny I don’t know. Her other hand had, at some point, loosened the buttons of her shirt and I could now see most of both breasts. They were being gripped and fondled with increasing intensity.

“Go on…”

“S had three distinct hand marks on her ass when she knelt up on the bed, and I noticed she held her body up a little so her nipples brush the bed when her body moves under the force of each thrust. It took me about 4 minutes to come deeply insider of her, but she didn’t come right away, so she flipped over and spread her legs for me to watch as she rubbed hard with all her knuckles. I need to remember to try with my knuckles soon.

Was surprised by a blow job this morning as I woke, so very little energy for run, but still 1.5 miles. Meeting with manager at bank today, and new finance manager on trial starting at 9. Heavy rain.”

At this point I stopped reading and just stared. Sue was hot in the face and neck and there güvenilir bahis was a bead of sweat on her cheek. Her hands had both left her breasts, one now hidden, the other brazenly exposed by the twisted top. Her tits were clearly marked by pinches and the nipple looked red from being pulled. Both hands were tucked firmly down her pants, one holding the fabric up and the other clearly rubbing her clit for dear life.

She did not seem to notice that I had stopped reading and was now just watching, and I sat in a state of bliss. My cock, however, was not happy, and after 30 seconds or so I could take it no longer, and released my cock from its trapped position. It tented inside my sweats, and I felt a little better, now just a throbbing in my lap. Without really thinking what I was doing, I reached a hand out to stroke Sue’s shin. I could feel the rhythm of her rubbing through my arm, which felt wild. I started stroking her leg slowly, but didn’t dare stretch my hand higher up.

My cock twitch was getting too difficult to ignore and I could see a wet patch appear through my clothes. I was beyond thinking anything sensible at this point and shunted myself up to lower my pants and release my cock. It stood stiff and proud and I held the aching hot shaft. I looked over at Sue who seemed to be in her own world, and slowly raised my fist up and down, staring at her exposed breast. Fuck I thought, this will all be on camera!

“Why… the… fuck… am… I… not … CUMMING?” She had begun speaking in a whisper but was almost shouting by the end. Her eyes flew open and she took in everything at once. The room. Me on the sofa, watching, with pants half way down my legs. With slightly Gin soaked eyes she stared hard at my cock.

“Right.” She said, as if deciding something, and slowly stood up. I thought this was the end of the most amazing show of my life, but I was very, very wrong. Sue reached back and flipped her top and unhitched bra off in one smooth motion.

They both fell and hung on my guitar.

“You, young man…” She said, staring at me as I stared back at her breasts. “You are going to come and give me some therapy…” She bent over towards me. I watched, mesmerized, as her breasts swayed, and then woke up to the fact that she was holding on to my cock and gently trying to pull me up.

She literally drew me to standing by my dick, then slowly led me across the room and into the main bedroom. I struggled to get rid of my pants on the way without breaking my stride.

I was in heaven of her making. She let go of me for a moment and swiftly slipped her jeans and pants to the floor. She stood back up and turned to face me, eyes locked on mine. I stared at her body for the first time in all its naked glory. My cock throbbed and nodded in front of me. I let my eyes slide over her shoulders, round her perfect breasts, still showing signs of self abuse on each nipple. My eyes moved down to stare fully at her beautifully shaped bush. It was clear that she liked being looked at, but the show didn’t last long. She slowly turned round and bent over toward the bed, dropping onto her elbows. I was now staring, transfixed by her ass, seeing her fanny lips swollen and proud, pushed toward me between her creamy thighs.

Without thought I reached forward and drew my hand slowly up and through the wet folds, my thumb catching on the rim of her depths as I raised my arm. The room exploded with the scent of sex, and I lifted my glistening fingers to my face, drawing a trail across my cheeks and lips like some sort of wild beast. The smell was strong, rich and overwhelming.

“Are you going to leave me like this for fucking-ever” She said, “or do I have to actually ask you to fuck me with that tool of yours…”

She was so far gone.

I smacked her ass, as hard as I dared, knowing I could leave a print without fear of complaint. My brain filled with all that I knew and had learnt from reading Mike’s journals over and over, and I resolved to throw everything in the book at her, literally.

Quickly, I removed my top so I was equally naked. I leant forward and blew on the small of her back, my chest resting on her hot ass. I slowly moved this jet of air down to finish on her small rosebud asshole, and knelt behind her. She quivered uncontrollably.

“You bastard!” she shouted, clearly knowing I must be using Mike’s guide to her body.

