2 MILFs! Ch. 02

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Less than 2 weeks ago, my beautiful and innocent son, Scott, returned home, after completing his first year at university.

Home is a fine old house with me, Sandy, and my identical twin sister, Jo, who has lived with me and helped me bring up Scott, since I threw out his father, who couldn’t keep his hands off – and his cock out of – the young girls at his office. He even made one of them pregnant, when I was 8 months pregnant with Scott. Bastard!

Only three hours after Scott arrived home, we were all buck naked. He was fucking my sister, I was sucking him off and then he was fucking me. How on earth did I, a respectable member of society, allow all that to happen?

Now, we are on a flight to a naturist resort, where nudity is mandatory and we three, Sandy, Jo and Scott, will be sharing a two-bedroom, beach-front bungalow on a Caribbean island. Lord alone knows what will happen there.

How has this happened and why did I let it happen?

OK, I’m no better than I should be, but Scott had been brought up, by me and Jo, so sensitively that I’m now sure he’s been corrupted and my innocent little boy isn’t so innocent – or little – anymore.

The morning after Scott arrived back from university, I woke alone. Jo wasn’t in bed at my side, which was very unusual. She’s a horny bitch and likes nothing better than a “rude awakening”.

It takes little to get her juices flowing and my tongue likes nothing better than to lap them up, delving deep into her juicy hole and slowly, slowly teasing her engorged clit with the tip, the flat and even the underside. If she doesn’t have an orgasm before she gets up, Jo can be Grumpy, so I like to make sure she starts the day Happy.

Just thinking about what I’d normally be doing got my own juices flowing. I reached down to where my own clit was hard, my lips were swollen and sensitive and my cunt was very juicy. I scooped out some juice with my fingers and lifted them to my mouth. Early morning cunt juice – the breakfast of champions!

I stroked my cunt lips and my clit, imagining Jo down there doing to me what she likes me to do to her. My clit hardened and sensitised even more, as my fingers strummed. My breasts were tight, my nipples as hard as diamonds and tweaking them with my free hand brought me closer to orgasm. I closed my eyes and let the thoughts run through my head:

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh, fuck me Scott. I want your gorgeous fucking cock up my hole. I want your spunk filling my cunt and I want AJ to clean me up – like I cleaned her yesterday. I need your cock. I need a real good fucking.”

Suddenly I heard Scott’s voice.

“OK, mom. If that’s what you want.”

I thought I’d just been thinking, but had I been thinking out loud?

I opened my eyes and there he was at the foot of the bed, his cock proudly standing to attention, ready for duty. He knelt on the bed, leaned forward and, as I lifted and parted my knees, he sank his full and very fat 7 inches into my steaming hole. I had my first orgasm as he bottomed out, his pubic bone mashing with mine, his free-hanging balls slapping against my perineum.

He slowly withdrew, with that delicious sound of a cock being withdrawn from a gushingly wet pussy and, as he thrust back in, that noise was magnified. In, out, in, out – he was now pumping away with the full vigour of his 20 year old youth. His impressive girth was stretching me like I hadn’t been stretched in years; his length was a perfect 7 inches, so he could thrust with all his might without fear of causing me pain.

My second orgasm was rapidly approaching.

“Scott, my son, my baby. You are making your momma come baby. Oh God, your cock feels good; my pussy is on fire, baby. I’m coming, I’m coming. I can’t believe this is happening. Aaagh. I’m there, right there, yes, yes, yes, oh my God, yesssssssss!”

I thrashed about uncontrollably, thrusting up at him, grinding my pelvis into his, my juices gushing and squirting as I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

The change since yesterday afternoon, when I’d just been a frustrated 42 year old, to now, when I’d been royally shagged to two short-order orgasms – BY MY OWN SON – was unbelievable.

I looked past Scoot, to the doorway, and there was Jo, naked of course, with a huge grin on her face.

“When he’s finished with you Sandy, I am going to breakfast on the man juice in your pussy. So, Scott, get a move on boy. Aunty’s hungry.”

I realised Scott was still hard, still pumping his cock in and out, though he’d slowed down güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to let me come down from my orgasm. I looked up at him to say how much I loved him, but, before I could speak, he looked down at me, pulled out and said:

“Turn over and get on your knees, mom. I am going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

Submissively obedient, I did as I was commanded, with my knees and elbows on the bed, my rear end up in the air as I felt his cock slide in. Scott began to slowly fuck me, his cock sliding, gloriously, the full length of my inflamed pussy. I had never ever had three orgasms in one session but it felt as though Scott was going to achieve what no other man had achieved.

He increased his speed, his cock thrusting harder and harder, its underside rasping against my engorged clit and his balls adding their own effect, as they too banged against my clit with every thrust. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t come. How could he keep going so hard for so long?

I suddenly realised – that is where Jo had been. He’d already had at least one fuck this morning, so was able to last.

“Jo, get your ass over here and stick your pussy in my face. I want to suck you as Scott fucks me. I’m hungry too.”

Sure enough, Jo had received a massive load which was already leaking out onto her thighs. As Scott increased his pace even more, I began licking and sucking and swallowing their juices. She has the biggest clit I’ve ever seen and it was as big and swollen now as I’d ever seen it.

With Scott slamming in and out, it was hard to be very sensitive, so Jo’s clit received a rough sucking and licking, as I drained the juices out of her and swallowed them all down, bringing me to the edge of that elusive third orgasm.

The sight of my head at Jo’s cunt and the appreciative noises from me and Jo certainly affected Scott, who suddenly yelled:

“This is it mom, I’m serving AJ’s breakfast and she’s going to be eating at her favourite diner.”

With that he gave three almighty thrusts and I felt his hot spunk burst into my cunt, hitting my cervix with gush after gush of lava from his 7-inch volcano. I screamed out as that elusive third orgasm hit me, my own juices flooding out like some dam had been busted.

I collapsed to the side, exhausted, to lie next to Jo and looked up at Scott. His cock was covered in our combined juices and was slowly diminishing, with a last globule of cum hanging, waiting to drip off – or to be sucked off.

I hadn’t the energy. My arms and legs felt weak. I looked at Jo and her eyes were closed – she was clearly sleeping off the effects of being shagged awake.

“Sorry Scott. I’m bushed. If you want that monster cleaned, you’re going to have to bring it over here.”

“Ha. I’m just going to take a shower and then prep us all some breakfast. You two look as though you need an energy boost.”

With that, Scott turned and walked out, down to his own bathroom. A few minutes later, I heard him go downstairs and start clattering around in the kitchen, so I shook Jo awake.

“Hey sis, our lord and master is preparing breakfast for us, to give us a fucking energy boost. We need to get showered and go down.”

“Sandy, what have we done? We’ve unleashed a monster. He sucked me out and shagged me twice before we came to your room and then he fucked you as though he’d not had sex for months. He’s got his Grandpa’s genes all right, except he’s a fucking sex machine and lasts for ever. Is he going to be our sex slave, or are we going to be his?”

His Grandpa – our Pa?

Jo and I had been brought up in a family only a little above trailer trash. Our Pa and Uncle John were runners and taught us to run, mainly cross-country routes, up hills, through forests, around lakes. We loved it and we loved them. They were really good looking, great fun to be around and we loved the runs they took us on. They trained us up well and we ran at county level in our final year in High School.

In the summer after we’d just finished High School, when we were both just 18, they took us on what they said would be a special run, to celebrate the fact that we had both been awarded places at local universities. We arrived at a hotel, where we had two rooms – one for us girls and one for Pa and Uncle John – and, after a light breakfast, we drove out to some place they knew.