“You cheating, perverted asshole!”

I stood up grinning and spanked her again. This time she yelped as one finger caught her fanny. I knew so much, all her likes, all her triggers, and I was not going to waste a single scrap of knowledge tonight.

I placed my thumb gently in her fanny to provide lubrication then slid out and pressed it gently onto her asshole. Two fingers quickly replaced my thumb in her fanny and I tightened my grip, fingers stretching her and my thumb popping straight into her ass. She squealed and wiggled, but I held my grip tight and didn’t let her slip away.

“Move that cunt of yours closer.” I said, pulling her slowly towards me. She moaned and let me reposition her as I needed. Her fanny twitched around my fingers and her ass went into spasm on my thumb.

“Stand a little higher, I need to fill your twat until you have my cum pouring down your legs…”

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Unconventional Ch. 05

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The days moved quicker in November. Before anyone knew it, it was Thanksgiving break and classes were canceled for the holiday. Roxanne was tidying up her desk when Jarrett approached her with his coat and scarf in his hands.

“Hey, you ready yet?”

“Yep. I’ve organized my desk so that I don’t have to do it when I come back.”

“Smart move.”

“How’s your office looking?”

“A mess. I’ve been all over the place. I didn’t have time to organize.”

She grabbed her coat and draped it over her shoulders.

“Any plans for the holiday?”

“Nope, staying here.”

“You’re not going home for Thanksgiving?”

“Here is my home.”

“What about family?”

“I’m not really a family person.”

“You know, you don’t really talk about your family,” she pointed out.

He didn’t comment.

“I don’t really know that much about you aside from you having an aunt. Where is she?”

“Boca Raton.”

“What about your parents?”

“You’ve never asked me so many questions at one time before,” he remarked, “Can we go now, please?”

She squinted her eyes at him, trying to figure him out.

“Sure, Mr. Bossy-pants,” she scoffed.

He placed his hand on the small of her back and escorted her out of the building. While riding in the car, Roxanne tried to keep her comments and questions to herself but she couldn’t stop staring at him. She was trying to figure out exactly what all she knew about him.

“What are you doing?” he asked, eyes on the road.

“Nothing,” she said.

“You’re staring at me. Why?”

“I’m just thinking. I realized aside from how great you are in bed that I don’t know that much about you.”

“You know things about me, Roxy.”

“I know basic things. Things that any friend would know about another friend.”

“That’s what we are, aren’t we? Friends?

Roxanne grew silent. Yeah, they were friends but she didn’t feel that way all the time. She thought they were closer. She sat back in her seat and pouted a little. He noticed the change in her mood. Heaven help him if he’s responsible for the change in her mood. He let out a sharp sigh.

“All right, what do you want to know?”

“Nothing,” she said.

Here we go, he thought.

“Come on Roxy. Don’t be like that,” he said.

“Never mind, Jarrett. Forget I asked,” she muttered.

“There’s nothing to tell really. It’s just me and my aunt. We’re not close. I only see her every once in a while.”

“Can I ask why?”

Jarrett shrugged.

“We’re not close,” is all he said.

She didn’t think it was fair of him to be so not personal. He knew everything about her. Her life was an open book whether she divulged her personal life or not.

“So you’re staying here for Thanksgiving?”


“What are you going to do to entertain yourself?”

“I’ll find something to do,” he said with a smile and self-assurance.

“Do you wanna come home with me?” she offered,

“I’m going to my mom’s.”

Jarrett made a face.

“Are you ok?” he ask jokingly.

She never invited him anywhere before.

“I actually have an agenda. My mom likes to throw parties and I can’t show up another year without a date. I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“How many times has your mom thrown a party?”

“Since I was in high school so almost ten years. Anyways, every time I come home she asks me why I came alone. I just don’t wanna hear it again this year.”

“So you want me to come home with you as a date?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

“What do I get out of it?”

“What could you want that you don’t already have?”

The words formed on his lips but didn’t say it out loud. He wanted her. Only her. And he wanted her to want him too. He knew that she wasn’t seeing anybody else but he wanted commitment. He didn’t think it was too much to ask.

“Let me think on it,” he said to her.

“So you’ll do it?”

“Sure, why not? Moms love me.”


“Where are you off to?” Max asked from Jarrett’s doorway.

He stood there, in all his handsomeness, with his arms crossed and leaning against the frame. His coat in his hands.

“South Carolina with Roxy,” Jarrett answered.

The sides of Max’s mouth curled up into a smile. Jarrett noticed the stupid smile on his face.

“I know what you’re going to say, so don’t even say it.”

“I wasn’t going to say anything. I’d just like to think that you two are going to move past this benefits relationship.”

“Why are you so interested in our relationship? When’s the last time you’ve been in a relationship?”

Max thought to himself. He knew that deflecting was a classic move that Jarrett made when he didn’t want to talk. He and Roxanne have that in common.

“I was in a relationship for about a year, bonus veren siteler probably the longest I’ve had. Anyway, I think this is a great next step for you guys.”

“Go away Max.”

“It’s cool. You don’t have to tell me about it. What are you going to do there?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but she invited me. I’m just meeting her family. And I’m her date to a party at her mom’s.”

“Good times,” Max said, “Have fun. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“You’re taking off?”

“Yeah, gotta catch my flight.”

“I’ll drive you to the airport. Sean left this morning.”


Roxanne hesitated telling her mom and sister to expect her company, even if it was just Jarrett. She knew her sister, the moment she saw Jarrett, she’d flip shit. Who wouldn’t, Jarrett was very handsome and closer to her sister’s age than her own. Roxanne never brought a boy home before. She wasn’t nervous about it. Her mom and sister were not overbearing, they teased her but only in jest. She expected them to make fun of her as soon as she arrived. Anyway, she wouldn’t rescind her invitation. Jarrett was a good time and she didn’t want to leave him out during the holidays. She couldn’t think of why he wasn’t going home but she wasn’t going to him out. She packed her bags for her stay. Her phone vibrated on top of her suitcase.

“Hello?” she said.

“Done packing yet?” Jarrett asked.

The sound of his voice made her heart race a little. That was unexpected. Usually, the sound of his voice annoyed her when she was busy doing something. Nowadays, she was eager to answer the phone when she recognized his number.

“Almost,” she said, “I have to clean my messy ass room. You done yet?”

“Not even close. I don’t know what to pack.”

“Pack for cool weather. It’s breezy this time of year. I would pack layers.”

“Layers. Got it. Anything else?”

“Yeah. Be on time tomorrow?”

“I will. This will be fun. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Good. Me too.”

“See you tomorrow.”


Surprisingly, her mom and sister did not tease her when she told them that she was bringing a friend home. Jarrett was parked right outside her apartment. He offered to drive. For some reason he wanted to drive. She brought her bags outside and he met her at the curb at 5 am.

“You look dressed for the weather,” Roxanne said, taking to account Jarrett’s grey, knitted beanie and dark charcoal, wool pea coat.

He looked so cute in a beanie, she thought.

“It’s cold out here, woman,” he said lightheartedly.

“Are you really going to drive the whole way?” she asked as she handed him her bags.

He placed her bags in his trunk.

“Hell yes,” he said enthusiastically, “I’ve got the GPA programmed, road trip music, and prepare to stop at shady gas stations for bad sandwiches.”

“You’re out of your mind if you think I’m eating bad food from a gas station.”

“Live a little, Rox.”

“You’re going to live with being on the toilet this whole break.”

He packed her bags in her trunk and opened his passenger door for her.

“Hi,” he finally said, after taking a pause.

“Hi,” she said.

He kissed her lips and they chill in the air almost melted away. They got in his car and immediately felt the difference in atmosphere. His car was nicely heated and they each and the comfort of adjusting the heat to their liking. Roxanne really liked his car, she couldn’t help smiling every time she got in it. It was so much nicer than her hooptie. Jarrett noticed her smile but he couldn’t tell what it was for. He figured smiled about going home for the first time in months. Either way, it was nice seeing her smile.

Roxanne offered to pay for gas and he gave her a look like he took offense to her offer. He just stared at her, scoffed, and turned up his music.

“What’s your mom like?” he asked when they stopped at the gas station.

“She’s like my best friend,” she replied, “I love my mom and sister to death even though they drive me crazy.”

“That’s nice.”

“What about you? What’s your relationship like?”

“With my mom? Not all that good. I haven’t seen her since I was nine.”


“I don’t know,” he said.

“Is she still around?”

“Last I heard, she’s in Louisiana.”

Roxanne could sense that he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. She was lucky to get that much out of him without him getting frustrated with her. She felt the need to change the subject.

“So when we get to my mom’s, you and I are just friends?”

“Just friends?” he repeated as he pumped gas.

“Yeah, strictly platonic. No sex in my mother’s house.”

“So we’ll have sex in the car,” he said.