It was a hot day and I was glad to eventually get amongst the trees, for some cool shade, and was open-mouthed a mile or so later, when the path opened güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri into a clearing where a small river was dropping three or four feet into a pool. The water was crystal clear, the sound from the waterfall was so musical and the sun was shining. It was a perfect, romantic setting and we girls were enchanted – which is just what they’d planned.

“Geez, it’s too hot to run. Let’s have a swim and be lazy for once.” Pa said.

With that he stripped off naked and dived into the water. Uncle John followed suit, leaving me and Jo on the bank. Now, I already knew Jo was a horny bitch – we’d enjoyed each other enough times in our bedroom, but I was surprised at how she just stripped naked, right there, and dived in, joining Pa and Uncle John in the pool.

I had no option, so I too stripped and joined them. The water was cool and my nipples hardened instantly. “At least it will be too cold for them.” I thought, but how wrong I was. Obviously excited at Jo and me joining them, the crystal clear water hid nothing and they were both sporting impressive boners.

Uncle John stood on a rock. The water was only mid-thigh deep and his massive boner stood out proudly in front of him.

“When you girls get to university, you call your Uncle John and tell me if you see a cock as big as this baby. I’d like to meet the guy and shake his hand.”

Jo reached out and tried to close her fingers round it, but the cock was too thick, she was way short. She then took him in her mouth but couldn’t get more than about two thirds of the way down.

“I have nearly nine inches of thick, country boy meat. You girls may never see anything this big your whole lives, so feast your eyes, girls. Your Pa is an inch or so shorter, but that still makes him bigger than most men you’ll meet and a cock his size is still more than enough for any woman.”

I was still in the cool water, but I could feel my cunt was on fire. This was dirty talk, real dirty talk and I knew where it was headed. Neither Jo nor I were virgins but, I was sure, whichever cock we had, it would be the biggest of our lives to that date.

Out on the bank, we dried off, as best as we could, then set about being fucked in the most primal fashion. No subtlety, no fore play, just good hard fucking. Uncle John had Jo and Pa had me. They both just slammed into us and, whilst their strength and size were amazing, neither had much staying power and it was all over way too soon. Clearly, delivering orgasms for their women was not high on their agenda.

Still, over the three months of that summer, we four had sex in that spot maybe a dozen more times. Sometimes I’d be with Pa, sometimes with Uncle John and it was during those sessions that both Jo and I got our taste for hot spunk sucked out of a well fucked pussy.

We also learned how to suck off a cock and had to learn to deep throat, we learned how to swallow with your lips round a cock which is still gushing as you swallow. Sadly, we never learned what it was to orgasm during sex – because both Pa and Uncle John were, shall we say, a little trigger happy. Maybe fucking daughter and niece was just too exciting for them?

So, as I said, I was no better than I should be, but surely I had hit new lows of sexual depravity. I didn’t exactly seduce my son, but I sure as hell didn’t put up even a single word in objection. Nor was I likely to. His was the perfect cock.

While at university, I’d hooked myself a good one, or so I thought. He was the son of a judge, who was the son of a judge, and there was enough “old money” in the family to fund his push for high office. He was very handsome, very tall and a very good runner. We met in the university running club, hit it off and were married – against his family’s wishes – the summer we finished our courses.

We’d fucked all over and he especially liked outdoor sex where we might be caught, so there were parallels between him and my Pa, which helped me bond to him.

One time, we were on an orienteering run and found a marker in the entrance to a cave.

Exploring a little bit, we found a space where we could fuck out of sight of any others on the run. It was a slow and fabulous fuck because, each time someone reached the cave entrance, we’d have to stop, or at least slow down. In the end, he lay on his back; I sat astride him and, without moving, just used my pussy muscles to bring him off.

He came just as another couple were in the cave and sounded as though they were headed our way. By then, we’d both güvenilir bahis şirketleri wanted to be caught and were disappointed when the couple moved off without finding us.

OK, I got my degree, but there’s so much more to university life!