She couldn’t tell if he was kidding bahis or not. Based on his devilish smirk, he wasn’t kidding

“No sex,” she said.

“Fine. No sex. We’ll see how long you last.”

“Are you trying to say that I can’t survive without having sex with you?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

He finished pumping gas and got back in the car with her. Roxanne adjusted herself in her seat to get a good look at him.

“Why do you think so?” she said, the attitudinal nature coming out of her.

Jarrett smiled at her.

“Because not putting my hands on you is going to be absolute torture for me,” he said as he slowly reached his hand over to her leg and between her thighs.

Her breath was caught in her throat but she wasn’t going to prove him right. She slid his hand back to his lap.

“You’re just going to have to grin and bear it,” she said.

The fact that she attempted to ignore his advances made him want her even more at the moment.

“After you,” he whispered.

They did exactly as Jarrett planned. Roxanne had no complaint being on the road with him, of course only he could choose the music and it was all Hip Hop.


After so many hours in the car, they finally arrived at Roxanne’s house. Jarrett had no idea how extravagant her mother’s house was. It was over-the-top gorgeous with a gate entrance.

“You never told me you mom was rich,” he said.

“She’s not rich. It’s just a family house.”

“No wonder you want to back.”

Roxanne’s mom and sister stood outside the house waiting for her with big smiles on their faces. Roxanne’s sister, Charlotte, nearly jumped out of her skin when Roxanne got out the car. She didn’t wait for her to close her door before she ran over to her, shrieking and wrapping her arms around her. Roxanne reacted the same way. She jumped her big sister’s arms shrieking and squealing.

“Charlie!!” she screamed as high as she could.

“I’ve missed your crazy ass,” her sister said.

Roxanne hugged her mom next, kissing her cheek and wiping away her lipstick.

“Damn little sis,” Charlotte said when she noticed the tallish blonde man emerge from the car.

Charlotte was a very verbal woman, she worked in an advertising firm for three years and learned how the master the art of communications but not in tactfulness.

“Who is this?” Charlotte said.

“Meet my mom, Angela, and my sister, Charlotte, but we call her Charlie. Mom, Charlie, this is my friend, Jarrett.”

She said it so naturally, it was almost like she was serious. She couldn’t be serious. There’s no way they’re “friends”. Jarrett was almost offended but the kind expression on his face didn’t change. But then he remembered that he had to play the part of “the friend” and the wrinkle in his forehead softened a little.

“It’s nice to meet the both of you,” Jarrett said.

Charlie and her mother gave Jarrett a good once over and looked at each other. It was like the two of them were having a silent conversation and every eye movement meant something.

“Friend?” Charlie repeated, almost in disbelief.

“Well any friend of my daughter’s—” Angela began.

“You too damn cute to be a friend,” Charlie said.

“Charlie,” Angela whispered.

“I’m just saying,” Charlie said, “We’ll talk about this later,” she said to Roxanne.

Roxanne shook her head at her sister. She wasn’t going to put up with her shenanigans at the moment.

“Grab your bags, I’ll show you around and show you where you’ll be sleeping,” their mother began, “Roxanne, your room is just the way you left it. I didn’t touch a thing. Jarrett you can stay in the guest bedroom upstairs.”

Jarrett opened the trunk and they grabbed their bags. Roxanne offered to grab her own but before she could finish, he already had all three bags in his massive arms.

He generously carried her bags into her room and set them on her bed.

“Thanks for caring my bags.”

“No problem. That wasn’t as nerve-wrecking as I thought it would be,” he said to her.

“What do you mean?”

“Meeting your mom. I thought you said your mom was a lot like you.”

“Today’s a happy day,” Roxanne said with a smile.

He could sense her sarcasm. They stared at each other. Her almond colored eyes staring into his ice blues. He slowly leaned in for a kiss. She held back.

“Please be on your best behavior,” she said breathlessly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know what it means. We made a deal, remember?”

He backed off. He couldn’t get why she was being so closed off all of a sudden. They just got into her mom’s house.

“I got the memo, Roxy. We’re friends.”

“Yeah, so you should do you while we’re here.”

“Do me? Is that what you want?”

“Yeah,” she deneme bonusu lied, “That’s what I want. That’s the third rule: if we’re friends. Let’s be friends.”

“You can’t make new rules whenever you feel like it, Roxy.”

He didn’t feel like getting into it with her.

“Fuck it. I’ll do me, you do you and we’ll be friends while we’re here.”

“Fine with me.”

“Me too.”

“Great,” she said.

Great, he thought.

“I’ll see you downstairs in a few. I’m going to take a shower, completely naked,” he said.

“Me too,” Roxanne said.

“Don’t enjoy yourself too much.”

“I’m sure I will,” she said.

He pivoted and left her standing alone. Roxanne took a shower and got redressed before him. After she changed clothes, she went into the kitchen where her mother was preparing dinner.

“Well rested?” her mom asked as she snapped the green beans in the sink.

“Not yet. Give it time,” Roxanne said, “Why are you making dinner if we’re eating tomorrow?”

“We gotta eat, Roxanne,” her mom said.

Roxanne shrugged her shoulders. Her mom was cooking a pot roast, rice, green beans, and corn bread. She wondered who was going to eat all the leftovers after tomorrow.

“Mom, this is too much food,” she said.

“Hush child, you could use more food. I remember you being bigger than this the last time I saw you.”

“You saw me last summer, Mom. I was here all summer.”

“Yeah, and you used to eat when you were here. How’s school?”

“Fine, I’m passing. Graduating December just like I said I would.”

“That’s good Roxanne. How’s your internship?”


“What happened to that boss you said pissed you off every day?”

Just like her mom to remember everything she said.

“Believe it or not, we’re actually getting along,” Roxanne replied.

“You still don’t think you’re misunderstanding him? You’ve always been headstrong.”

“Definitely not,” Roxanne said, “He’s actually the guy that I brought home.”

“No way,” Charlotte said as she approached them in the kitchen, “You mean to tell me that fine piece of ass is the same asshole that you bitched about from work?”

“Language,” their mom warned.

She didn’t like cursing in the house. She didn’t like cursing around her, especially from her daughters. She thought much better of them.

“So what’s the story, Roxy? There has to be a story the way you went on about him.”

“There’s no story. We’re just friends. He’s not as bad as I thought.”

“I bet,” Charlotte said.

They heard heavy footsteps approaching the kitchen and grew quiet. Jarrett entered the kitchen with several eyes on him.

“Thank you for letting me use your shower, Ms. O’Brien,” he said politely.

“You’re welcome. Dinner will be ready in a few. Make yourselves comfortable somewhere.”

Charlotte happily took a bottle of wine and led the way to the living room with two glasses in her other hand. Roxanne followed behind her and Jarrett followed them.

“So Jarrett,” Charlotte began as she poured him a glass of wine, “How did you and Roxy become such good friends?”

“I’m sure she gave you our backstory,” he said as he accepted the glass.

“Bits and pieces,” Charlotte replied.

“I think I won her friendship a few weeks after we met. We’re complete opposites.”

“What’d you do to her?” Charlotte asked, intrigued.

“I think my charm won her over.”

“It wasn’t charm,” Roxanne argued.

“What was it then?” he asked.

Roxanne shrugged.

“You weren’t going away so I had to get over it.”

“That’s nice,” he said plainly.

Charlotte analyzed the way the two of them interacted with each other. It was different from they first arrived. Roxanne was distant and moody. Jarrett was standoffish like he didn’t want to step on her toes. They weren’t smiling anymore.

“I have to give you props Jarrett. You guys drove all the way down here one piece. If it were me and Roxy on the road, I would’ve left her on the side of the street somewhere before we got on the road good.”

“Very funny,” Roxanne said.

“Really, isn’t she a handful?”

“Yes she is, but I learned how to manage that. She can’t stand it when I match wit with wit.”

“She’s sitting right here,” Roxanne reminded with an attitude.

Charlotte and Jarrett ignored her, they were wrapped up in their own conversation. Talking each other like she wasn’t in the room anymore. They asked each other questions and learned things about each other. They only talked for a few minutes before Angela walked in and let them know that dinner was ready. Roxanne couldn’t believe what she saw. Fucking Jarrett, she thought.

At the dinner table, Roxanne was to stab him in his eyeballs. Her eyes glared at him from the across the table as he made nice with her mom and sister. She knew that he was being an asshole because what she said, that didn’t mean he had to be an asshole on the first night. The most frustrating part was how good he looked doing it. Fuck him, she said to herself as she watched him smile and laugh at the dinner table.

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Her Boyfriend

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When I was nineteen my cousin called me one day and wanted to talk about finding an apartment together. The option of having my own place had occurred to me but I hadn’t put too much effort into doing anything about it really. Living with my cousin could be fun since we shared a lot of similar interest and similar social circles. I told her it sounded like fun and we started looking at what options we had.