I never went back home and never fucked Pa or Uncle John again. I was pregnant within 3 months and it was only then that I began to find out my handsome, darling husband did not know the meaning of fidelity.

I could have lived with him fucking Jo – we’d shared before – but he wouldn’t touch her, though it became obvious he’d fuck anything else in a skirt. My pregnancy didn’t stop him; in fact he even tried to blame me, saying my swelling stomach made him as horny as hell. When one of the girls at his father’s law firm came up pregnant, when I was just a month off from birthing Scott, I threw him out and divorced him, quietly but, for his family, expensively 18 months later.

So, now, here I am, sat on an aeroplane to Scott’s left, while Jo is sat to his right. We will be landing in an hour or so and then will be whisked from the airport to the naturist resort we’ve booked. They have an Arrival Suite, where new arrivals have to strip naked, before being escorted to their accommodation and I just know Scott will be hard, be ready for action and be expecting us to comply.

We are Scott’s sex slaves – no doubt about that – he commands, we obey. So far, all he’s commanded is that we are available any time he wants to fuck and, so far, we have been very happy to obey. I have never been fucked so often and so well.

Glancing at him, he looks asleep but there is a very tell-tale bulge which shows what he’s dreaming of. If I can make him come now, I can, maybe, just maybe, avoid him having an erection at the Arrival Suite.

I take the unnecessary blanket and throw it over him, then reach across, unbutton and unzip his shorts, unleashing his monster. I begin a slow hand job, my thumb spreading his pre-cum around the head. I can visualise the massive head, red-purple in colour, hard yet soft, glistening. I want to suck him, but the stewardess could walk by anytime – I’d be arrested on landing, surely.

My pussy was soaking, so he wasn’t the only one needing the release of an orgasm, but he had to come first.

“Suck me.”

At first I wasn’t sure I’d heard. His eyes were still closed, his lips didn’t seem to have moved but, as my hand maintained its stroke, I heard it again.

“Suck me”

He was awake; his eyes were closed, but he was awake and knew what I was doing. He had commanded, so I obeyed.

Dipping my head under the blanket, I took his massive red-purple end into my mouth and began to lick and suck, as my hand continued the stroke. For once, he was quick and, with a grunted “Yes.” He flooded my mouth with cum, which I obligingly swallowed.

I lifted my head up from under the blanket to see a stewardess looking down at me.

Putting a finger to her lips, she warned me to be quiet, but she then moved on and, though I’d been seen sucking off my son, on an aeroplane, it looked like I wasn’t going to get arrested on landing.

“I need to clean up.” I said, as I stood and moved into the aisle and in the direction of the stewardess. When I found her, I said I was sorry and that I needed to clean up.

“Let me help you.” She said, leading me to the staff room (who knew they had those?).

She opened a drawer and said: “You are definitely going to need clean, dry panties, so take yours off and put these on.” She had a pair of basic panties in her hand and she was right; mine were soaked.

I dropped my pants and removed my panties. She took them from me as she handed me the replacement pair and, as I was just about to put them on, she took my panties, sniffed them and sucked them into her mouth.

“Oh my goodness! What a deliciously flavoured pussy you have, madam. We’ve only half an hour, so I need to be direct. Let me suck you.”

It was a command, more than a question, and, as I had become used to being commanded, I sat down, spread my legs and allowed her to lick and suck me. I felt her tongue flicking my clit, probing my cunt, sliding up and down my pussy lips and then probing my anus, as her fingers began to rub my clit. My orgasm was almost instantaneous and I could feel and hear her slurping up my juices.

Two minutes later, clean dry panties in place, I returned to my seat, the stewardess’ name and number safely tucked into my pocket. She was going to be on the island for a week and I sensed she was going to be fun.

So, here we are, taxiing to a stop, ready for the next big adventure. Those new panties are already a little damp with anticipation of the scene in the resort’s Arrival Suite, where Scott will be unveiling his inevitably hard monster, probably with more than just Jo and me to see.

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