Of course we found really nice apartments that we couldn’t afford and them some ones we could afford but didn’t want to even chance being in the neighborhoods they were located in. We found kind of a middle ground with some lower income apartments that were income based and they had just built a new set of buildings in an okay part of town. We put in our application and were welcomed in and given an apartment.

Our place was pretty basic. It had one bathroom, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living area and a hall closet. We really didn’t need much more than that though. We had off the street parking, a central area in middle of all the apartments with laundry and we were on the bottom floor so no stairs and we didn’t have to worry about being too loud walking around our place.

So came the time to ask our families about old furniture that they no longer needed and then we went and bought what we could. I believe we got a couch, recliner, a couple of beds, and then we went and bought desk for our rooms and an entertainment center. We stocked the rest with stuff we already had and some more help from our families.

The first week was pretty low key as our families came over to visit and we met our neighbors and got used to having our own place. I think my father drove by at least once every night to make sure we hadn’t burned the place down.

After that is when we got to truly celebrate. Amanda was a waitress and knew some people that were good at hosting parties and our apartment became the place to go. Most of our neighbors were around the same age so we basically had an open door policy in our section of the building during the weekends. We kept the noise contained and didn’t do anything too stupid and we had a good time.

This is the point where I’ll take a moment to explain a little about my cousin. Amanda fell in love with sex and all the parts of it from the first time a guy undid her pants. At the same time, she rarely turned down someone asking to have sex with her even if she was with someone else. She would say you have to try a little of everything. I was used to meeting her current boyfriend once and then never again.

This is where James comes in. A month into us having our own place one of Amanda’s coworkers brings over this tall, well-built guy with a military cut and glasses. Mandy had known him for all of five minutes before she tells me she is going to fuck him. She stayed true to her word too as that I went to sleep to the sounds of her screaming fuck as they humped like rabbits.

The odd thing though was James continued to stay around and for the most part Amanda flirted but at night it was those two going off into her bedroom. After a month James was practically a roommate to us. Talking with Amanda she said he was better in bed than anyone she had been with yet and she was going to make sure she got all she could before it was over. James and I became friends but never did we really discuss the finer points of sex with my cousin.

I enjoyed sex a lot too but I was far from as outgoing as my cousin was. Three months in I think my cousin found her bed shared more than it had not been. I had had sex twice in my bedroom but both were just fun one night events. My sexual appetite found itself filled by my fingers and vibrator most nights.

Fast forward one month and my cousin Amanda is out of town for a weekend to visit her grandfather who is sick. James is living with us now so it is not uncommon when I come home and he is watching TV or out in the kitchen. One Saturday I worked an early shift at the college and was done by noon so I went home to kind of be lazy for the rest of the afternoon anyways. I pull up and see James car in the lot and don’t think much of it. I park and go inside and the TV is on but he is not in the living room or the kitchen. I kind of hear something coming from the bedrooms though so I go down the hallway slowly to check.

As I come into view of the bedrooms I see James, naked, sitting on the end of Amanda’s bed with a pair canlı bahis of her underwear wrapped around his penis as he is stroking away with his head back and his eyes closed. Besides seeing something I know I shouldn’t be seeing it immediately comes to my attention that James is very gifted in his penis size. He is long and thick compared to the people I had been with. It clicks in my head as to why my cousin is taking this for all that it is worth.

It didn’t occur to me that I was staring till James’ hand stopped moving. I looked up to find him staring right back at me. In a flash I apologized and turned around and heard Amanda’s door close. I wasn’t sure if I should leave, stay, or what so I choose to go to my room and close the door.

Once in my room I changed my clothes and then looked around my room for something to do. I looked at the books I was reading, my computer, my schoolwork and none of them seemed right as I knew none of them would suddenly make me forget what I had just seen. I gave up and went over to my wall to see if I could hear anything coming from Amanda’s room. I couldn’t tell if James had decided to finish or was sitting in there just as concerned as I was. In the end I decided anything done at this moment would be far too awkward and grabbed my keys and left.

I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my brother and a few of his friends. On the way home I didn’t feel as nervous if I did run into James. He had been masturbating and hey I did the same thing so what was the big deal. I used a vibrator and he used his girlfriend’s underwear. My plan was to laugh it off and just move beyond it.

As I pulled in the lot James’ car was still in the same place so I was pretty sure he had not gone anywhere. My nervousness did pick up when I realized I was actually going to have to talk to him beyond just going over it in my head.

I went into the apartment and James was fully dressed watching TV. We both said hello and I went and sat in the recliner. We exchanged some small talk about what he was watching and how the day went before I swallowed hard and apologized for walking in on him. He shook his head and began apologizing for having the door open. Then we both kind of laughed it off and I said I was going to call it an early night since I was tired. Honestly I still felt a little awkward and decided to play the coward and go to my bedroom.

Before going in though I went to use the bathroom and as I was washing my face I looked over to my laundry hamper and saw a pair of my underwear on the very top of everything. Now this is unusual for me most times as I try to put all my underwear on the bottom and cover it all with my jeans so not everyone using the bathroom is looking at them. I went over to my hamper to shove them to the bottom and when I grabbed them there was something dried on the inside of them.

Suddenly the image clicks in my head of James with Amanda’s underwear wrapped around the shaft of his penis as he was jacking off. Had James grabbed my underwear and done the same? Had he thought they had been a pair of Amanda’s? No, he would have had to reach down and pull them out. This pair I had worn just a few days ago and I had not had sex in that time so it was not from someone I had been with. Maybe it wasn’t the person and he just liked jacking off with women’s underwear. Either way I was back to full nervousness but with a hint of excitement. I started thinking of the image I had seen that day but my underwear wrapped around his penis. James thinking of using his large member on me. The idea hit the sweet spot of my mind.

I quickly took my underwear and crossed between the bathroom and my bedroom without even looking down the hall. Once inside I turned on the small lamp by my bed but left the room light off. I took off my jeans and underwear kicking them to the side and slid the underwear from the bathroom on. The simple black thong conformed well to my body as I caught a glimpse of myself in them and my blue tee shirt. I laid down in my bed and began rubbing my clit through them continuing my thought of James with my underwear going to town. I began to rub with more pressure and along the total length of my slit as the thought filled my mind. I guess I didn’t hear the knock but I realized my door was opening. I quickly tried to pull up my covers to hide what I had been doing.

James came in and was beginning to say something when he kaçak iddaa stopped and was staring down at me. I figured I was caught due to the fact I was breathing hard and I’m sure my scramble for covers hadn’t been unnoticed. When I looked down to where James was looking though I saw that in pulling my covers up in a rush I had covered one leg and the other leg only from the thigh down. You could clearly see the underwear.

I went to say something and James came further into my bedroom and sat on the edge of my bed. He reached over and pulled the covers back reveling the entire sight of me in the underwear I was pretty sure had him semen dried on them. On pulling his hand back he ran his finger across the fabric by my waist.

My mind ripped into two pieces at this point. The first piece saying stop this, he just walked in on you masturbating and by the way he is dating or at least fucking your cousin on a standard basis. The second side was ready to find out if what Amanda had said about James being a great lay was true. Guess which side won?

James again ran his finger across the fabric of the underwear but this time down to between my legs. I found myself spreading them open as he pushed the fabric against my opening and then running his finger up to my clit. At the same time, he bent over and his mouth met mine as our tongues connected. His hand continued to rub me in the same manner I had been doing before as we began to make out. He repositioned himself so he was lying next to me on my bed. I was flat on my back and he was on his side.

James hand soon made its way up to under my shirt as he began massaging my breast. I reached down and pulled the front of my shirt up exposing them. I then pulled down my bra. He leaned in and took one of my nipples into his mouth as he began sucking on it. I ran my hand across the back of his head as he began sucking on the other nipple. He went back and forth between them sucking on them and gently biting them before he stopped and stood up. He looked down at them as they stood hard. He asked me to take off my shirt and bra.

As I pulled my shirt over my head and spun my bra around undoing the fastener James took off his pants and boxers. Tossing my clothes to the side I once again got to see just how well hung James was and this time it was for me. I laid back down on my bed as James straddled my stomach placing himself between my breast. Given I had bigger breast that most women I knew I was not uncommon what men wanted to do with them. I placed my hands on the outside of them and pushed them together around James penis. He was long enough to where I could lean my head down and lick the head of him. He began thrusting between my breast. I watched as he came close to my face before pulling back. I decided to lean forward and stick out my tongue so every time he thrust forward I would lick the head of his penis. He grabbed a pillow and propped it behind my head so I would stay that way. After getting the pillow into position he resumed his hip motion but leaned back. I felt his hand again begin to rub between my leg. I propped them open and my knees up so he could have full access. Being teased with his taste and having him rubbing my now swollen clit and wet lips felt amazing.

After a few minutes he must have had enough of my teasing as he stopped rubbing between my legs and halted his thrusting between my breast. He rolled off to the side of me and leaned back. Once again I was pretty good at reading the signs. I rolled over and lowered my head and kissed the head of penis a few times before opening my mouth and taking the head in. Wrapping my lips around the base of his head and going down a little he filled my mouth. I immediately loved the taste of him on my tongue. He almost had a sweetness that I had not tasted with another man. I tried taking in as much of him as I could and sucking as tight as I could to try and grab as much flavor. Every time I pushed a little deeper till I felt my gag reflex begin and then I would release. I wondered just how much I could take in and began challenging myself pushing deeper and trying to hold longer.

By accident I went a little too hard and went past my gag reflex. I started to gag but then it stopped and held. My throat felt stuffed but James’ entire body tensed as I did so. On the way up my gag finished as my reflex was once again passed. I looked up to see James smiling and breathing heavily kaçak bahis I felt him put firm pressure on the back of my head. I guess I was doing a good job. This time I went fast and deep on purpose once again hitting my reflex but pushing past it. My throat resisted but if I pushed it gave way and deeper he went. On the way out I would gag and my throat would be sore but I wanted to see how far it could be pushed. A few more practice pushes and I pushed hard. My throat screamed but more and more went in. James must have felt this was the moment as he pushed hard on the back of my head but all of him went down my throat till I felt my lips at the base of his penis. On coming out I almost felt like I was going to throat up and I struggled to catch my breath and wipe away the strings of saliva.

I was considering trying again but James grabbed my shoulders and pushed them down on the bed. He moved so that he was between my legs. Then he grabbed the sides on my underwear and pulled them down. I put my legs together and off to the side of his as he took them off then once again spread them with him between them. I must have woken a beast with my attempts to deep throat because there was no patience in James anymore. He put the head of his penis at my opening and once it began to spread he drove deep quickly. I gasped and arched as all of him went in till he was against me. He grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs up and out as he started thrusting. Normally I try to control my noises during sex due to thin walls but there was no controlling this. I moaned and gasped for air as he gave me everything whether I was ready or not. He pushed my legs further and further up till my knees were beside me practically and my ankles next to my head.

It seemed like only a minute in and I began having my first orgasm. I grabbed and pulled at the bed under me. All my muscles tightened on anything they could. The feelings or warmth and satisfaction flooded me in waves like never before. James was not even slowing down though. His eyes were focused and determined. Soon my body began building again as the second one had started. I had never had multiple orgasms during sex before.

James pinned me down hard thrusting harder and faster. I gave up any attempt at composure moaning, cussing, praying to God whatever jumped to my lips. A second orgasm rocked my body again as everything clamped down, flooded, and then was told to continue. I was a good way to a third one when James’ thrust became slowed but hard and as deep as possible. With one final thrust he did everything to pin me down and I could actually feel him cuming inside of me. I had had sex lots of times and unprotected a few of those and never felt them actually cuming. Here it was though as I felt his penis pulsing between my legs and the squirts of semen going into me. I sat there just loving the feeling of everything as we stayed pinned together.

The pulsing began to fade and I could no longer feel the squirting and James began to release his pin on me. As my legs were allowed to go down all the muscles in them screamed in protest. You could still see the hand marks around my ankles as he let go. He pulled out and I tried to sit up as even my abs were objecting to movement. His penis had gone semi-soft and glistened covered with fluids. Both of us were breathing hard as we looked at each other and just laughed. James said he should go as he stood up and grabbed his clothes and left my bedroom closing the door behind him.

After he left I gave up on doing anything else and collapsed on my bed. I was too tired to dream and before I even knew it my eyes opened to sun coming in through the window. Everything hurt as I moved to get up. Putting on some sweats and a shirt felt like I had just been beaten around the block for a week. I looked down at my sheets and saw a large stain that I imagine was fluids leaking out of me during the night. I opened my door and headed out into the living room.

James didn’t seem to be there and I was somewhat happy for that as I didn’t want to seem as in bad of shape as I felt. I went over to the cupboard and took out some pain killers and took them with a glass of water. They burned the entire way down and it felt like I was trying to swallow a baseball with each pill. I started thinking about things that had gone one. First I had had unprotected sex but I should be getting my period soon so I felt pretty safe in that. Second I had slept, no scratch that, I had been fucked by my cousin’s for all purposes boyfriend. I was pretty sure that was something that should never come up between us. The final thought was one that kind of caught me off guard, it was how was I going to get to do it again.

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